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News and Press ReleasesGovernment Renews Rejection to Preparatory Meeting of Opposition Parties in Addis Ababa
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Government Renews Rejection to Preparatory Meeting of Opposition Parties in Addis Ababa

11-10-2015, 06:30 PM
Sudan News Agency
<aSudan News Agency
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Government Renews Rejection to Preparatory Meeting of Opposition Parties in Addis Ababa

  • الراكوبة ترفض نشر مقالي بقلم خضرعطا المنان
  • دورة فى كيفية الحوار بقلم عمر الشريف
  • عسكر .. وسدود بقلم طه احمد أبوالقاسم
  • المسيح عيسى ابن مريم ( المفترى عليه) يقتحم التلفزيون القومي ( في وضح النهار)..!؟
  • مسرحية بايخة وسيئة الإخراج!! بقلم حيدر احمد خيرالله
  • الطفل احمد مناصرة في مشهدين بقلم : سري القدوة
  • السودان : الفترة الانتقالية و السراب البلقع ! بقلم د.على حمد إبراهيم
  • دفاعاً عن شيخ حسن..!! بقلم عبد الباقى الظافر
  • سرقة (فنانة)!! بقلم صلاح الدين عووضة
  • ( أنا رضعتكم ) بقلم الطاهر ساتي
  • بين أخطار الهجرة وغفلة الدولة بقلم الطيب مصطفى
  • نحو ديمقراطيةٍ مُستدامة وأملٌ للمُستقبل الواعد بقلم عائشة حسين شريف
  • عبد الله عبيد والمجلس المركزي (1963): بيسحروك يا ولد بقلم عبد الله علي إبراهيم
  • المماحكة و مخاطر مصير الجنوب القديم بقلم سعيد أبوكمبال
  • رسالة (تاريخية) من دكتور الواثِق كِميّر..إلي الفريق مالِك عقّار..(2/3) بقلم عبد الوهاب الأنصاري
  • الانتفاضة الثالثة انتفاضة الكرامة (28) وصايا شهداء انتفاضة القدس الثانية بقلم د. مصطفى يوسف اللداو
  • الانتفاضة الثالثة انتفاضة الكرامة (29) وصايا شهداء انتفاضة القدس الثانية بقلم د. مصطفى يوسف اللداو

  • Mossad took part in civil war in southern Sudan
  • Sudan Participates in Continental Judicial Dialogue Conference in Tanzania
  • Sudan's Nubians reject construction of Dal and Kajbar dams
  • 400 more Sudanese soldiers arrive in Yemen’s Aden
  • North Darfur Wali (governor) Affirms Stability of Security Situation in State
  • Sudanese govt. acknowledges death of 86 protesters
  • Ewaisha Commends Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Efforts on Supporting and Promoting Islamic Da'awa
  • حاتم قطان ينفى ايقافه من الحزب الشيوعى السودانى و التصريحات الاخيرة
  • ملكة جمال جبال النوبة الخارجة من رحم المعاناة لاجل التغيير
  • جدل واسع في البرلمان حول انضمام السودان لمنظمة التجارة
  • البرلمان يتجه لمراجعة مادة متعلقة بـ (الزي الفاضح) في القانون الجنائي
  • الحكومة تدعو أمريكا لرفع اسم السودان من قائمة الإرهاب
  • Opposition leaders barred from leaving Sudan
  • Sudan govt. will only talk with armed movements in Addis
  • Presidential Assistant: Any Party Wants to Join Dialogue shall be Registered or Informed about Regi
  • Campaign of Publications Confiscation by the Sudanese Authorities
  • Nearly 200,000 South Sudanese refugees in Sudan
  • NC: FATF Decision is new impetus for Sudan cooperation with world
  • Statement by the Chairman of the Sudan Revolutionary Front:Malik Agar
  • Sudan participates in the First Arab Ministerial Population Forum
  • Measles cases in Sudan five times the annual average: Unicef
  • Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Oct 22
  • Sudan starts releasing blocked Unamid supplies
  • UN: 30,000 South Sudanese Near Death by Starvation
  • European Union Ambassadors visit refugee camps and discuss human smuggling and trafficking in Kassa
  • Umma Party opposes Sudan’s participation in Yemen war
  • European Union Ambassadors call for more support to the internally displaced in the Blue Nile State
  • Sudanese govt. willing to meet rebels in Addis Ababa
  • Ambassador Abdul Halim: Arab-Latin American Summit supports Sudan's partnership and Cooperation Rel
  • Expert urges Sudan to promote its tourism potential
  • Al-Mahdi Affirms Strata's Concern over National Dialogue
  • Sudan sends ground troops to Yemen to boost Saudi-led coalition
  • Sudan president announces referendum in Darfur next year
  • Sudan Revolutionary Front divided over chairmanship
