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News and Press ReleasesStatement No. (16) from Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab The former Governor of South Kordufan / Nub

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Statement No. (16) from Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab The former Governor of South Kordufan / Nub

11-15-2014, 10:37 PM
اللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
<aاللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
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Statement No. (16) from Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab The former Governor of South Kordufan / Nub

    To the masses of our loyal people, to the revolutionary freedom fighters in Nuba Mountains, to the Liberal political elites and the qualified cadres in the margins of Sudan to the widows, orphans, and our disabled people who were affected by the wars of freedom and liberation to those who carry a sense of nationalism we send this important statement.
    Dear Comrades No one doubts the power of the SPLM manifesto and the comprehensiveness of it's vision that overwhelmed the cases of the oppressed people in every Sudanese margin, that prompted the marginalized people to flow and engage in the wheel of the revolution with their different regional, ideological, tribal, ethnic diversity, to come around it and participate through the hard work for changing the regime and put an end to those dominant elites in Khartoum and their holistic exclusion, authoritarian and arrogance practice, dear comrades for what are mentioned above we worked with full efforts to accomplish the new Sudan vision and objectives, but we didn't know, or even expected during the whole period of this bitter struggle that some opportunists will infiltrate to sabotage this great revolutionary work and convert it to personal private sector owned by the tripartite transitional leadership regressive comprehensiveness and tyranny not
    less than dictatorship and comprehensiveness in Khartoum, towards the peripheries of the Sudanese margins, which has been crying and moaning from the misused power's diseases and tyranny. dear comrades that opportunists practices is the one which prompted the masses of the loyal cadres in SPLM to escape and move away as quickly as they rushed joining before, now they are escaping from the severity of the shock and astonishment they had, and at the same time, a rash of opportunists and hypocrites incense blowers for the power holders to raise slogans and terms intended right to avoid intentionally the facts .
    Dear comrades the Comprehensive Peace Agreement has shown, despite the big failures the dimension of opportunism of the evil trinity (Al-lhilo, Arman, Agar) who insisted to lead the movement deliberately after the secession of the south. In the Nuba Mountains where Abdel -Aziz Adam Al-Hilo used different ways for political abuse and oppression on the faithful and truthful cadres of the SPLM where he forearmed, expulsed and dismissed more qualified personnel and a counterpart to that, he recruited and upgraded others selectively and shamefully to support him in his series of sliding and failures to pass his agendas . The second of the tripartite is Gen. Malik Agar, he is not less autocratic and authoritarian in the exclusion on tribal and regional bases than Al-Hilo, he did the same in military promotions and appointments in the constitutional and sovereign posts both at the state and federal levels beside marginalizing the loyal and the honest
    freedom fighters who spent their life time in the bush fighting the injustice and tyranny of the rulers in Khartoum, not only that, unfortunately, the opportunist jumped to segregate and stripped Gen. Ismail Khamis Galab as if he is the one who promoted him, he reached the point of dismissing Jalab from SPLM this is a real farce and Decadence behavioral in those who called themselves leaders of SPLM-North….. which north do they mean? and every one knows that South Sudan had become an independent country? . The last tripartite opportunist is the big hypocrite who was called Yasser Saeed Arman he did a great effort to stay at the decision-making centers, he deport Al-hilo from the presidency of the north sector to sneak and climbs into his post in an opportunistic embarrassing way, when Aziz fled latter to America begging from the Nuba people there, not only that chisels and dead to deported Malik Agar also to his state so as to stay alone in
    decision making centre where the decisive political decisions are taken, he manipulated the money of SPLM in the absence of accountability, but we will not let that down sooner or later he will be accounted. Dear comrades this dopey is trying to achieve his dreams now!!!, which means he has nothing to do with the struggle and we challenge him if he could say that he had participated in a single battle along the struggle time until he reached the rank of Gen. really this is un absolute opportunism. And instead of working with the freedom fighters to save their rights and live amongst them with dignity and honor , he flipped after he jumped into the leadership of the north sector , to dismiss anyone who does not amuses his temperament, not only that but he reached the peak of tyranny to dismiss even the democratically elected cadres, and assigned with the absolute temperament vulnerable people who were abided by the restrictions and personal
    loyalty, and fearful of the wrath of his hand ( the political decision maker) And to pave the way for his tyranny he dissolved all institutions of the movement, after their assignment as transitional leaders so as to arrange such a large organization through the General Conference but they deliberately dismantled this edifice organization and added to adopt their transitional constitution shamelessly which is defective in terms of content, language and procedures to grip their fist and control the movements decisions making process .

