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Mr. Jack Straw Visits the Inter-Sudanese Talks, Abuja

2/16/2006 1:56 pm

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)
[email protected]

Mr. Jack Straw Visits the Inter-Sudanese Talks, Abuja February 14th 2006-02-14

Mr. Straw met with all concerned Parties as well as the AU and International Community. The visit marks an important contribution to the current peace process in Darfur. In his speech, Mr Straw reviewed the current humanitarian situation in Darfur in addition to the progress of the peace Talks in Abuja.

Responding to this visit, JEM states the following:
- The Movement commends the supportive role played by UK since the start of Darfur crisis. Mr. Straw was among the first European Ministers to visit the IDPs in Darfur. He is also the first to show up in Abuja lending support to the current peace process.
- JEM takes Mr Straw’s remarks seriously. To that effect, JEM renews its commitment to all singed Agreements and will take extra steps to ensure the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur.
- As records show, JEM has been consistent in its respect for Ceasefire and in its pursuit for peace in Abuja Talks. As a testimony to that, JEM was the first to suggest a timeframe for the Talks in Abuja.
- It is the GoS which is responsible for the slow pace of the Talks in Abuja. In the Security Commission, the Government delegation refuses any collaboration with the Movements in the security of the IDPs and the humanitarian operations.
- In the Wealth-Sharing Commission, the government is still digging its heals regarding adequate sharing of the National Revenue.
- In the Power-Sharing Commission, the government refuses to engage the Movements in any meaningful discussion. Its blatant dictum of “no percentages, no figures and no quotas” reduces the debate to meaningless and empty Talks about Darfur representation in the national institutions.
- It is obvious that the GoS is opting to use Abuja as a swing pole between the military and the political solutions of Darfur crisis. Abuja has become no more than a public relations theatre for the GoS. It is not surprising that the GoS has brought a team to Abuja that is weak, indecisive and lacking in its mandates.
- The seriousness of the AU and the International Community regarding the peace Talks is not reciprocated by the government of Sudan. It is time that the International Community speaks with one voice and force the GoS to take the peace process seriously
- Let the GoS takes this historical opportunity of Mr. Straw’s visit and reflect on its role in the Talks. The government has no choice but to review its strategy and create a clear vision for the solution of Darfur crisis.

Ahmed Hussain Adam
JEM Delegation Spokesperson
Abuja, 14.02.06
Tel: 00234-80-36-171-9080

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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