  • Helmetless Sudanese dies in accident in Bengaluru
  • Sudanese ground troops arrive in Yemen
  • European Union Ambassadors begin a visit to Kassala and Blue Nile this week
  • Opposition forces boycott Sudan's National Dialogue
  • Sudan’s opposition parties shun National Dialogue
  • More opposition parties applaud AU statements on Sudan
  • Sudanese opposition welcomes AU communiqué
  • More Sudanese parties join Addis AUHIP meeting
  • Sudan’s opposition continue cooperation with AU mediators
  • Sudan's Consensus Forces not invited to Addis
  • 44 pardoned Sudanese prisoners still in Egypt’s prisons
  • AU mediation to meet with Sudan Appeal signatories on Friday
  • Sudanese Islamist killed in Sirte fighting
  • U.N. bases sheltering 200,000 S.Sudanese
  • Death toll of northern Sudan heatwave rises as temperatures reach 48°C
  • South Sudanese president refuses to sign peace agreement
  • Sudan requests AU to renew efforts towards lifting of sanctions
  • UN approves a one-year extension of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur
  • Sudan’s President calls for more religious coexistence to achieve the common interests
  • Sudan condemns the assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General
  • Russian Foreign Minister invites his Sudanese counterpart to visit Moscow in September
  • All preparations completed for resuming the national dialogue: Sudan ruling party
  • UNHCR and partners alarmed at the upsurge in the number of South Sudanese fleeing into Sudan
  • Statement No. (22) The SPLM and the repercussions of the war in the republic of South Sudan
  • Sudan: Update on Yasir Mirghani Abdalrahman and Nasreen Ali Mustafa from Amnesty International
  • UK sets out support for South Sudan at Geneva conference
  • European Union Ambassador:Ramadan is a month for forgiveness and continued search for internal peac
  • Sudan’s opposition appeals to the international community to end the aerial bombing on civilians in
  • South Sudan’s rebel’s leader discusses the issues of peace with UN official
  • Sudan’s Vice President vows to end the tribal conflicts
  • Sudan’s government downplays the importance of the opposition-EU meeting
  • South African court prevents Sudanese President leaving the country
  • Sudan’s Foreign Minister briefs the Russian ambassador on the situation in Darfur
  • Sudan’s president attends an AU summit in Johannesburg: Sudan’s Minister confirms
  • Sudan’s president and his Eritrean counterpart review the bilateral relations and other issues
  • German contributes €1 million to the 2015 Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund
  • The main goal is achieving the peace in Sudan’s Blue Nile State: the governor
  • Sudan’s opposition argues (EU) Parliament to pursue peace process and democratic reforms
  • Sudan’s security prevents the opposition from flying to Paris to attend EU parliament hearing
  • UN expresses its grave concern over the security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan
  • Sudan participate in African neighboring countries conference
  • Russia supports Sudan militarily to combat terrorism
  • Sudan president to visit Beijing in response to his Chinese counterpart invitation
  • Joint Local Statement on the accession by the Republic of South Sudan to Human Rights conventions
  • Sudan’s ruling party describes EU and US stances on the elections as “unjustifiable”
  • Nearly 8 million children in Sudan to be vaccinated against measles
  • European Union promotes open society and democracy in Sudan
  • The national dialogue will resume in the coming days: Sudanese Minister
  • We will not recognize the elections’ results: Sudan’s opposition
  • Sudanese human rights defender detained on baseless charges and others at risk after armed raid on
  • Sudan’s Government tells IGAD that it will meet the opposition after the elections
  • Urgent safety concern for activist Sandra Kodouda kidnapped in Sudan
