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Discussion Board in English Our Earth: Matelda Journal (an update)
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Our Earth: Matelda Journal (an update)

11-13-2014, 04:20 PM
Mohamed Yousif
<aMohamed Yousif
Registered: 10-24-2014
Total Posts: 295

Our Earth: Matelda Journal (an update)

    Our Earth: Matelda Journal (an update),
    By Mohamed Yousif

    No Government
    No Army
    No tyranny
    No machine of Death,
    No suffering,
    No agony,
    Mean peace & prosperity.

    In the Galaxies we room around,
    Investigating tiny matter,
    Our young scientist like five old Matelda,
    Found a tiny planet so primitive in its structure,
    And through Cosmos analysis it was apparent:
    Following the Big Bang the debris went around,
    And around, forming,
    This small primitive planet.

    Through thousands light years,
    Sustained life from microscopic creatures to large ones.
    Matela noticed the constant fight among these creatures,
    Though the space around is accommodating.
    Matelda was thrilled,
    And established an observatory Lab,
    For the primitive planet, which she named, EARTH,
    A name coined from an old Cosmos Language,
    Meaning a persisting noise (TH) in the ear (EAR).

    Her observatory Lab was recording over time (past, present & predicted future):
    Havoc, chaos & disorder,
    Common order of all creatures,
    Those who developed to walk on two legs,
    With curved backs,
    Tend to use their brains,
    And made destructive tools,
    To destroy other creatures,
    Including their own kind,
    To gain more territory.

    Matelda was astonished,
    And thus more enthusiastic,
    For more vigorous analysis.

    Scanning their short bloody history,
    She retrieved maps of horrific scenes,
    Reflecting horror of atrocity,
    That inflicted on indigenous occupants.
    Fear reigns with the tyrant,
    The poorest lived in abundance,
    The new rich occupants showed no mercy.
    Those who were forced across the seas,
    Set to serve under appalling conditions.

    “Within the Earth’s wide domains
    Are markets for men’s lives;
    Their necks are galled with chains,
    Their wrists are cramped with gives.

    In Ocean’s wide domain,
    Half buried in the sands,
    Lie skeletons in chains,
    With shackled feet and hands.

    Dead bodies, that the kite
    In deserts makes its prey,
    Murders, that with affright
    Scare schoolboys from their play!

    All evil thoughts and deeds;
    Anger, and lust, and pride;
    The foulest, rankest weeds,
    That choke life’s groaningtide!”

    Matelda Map extended East & West,
    Caught two spots of Nuclear explosions,
    In the East,
    That melted bodies.

    Her analysis revealed strange words,
    Thus she set them aside for further analysis,
    Government, kings & queens
    Presidents, Ministers,
    Military rulers,
    All in power over helpless folks,
    Folks were kept, under poverty,
    So as not to resist,
    And breathe the air of liberty.

    No wonder the curse of Cain,
    Pursued a doom of pain;
    Cain ruled since he was born,
    His curse shattered hope to ruin.

    Matelda posed for lamentation,
    For those who perished,
    And more yet to mourn,
    And yet more, to be pursued.

    Life is pain
    To endure needs more than sanity,
    That goes beyond any fearful pain;
    And bridge over calamity.

    Matelda flew to a distant Galaxy.
    Earth words went lame;
    Couldn’t grasp the intensity,
    Greatness and extremity.

    Earth man tale like Odysseus’ adventurous wanderings,
    An Odyssey that entails legendary encounters,
    That became an Iliad,
    Surpassing, the legendary Iliad.

    Strangers came plundered & killed
    Then left,
    More strangers came & left.
    More strangers came & fought.
    Strangers got tired,
    Sat in a room full of smoke
    And scattered bottles of Whiskeys.
    They talked & talked.
    They set tools, a large paper & a ruler,
    Drew lines dividing the land,
    Lines through tiny villages,
    Dividing families.
    They called the lines, boarders,
    Crossing them would set fires,
    Killing every movement,
    And burned Huts.
    They built roads,
    Destroying Songlines
    That the natives used as their roads;
    Thus; Losing their directions.

    By the sidewalk,
    You met a little girl,
    A sweet little girl.
    Her eyes more black and wide,
    Looking deep ..deep
    Into the lovely eyes,
    You wonder into a world of sadness .
    A sweet little girl
    Her age...six..ten can't tell .
    Through her sadness,
    And through the lovely misty eyes,
    You can read a tale of a nation,
    A tale of suffer without measure,
    A tale of agony without pleasure.
    She smiled back to him,
    Holding firm to what he gave,
    And melted in the crowd
    Of many alike.

    Grasping Earth words
    Of numerous languages,
    Set aside those unfamiliar to the galaxy domain,
    For further investigation.

    Cheating is the way of Earth daily life,
    Whenever Money is involved,
    They got extremely greedy.

    Strived to gain money by all means;
    Through cheating,
    And dirty manipulation of circumstances in their favour.

    Matelda observed great Earth beings,
    Who fought tyrant rulers;
    And perished as heroes.
    Leaving a pattern of resistance.

    Mandela ‘No Easy Walk To Freedom’
    Came to life,
    Dedicated his life to struggle,
    Cherished the ideal of a democratic,
    Free society.

    Just yesterday,
    What a bleak day,
    Matelda observed a passing of a great soul,
    Like a rainbow with glittering light,
    She posed,
    Mahjoup a poet of the people!
    His words scattered reaching Galaxies Domain,
    He passed away though his word remained,

    ‘"And very dark wave
    Covered the gallant martyr
    But his blood adherence
    But his glorious passage
    Too crowded
    Banners fluttering
    Descending mist anthem
    And the star shines there
    Despite the remote location’’

    ‘’We came
    We were here before
    We hold our heads high
    We came heads high
    Open your prison cells
    Here our chests open
    Not seeking blessings,
    Like pillars
    From the roots of the people’’

    Matelda quickly realized the EARTH verse,
    That filled its atmosphere with light,
    That persisted to swap away Darkness.