    Thus Comrades. all the three of them have lost the way of the struggle within the unseen hidden interest conflict raging between them on the power and leadership of SPLM/A specially after they tasted the governmental constitutional posts during the transitional government's period ,accordingly they forgot their comrades, the revolutionaries who ate the dry maize and the leaves of trees to survive the liberation, they slipped with SPLM into an extreme communist ideology ,the mask that hid their failures over the past period of struggle that preceded the twenty-year ( and the period of this fragile peace, had fallen) during which our fellow people paid their precious blood for the sake of the new Sudan and they don't know what had been hidden by the tripartite foxy opportunists along that time.
    Dear comrades we would like to state the following fact to prove our mentioned claims above, that Alhilo who disguised himself in clothes of preachers reluctantly accepted the mission of our martyr Yousif Kuwa Maki, had betrayed the Nuba people, they are as follows:-
    1 / The negative role of the tripartite and Alhilo is the first of them, over the period of years at negotiation, their absence at the signing of the crucial agreements, particularly Machakos and security protocols s, and the protocols of the two states in addition to the power and wealth sharing, in which they absorbed the personal character for the two regions, and on contrast they rejected the memorandum of the people of the two states on 10/19/2003 in which they rejected the principle of Popular consultation and the security arrangements protocol, which practically divided the Sudan into two countries, (the withdrawal of the SPLA from south until after the line 01/01/1956 and on contrast the withdrawal of the Sudan armed forces to the north of 1/1/1956 without clarifying their diffusion sites (outside the two states)), in addition to the absence of the right for self determination and weakness of the two states protocol.
    2 / Abdel Aziz Alhilo refused the invitation to attend the meeting of Nuba people in Yai in southern Sudan where they discussed the political future of Nuba people, because all the data was confirming that south Sudan is going to secede, and thus he rejected the output of that meeting, claiming that, the meeting is illegal. and consequently he gave a direct instructions to put Gen. Telfon Kuku in prison to deprive him from the political ongoing process and the serious regional strategic changes that occurs in Sudan .
    3 / He deliberate move away from the political transformation in the Nuba Mountains after the signing of CPA when Maj. Gen. Ismail Khamis Jalab was assigned as governor of South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains, with the knowledge that he was familiar with all the agreement details, confirming that he was a major cause of all failures that came in it , especially the protocol on the two states, not only that, he added to recruit fugitive group of communists and tribal ones to confuse the first governor of the state from SPLM and make him and Gen. Danial Kodi also fail instead of supporting them , especially after he escaped to the US A then he came back to take revenge on the people of the Nuba who sincerely supported him in accomplishing the new Sudan vision the( lost hope) at the hands of those tripartite turncoat.
    4 / Gen. Abdulaziz Alhilo had carefully planned and arbitrated to devote Regional differences (eastern - Western) and extreme tribalism , and on contrast he brought some tribes closer to use them in policies of ( divide and rule ) against each one opposing him, he increased the discord and depth of the tribal conflict in the Nuba Mountains at a time we need unity to confront the real enemies in the center, in addition to that he refused to accept forces from mesireia people to joint with their brothers in the 4th front of SPLA, dear comrades, it is just for our wisdom and patience , if not so, the conflict of South Sudan should have had happened log time ago in Nuba mountains .
    5 / Dear comrades all this sabotages above was intended to further bullying and more differences , to pave the way for hem in passing his own agendas of political partnership with the governor Ahmed Mohammed, haron the chairman of( NCP ), the authoritarian and tyrannical National Congress Party when he received the post of deputy governor to the state of South Kordufan. He entered the presidency of SPLM illegally , breaking the constitution that states (If the post of the chairman of SPLM fell vacant, the deputy chairman should call for extraordinary meeting within 30 days for the election of the chairman ) , the document of that partnership was signed by himself on 10/02/2010 Not only did that, but he directed the SPLM's secretary comrade Arnu Nougotolo Lodi to sign a code of conduct with the General Secretary of the National Congress party Mahiadin Al-tom, and it is very important to noticed that all of these activities and actions have been
    implemented outside the barges and the institutions of SPLM. This fact Comrades is the peak of political Glide from the values and principles that came in constitution of our movement, which we believed in and fought for, but Alhilo whom we trusted and worked to support him for the success of the new Sudan vision, came to betray us and betray the case and sold Nuba people by a cheapest prize it was the partnership and the code of conduct with whom? ….. It is with the government of Sudan who violates the human rights and freedoms, raping women, disgrace human value, kills people and committing the most heinous war crimes and genocides on the people Sudan .
    Dear comrades the most dangerous practices at all is that, we got too secretive report written by the deputy Secretary for Organizational Contact, currently the vice president of the National Congress party, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour explaining and giving the directives to the President of the National Congress party in South Kordufan telling him to understand the situation and create the party's institutions in the state to accommodate the changes that will come, especially when they sat differently with Gen, Abdel- Aziz and Brig. Hagud Mukwar in last military and security arrangements negotiations in Addis Ababa on 07/04/2011 in which Ghandour explained that the two are unfaithful to each other, but we reached an understanding of deep strategic positive cooperation in return for big positive grantees, Aziz expressed his displeasure, suffering and failing to unite and reunite the Nuba about their cause (view out and evaluate dear
    comrades !!!). on the other side we reached an agreement of well arranged guarantees with Jugud for gathering SPLA and move to be absorbed in the Sudanese armed forces, this is really chaos and opportunism. Ghandour had finished his recommendation to the governor asking him to call Sheikh Abdul Bagi garfa and sit with him to activate the groups that has recently polarized in the strategic framework and raise the financial needs and kinds to paid by the party in the state, not in the centre ( the report and recommendations are finished). These are other Nuba opportunists who are working for their personal interests at the expense of the lives and suffering of our Nuba people……………… imagine that sort of people dear comrades !!!!

    Dear Comrades here we can assure that the Medal of Honor granted by President Omar Hassan Ahmed el-Bashir, President of the National Congress party, for the Gen. Abdulaziz Adam Al- Hilo did not come from a vacuum, because Al- Hilo succeeded par excellence in the implementation of what entrusted to him by the National Congress party and betrayed the Nuba people and the denial, rejection of the medal is just an attempt to whiten his face and mislead the brain- scatter and his followers the opportunists and trumpets. We assure you Comrades our commitment to which came in our statement number (15) to clarify the facts without equivocation and put it in front of you clearly to judge that by the facts and the reality that lies on ground, until the day of reckoning, Below we are publishing the secret report of Ibrahim Ghandour, either the rest of the documents we are going to publish them later.
    the struggle will continue and victory is certain

    Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab
    The former Governor of South Kordufan / Nuba Mountains
    on behave of the silent majority


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Statement No. (16) from Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab The former Governor of South Kordufan / Nub
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