  • Sudanese opposition leaders Abu Eisa, Madani, and El Agar released
  • Rebels ambush Sudan forces in Blue Nile
  • Anti-election rallies blocked, students detained in Khartoum
  • Sudan pushes back elections n South Kordofan state
  • Anti-election campaign scares population of South Kordofan
  • Darfur displaced call for nation-wide protest during election
  • Sudan confirms its firm agenda of negotiations with the armed forces
  • Sudanese security agents beat up lawyers in Khartoum
  • Sudan Appeal forces should stop dialogue with govt.: Abdel Wahid El Nur
  • Sudan’s ruling Party says it will not participate in the national dialogue preparatory meeting in A
  • Sudan’s ruling party refuses to attend Addis pre-dialogue meeting
  • Sudan govt. not serious about National Dialogue: rebel leader
  • Security bans political event addressed by Sudan's PCP
  • Sudan’s opposition accept AU invitation, PCP declines
  • Schlumberger fined $232.7mn for breaking Iran, Sudan sanctions
  • Sudanese govt. responsible for tribal violence: Darfur Bar
  • AU Panel invites Sudan govt., opposition to Addis Ababa
  • Security agents thwart anti-election forum in Port Sudan
  • France denies Darfur rebel leader Nour the permanent residence in its territory: Sudan’s Foreign Mi
  • International agents behind Arab, African extremism
  • President speeches, opposition raided in Sudan
  • South Sudan warlord offers abducted boys sit exams - UN envoy
  • Population Under Pressure in South Sudan Opposition Territory
  • China supplies South Sudan with weapons to protect its oil fields
  • Sudan detainee El Agar needs eye surgery
  • Sudan hit by severe shortage of flour
  • Sudan’s army says that it killed 60 rebels in fighting in Southern Kordofan
  • Sudanese popular and official delegations conduct dialogue with U.S. lobbies on sanctions
  • Sudan opposition, govt. still at odds on election
  • Al-Bashir discusses with Mufti of Croatia position of Muslim minorities
  • Call for Sudan to stop recruiting minors in South Kordofan
  • SPLM-N leadership: Sudan Deserves a New Peace
  • Sustainable fisheries project launched for Sudan’s Red Sea State
  • Sudanese army says it repels SPLM-N attack on Southern Kordofan
  • Sudan’s ruling party welcomes Berlin Declaration
  • Norway and UNIDO launch a € 4,8 million project for the sustainable management of marine fisheries
  • S. Sudan Braces for Sanctions as Economy Limps
  • Sudan’s ruling party thanks German for sponsoring the Berlin Conference
  • A presidential pardon to release Sudan’s opposition figures within days
  • Trial postponed against Leave! campaigners in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan Appeal signatories ready to discuss dialogue in Addis
  • Berlin Declaration will not affect the dialogue or elections: Sudan government
  • Civil society to Germany: Sudan continues atrocities
  • President of Sudan offers release of political detainees
  • Freedoms severely curtailed in Sudan in 2014: Amnesty
  • Security detains anti-dam activist in northern Sudan
  • Sudan's Interior Minister meets with the Speaker of Ethiopian Parliament
  • National Congress Party official killed in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan’s opposition leading figure accuses the government of spreading violence
  • Sudan suggests many investment projects for UAE businessmen
  • National Liberation and Justice Party launched in Sudan’s capital
  • Sudan’s court refuses to release opposition leaders on a regular bail
  • Sudan: Court session against Abu Eisa, Madani turns into political rally
  • The fighting in Darfur displaced more than 41,000 since late December: UN
  • Two Russia abducted in Darfur’s Sudan are alive: Moscow
  • Tribal reconciliation talks begin in Sudan
  • Sudan’s president calls on Russian and American investors to invest in the country
  • Dozens injured as Sudanese students clash
  • South Sudan Rebel Spokesman Defects
