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Discussion Board in English Al-Sisi Era: The Inevitable Outcome
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Al-Sisi Era: The Inevitable Outcome

01-20-2014, 07:25 AM
إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
<aإبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Registered: 07-06-2013
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Al-Sisi Era: The Inevitable Outcome

    Al-Sisi Era: The Inevitable Outcome

    According to General Al-Sisi road map, the outcome of the referendum on the Egyptian second constitution was announced. With figures and percentages that signify the return of Egypt to the military domination of the political stage which was initially started by President Nasser in 1952. The new military situation will be a continuation to the old Mubarak regime bundled under the revolutionary ropes of democracy and sectarianism. It is a new cosmetic face with the same ugly body of a government that does not believe in having any opposition whether Islamic, liberal or democratic. It is a culture that is forcibly embodied into the Egyptian political scene which calls for the complete cancellation of the political opponent by demonizing its mere existence. The fighting arena will be concentrated against any Islamic movement or tendency whether inside or outside Egypt and against those countries which support these movements like Turkey and Qatar. The wishes and policies of the bankrollers should be meticulously fulfilled in order to cash the yearly American aid of 1.6 billion dollars that had turned the military into the sole dominator of the Egyptian economy. Its transactions were performed in complete secrecy that nobody will have knowledge of the hefty amounts that were paid to the army brass, the security and the police forces. The lucrative pay is enough for these forces to crush, shoot and kill their own citizens without the slightest piece of remorse. However, parts of the crumps will go to the limited circle of beneficiaries who perform belly dancing tactics to the coming General from dedicated Coptics who are against any Islamic tendency, the media hooligans, the crooked businessmen and the same bearded Islamic faces which reaped the benefits of going anti-brotherhood during Mubarak’s regime.
    The whole theatrical hoopla of a fair referendum around the constitution and the coming parliamentary or presidential elections is a dictated show to satisfy the demands of the western governments. It had been really embarrassing for them to show their hesitant support for a military coup that toppled an elected president. Therefore, at least some form of legitimacy is needed even it is fake. It is not the dilemma of whether there will be a fair election or not, it is part two of the well-orchestrated roadmap which will be implemented. The next Pharaoh is General Al Sisi no one else from the dreamy liberals or democrats!!! The Egyptian history will spin back into the same military dynasty with the silent shy blessing of the west. As long as the Israeli border remains safe without any democratic government that would change the status quo or creating a new balance of power, the American and the western support and financial aid are guaranteed.

    The percentage of 98.1% is of no surprise because it sounds typical of the previous percentages which were usually cooked by the security network during the last three authoritative regimes. The turnout of the voting number of 20.5 million is hard to swallow, given the deteriorating safety situation in the streets with the presence of a large number of army, police and security forces. The voting scene had deterred many from venturing outside their homes rather than risking their lives coming to election boosts. The figures were carefully selected to slightly exceed the figures of the last election rather than conveying an independent truthful situation.

    However, the General, in his pursuit to gain full control of power, he chose to ride along a bumpy roadmap of sectarianism. He intentionally sidelined true Islamic figures in writing the new constitution utilizing his escalated battle against the Muslim brotherhood. The input of the Christian sect is well taken care of to the extent that a top Christian priest announced that the Lord is writing the Egyptian constitution now. It is of no chance that three Christian Coptics will set the stage for the embattled Sisi era which is inevitably coming through an externally enforced road map! The first advisor is Nabil Salib, Chairman of The Referendum Committee, who had the sole authority of collecting the constitution referendum outcomes from different sources. He- and- only -he has access to the real numbers of votes that were sent from all the locations around Egypt which is a crystal clear invitation to rig the votes!! The second is Walid Hanna who declared the process of the purification of Egyptian judges from 1400 pro-Islamic judges in order to solidify a complete control of the judiciary system for the coming bloody regime. The Third is Najib Sawiris the head of the Free Egyptians Party who openly propagated violence against Muslim Brotherhood. He offered his party members to help gather signatures on behalf of Tamarrud (Rebellion against Mursi). He provided the necessary logistical support, in terms of using his wealth and media as a platform for the return of the Mubarak regime with a new look. This sectarian trend though will help the General acquires international support but will alienate him gradually from the Muslim majority of the country. Of-course the Christian minority has the right to take their share in power without a total hegemony of the key decision-making positions. The socialists, democrats and liberals had already sensed that they had been misled into a counter revolution which brought back the military brass to power. As time goes on, these groups will shift away from the Salvation Front and will join hands with the Brotherhood oppositionand the rest of the masses. The future military regime will wade deeper into more dictatorial techniques with falsifying criminal evidence of opponents.

    The next days will witness visits to Cairo from western states men and VIP political figures who were previously shy to be seen as endorsing the military coup. The referendum is the straw that these states men needed to start business as usual with the new regime. Moreover, it is the credit card for a regime that does not have the democratic cash within its own people. What we will see is a military force that is completely mobilised against its own people while beating the drums of war against the enemies of Israel !!

    It is a very risky venture for a nation like Egypt to be deprived from the day light democracy. Definitely we will be witnesses to another uprising that will shake the basis foundation of the military tyranny. This time, I expect it to be a real revolution with dire consequences….!!!

    (Edited by إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان on 01-20-2014, 01:41 PM)
    (Edited by إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان on 01-30-2014, 05:43 AM)


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Al-Sisi Era: The Inevitable Outcome
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