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SLM/A Press Release:

1/31/2006 11:51 am

SLM/A Press Release:

Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army would like to inform the International Community that the Government of Khartoum has a clear plan to destabilize the whole Darfur Region by killings all around. Its present in Abuja talks is just a cover for this plan. The clear evidence for this is that the government of Khartoum is presently conducting a wide military mobilization includes approximately all of the Darfur Region:

1- Khartoum government forces and the Janjaaweed militias have established a military bas in Jamia Abu-Agora, 80 kilometers south of Nyala City, around Giraida Town, from where the Janjaweed originate to attack the innocent civilian at the peaceful villages, and IDP camps.
2- On 25th -26th January 29, 2006, the government troops a companied by the janjaweed militias attacked the villages of Umbaloola, Donkei Abiad and the Zarod where they killed about 47 of the villagers, a large number of wounded people and looted more the 10,000 of head of kettles.
3- A similar attack was occurs in the areas east of Shiaria State where the government of Khartoum has bombed the villages by Antinov and Helicopter gunship.
4- Before these tow attackers, there was an attacked on IDP camps at Kayla camp at Merching area, equated by the central reserve police in coordination and cooperation with the Janjaweed modalities. Here one IDP person named Tibin Atta was killed and three others where wounded. As a result, all IDPs were displaced from their camps and moved into Manawashi and Domma areas where the basic services and needs are not available, especially water, food, security, and medical services for the wounded persons.
5- A week ago, the government force and its Janjaweed allied militias burned 21 villages in Rokirro area. As a result of which the UN was forced to evacuate the area from humanitarian organization staffs. In this respect, Sudan Liberation Army responds to the incidence in the sake of self defense and to protect the civilian population.
6- The international observers are witnessing the continues military escalation and build up that is taking place in Western Darfur on the Sudanese Chadian borders.
7- The Darfur Peace talks here in Abuja is not progressing and even these talks is not clear because the government has not yet take a decision to direct its efforts toward retching a peace agreement in Darfur soon. For all what has been maintained above, the Sudanese Liberation Movement/ Army reinsure that the government is regularly implementing its plans for evacuating the villages and commenting genocide, force the civilian populations to be in dispersal IDP camps. All these are happening in front of the eyes and knowledge of the International Community, the AU and the UN without any move to intervene.
We therefore call upon the international community to fulfill its moral obligation and intervene in order to protect the innocent civilian in Darfur as well as to resolve the deadlock in Abuja Peace talks to reach a real and just peace in Darfur. Having said this, we would like to reiterate our commitment for the continuation of peace talks here in Abuja to reached a just and comprehensive peace agreement in Darfur, and to reiterate our responsibilities and commitment toward the protection of our innocent people an putting an end to their suffering as a result of government atrocities. We will not therefore allow this to go on for ever.

Ismael Idriss Nawai

Head of Media Committee

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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