  • U.S. Treasury Allows Personal Communication Exports to Sudan
  • Sudan opposition, civil society to meet in Germany
  • The dialogue conference kicks off this week: Sudan’s Government
  • Sudan security detains anti-election supporters in Sennar
  • Sudan refers the case of the two political detainees to the court
  • South Sudan’s rebel’s fighters bombard government positions
  • Leave! campaign to be intensified: Umma Party official
  • Sudan: Abu Eisa unbroken by detention, Madani hospitalised too
  • Three Sudanese aid workers killed in Blue Nile state
  • EU calls for immediate release of political detainees in Sudan
  • LJM ex-rebels continue integration process into Sudan’s army
  • Sudan’s president scoffed at the campaign launched by the opposition to boycott the elections
  • Sudan: Detained opposition leader hospitalised
  • Sudan’s president supports the Arab Parliament efforts
  • Sudan is holding Abu Eisa, Madani hostage: lawyer
  • Sudan: Detention of Abu Eisa, Madani extended for two weeks
  • Sudanese opposition starts Leave! campaign
  • EU expresses its concern at the difficulties facing Sudan’s national dialogue
  • Sudanese court renews detention of opposition leader
  • NCF to launch campaign against Sudan’s April elections
  • Sudan’s opposition urges the citizens to boycott the elections
  • Sudan authorities working on arrest warrants against El Mahdi and Minawi
  • Egypt doesn’t want Sudan opposition al-Mahdi on its territories: his sister says
  • Student activist murdered, not drowned: Umma Party
  • (17) Sudanese opposition parties withdraw from the national dialogue
  • No justification for delay of trial of Abu Eisa, Madani: Sudan lawyer
  • Sudan’s opposition party says no direction to freeze its political activity
  • Political parties, civil society sign Sudan Appeal in Omdurman
  • Mbeki visits Khartoum next week to follow up many pending issues
  • Sudanese Opposition Party to Boycott April Presidential Election
  • Umma, Reform Now, Unionist faction boycott upcoming Sudan polls
  • Sudan security files complaint against Umma Party
  • Sudan’s National Umma Party announces no participation in the elections
  • Arab campaign for release of detainees in Sudan, El Mahdi charged
  • Sudan’s opposition reject plea for release of detained leaders
  • Sudan's ruling Party says that opposition disputes led to process postponement
  • Sudan’s two opposition parties sing an agreement in Cairo
  • Al Bashir is uniting Sudan with his hate speeches: Umma Party leader
  • Letter to the UN on the ICC sent today:Re the ICC arrest warrant for President al Bashir
  • Sudan societies, EP demand release of opposition figures
  • Forming of the Coordinating Committee for “Sudan Call” "document
  • More advocacy needed for Sudan Appeal: Sudanese Communist Party's
  • Sudan’s National Dialogue is dead, NCP violates agreements: Umma, Reform Now
  • Suspending of the negotiations between Sudan’s government and the rebel (SPLM-N)
  • (42) Sudanese political parties decides to participate in the elections so far
  • Sudan: Arrest of the President of the Sudan Human Rights Monitor (SHRM)
  • Sudan Call A Political Declaration on the Establishment of a State of Citizenship and Democracy
  • Sudanese Presidency instructs opening Popular Defense Forces training camps
  • I will return to Sudan when the proper environment prevails: Al-Mahdi
  • Sudan’s opposition require clear objectives to participate in the national dialogue
  • No problems in our relations with the world: Sudanese President says
  • Sudan’s Al-Bashir to meet the Communal Dialogue Committee tomorrow
  • Sudan’s national dialogue delegation travels to Addis to meet armed movements
  • Sudan’s government and rebel SPLM-N resume talks amid presence of the political forces leaders
  • Sudan ruling party calls al-Mahdi to return to the country and join the national dialogue
  • Sudan’s government and the rebel SPLM-N make a breakthrough in their talks in Addis