    Rest in peace Mahjoup,
    Your words shall carry on your message.

    Matelda understood,
    Despite the terror among Earth people,
    They are some, who stood Firm and loud.
    But the evil ones persisted.


    Matelda flew to a distant Galaxy.
    Earth words went lame;
    Couldn’t grasp the intensity,
    Greatness and extremity.

    To enrich her observatories,
    She put to use intelligent Robots,
    To decipher Earth words,
    And add dimensions to the analysis.

    Crystal screen spread before her,
    Reflecting Earth land, rivers and seas,
    Revealing, horrific scenes,
    That made celestial beings suffer.

    Skies are aflame.
    From a ruin a Wailing she heard,
    The shelling scattered,
    No escape.

    Adding dimensions to the crystal screen
    To focus deeply in parts,
    And get to the roots,
    And capture any phenomenon.

    Her screen reflected human shapes,
    Marching shoulder to shoulder,
    Demanding liberty from fetter,
    Tyrannical, authoritarian rulers.

    The screen registered Earth words,
    Like Songs:

    Beware Basheer,
    We are precious
    And one day the death and suffering,
    You inflicted upon us,
    Will turn into wonders,

    Have you, after your murderous deed,
    You brought to our peaceful land,
    Have you watched the masses singing in one tone?
    That September day,
    Have you seen the beautiful young faces full of hope,
    Have you heard that peace will prevail,
    Have you seen despite the pain,
    We are able to sing and dream sweet things.
    That September day,

    You waged war on our beloved South,
    That led to detestable separation
    You caused a split of a family,
    That lived along the Nile for many generations.

    Mark our words
    We are a nation well deep rooted in history
    Through thousands of years we came
    Through thousands years we delivered Wisdom and Hope.

    We Learned from History,
    Tyrants never prevail
    With all of their deadly machinery,
    One day they shall fail.

    That September day,
    Engraved in our hearts,
    In memory of the glorious September,
    O righteous youth
    The Sun shines again
    For Dignity of the hungry and the insulted
    We cherish your honourable struggle
    Against the humiliation and obnoxious governance.
    O heroes of September
    O martyrs
    We swear by your blood that you shed,
    Won't waste your revolution
    And plundered all the traitors,
    And remnants of the assassins.

    Tribute to the martyrs
    I fly with the wings longing to you
    Sing to you for encounter,
    Launched the scent memories
    Rain pours
    And cruising lanes seasons
    And feel all our wounds.

    Matelda understood,
    Despite the terror among Earth people,
    They are some, who stood Firm and loud.
    Her screen reflected yet more.


    Crystal screen spread before her,
    Reflecting Earth land, rivers and seas,
    Revealing, horrific scenes,
    That made celestial beings suffer.

    The fourth Dimension,
    Went deep into the scene,
    Revealing yet further information,
    That needs vigorous examination.

    Earth beings moving more aggressive,
    Through Seas, land and Air borne,
    Crushing all in their course
    Lands are aflame.

    The shelling scattered,
    Indigenous beings slaughtered,
    And replaced by invaders,
    That came from far thousands miles.

    Powerful nations established,
    On the graves of indigenous beings
    Children and women were first victims,
    In order to; annihilate the breed.

    Adding dimensions to the crystal screen
    To focus deeply in parts,
    And get to the roots,
    And capture any phenomenon.

    Matelda got more enthusiastic,
    And deep into history of atrocities,
    She explored Earth parts,
    Using Robotic.

    Robots, in their flying saucers,
    Flew almost touching the surface of the Earth,
    Picking data of valuable depth,
    Processing &transmitting to crystal screens.
    Looking in part by part,
    She focused on one Land with Earth word Australia attached
    An invaded Land where the indigenous beings were crushed,.
    Their Song lines removed,
    And those who survived,
    Live in appalling conditions.
    Moving to another Land by Earth name New Zealand,
    Same atrocities occurred over this Land.


    Moving to another Lands,
    Found Same atrocities occurred.
    Indigenous beings slaughtered,
    And replaced by invaders,
    That came from far thousands miles.

    Robots, in their flying saucers,
    Flew close to the Earth,
    Picking data of valuable depth,
    Since the birth of the Earth,
    Processing &transmitting to crystal screens.
    The pattern is the same over time past,
    And present persists.

    Matelda stunned,
    At those lands,
    Who are ruled by their own kind!
    Turned to be, worse than the invaders.
    Violence and death fed on.
    They threw their own kind in chains;
    Locked in heavy cells,
    With crimson flares
    Sparked by the dying sun.
    Skies are aflame.

    Matelda went on recording in her Journal:
    I’m swept with a swift current;
    Waves swell beneath me
    Broken on some rocky beach.
    All these Earth forms
    From the red namelessness.

    Almost as long as there has been life on Earth,
    War has been a part of it.
    Earth beings continue to wage war,
    And breeding misery.
    There is evil on Earth,
    Hard watch while others beings are being persecuted.
    It is the duty of the Glazy to uphold justice.
    Time to consult the high council,
    On the future of this bloody planet.

    From the lightning in the sky
    As it passed me flying by,
    From the thunder and the storm,
    And the cloud that took the form
    Of a demon in my pathway.

    Earth beings run in fear
    Earth beings walk in fear
    Earth beings hide in fear
    Earth beings show in fear.


    Mohamed Yousif
    mailto:[email protected]@yahoo.com

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