  • Number of the political prisoners exceeds (100): Sudan’s national dialogue
  • Sudan’s government and the rebels accuse each other of irresponsibility and lack of seriousness
  • (780,000) citizens registered for the elections until now: elections body
  • Sudan’s ruling party coordinates with UMP on the political issues and the national dialogue
  • Sudan’s opposition party demands the president of inquiry committee on the Israel role in Paris Dec
  • Closed-door meeting between tow Sudanese leading opposition figures in London
  • Al-Mahdi and (SRF) meeting brokered by a Zionist mediator: Sudan’s president says
  • Sudan dissident confirms authenticity of leaked security document
  • Darfur Regional Authority closed door in our face: students
  • Another Umma Party member barred from leaving Sudan
  • Women's initiative condemns 'racist attack' on Darfuri students
  • Al Bashir’s promises not be trusted: Darfur scholar
  • El Mahdi will return to Sudan on request of Umma Party or AU mediators
  • Sudan's opposition unimpressed by Al Bashir speech
  • Statement of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Sudan Mashood A. Baderi
  • Report of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Sudan, Mashood A. Baderin
  • Sudan: UN Body Should Press for Inquiry One Year On, No Justice for Protester Deaths
  • Dr Maryam El Sadig El Mahdi released by Sudanese security
  • The African Union welcomes the Agreement reached by Sudanese Parties on their participation in the
  • Umma Party says deputy chairwoman is arrested in ugly place
  • Sudan committee, opposition agree on National Dialogue
  • Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Sudan
  • UN chief welcomes steps toward holding of Sudanese national dialogue
  • Sudan releases SCP leader Samia Kiir from prison
  • Women Politicians’ alliance calls for release of female detainees
  • Sudan's rebels to consult AU in Addis this Sunday
  • Sudan security detains women protesters in Omdurman
  • Umma Party protesters hand memo to Sudan security
  • Farouq Abu –Issa says consensus forces do not oppose Paris Declaration
  • Sudan's National Dialogue clinically dead: National Umma Party
  • Paris Declaration signatories to meet with AUHIP chairman: Sudan’s Umma Party
  • Umma Party threatens ruling party of uprising
  • Pretoria Welcome the Paris Declaration
  • UN rights expert urges Sudan to free all political detainees to enable an inclusive national dialog
  • Deputy Chairwoman of Umma Party transported to female prison in Omdurman
  • Al-Mahdi tables united diversity charter in opposition meeting in Paris
  • Sudan: End Arbitrary Detention of Activists Investigate Allegations of Torture, Abuse
  • Parliament to invite opposition leaders to attend hearing session on elections law
  • Darfur 2014: Time to Reframe the Narrative
  • Politicians: Release of Al-Mahdi puts dialogue on right track
  • Sudan releases detained Umma Party leader Al-Mahdi
  • Sources: Opposition and Revolutionary Front to meet in Paris
  • Umma and SPLM-North: End of regime is near
  • Umma and Communist Parties call for releasing detainees
  • A National Dialogue, or a National (Congress Party) Monologue؟
  • Authorities treat Al-Mahdi decently amid expectation of his release soon
  • Solidarity Committee urges immediate release of detainees
  • Umma Party leader charged by Sudan security, SPLM-N warns for new militia recruits
  • Sudan opposition suspends parties for joining National Dialogue
  • 'Sudan security agents block political forum': opposition party
  • The Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir orders release of political detainees
  • A comprehensive peace Khartoum: Hussein Saad
  • Opposition ridicules Al-Mahdi statement his opponents envy him for Pr
  • Sudan’s opposition leader denies that his party agreed to participate
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