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Affected Solidarity Committees of constructing Hamdab Dam

10/3/2005 1:53 pm

Affected Solidarity Committees of constructing Hamdab Dam


During all the previous time we have been - as a citizens and as direct affected to constructing dam on the Nile course in Hamdab area in northern state – repeatedly advising the government represented in Irrigation ministry (Marwe Dam Excution unit ),but in it's part the government intentionally ignored these advises and continued to follow detend and threating the affected committees members and individual citizens and committing legal political and economical violations against inhabitants and the country at large .

We early learned the lesson when we announced that such construction of this great national project under the domination of a totalitarian political party that totally depend on oppression threating ,lack of transparency ,and all non- democratic tools , violations will be the solely legitimate child of this case ,and it occurred to extend that it was impossible to compile those violations ,and just the most out standing over referred to are:

1/ The naming of the project "Marwe Dam "bearing mind that area is geographically incompatible .The project admin provided weak justification that we totally refuse ,and we still hold on that the dam should bear the name of the area that will pay the price of it's construction in undating under the lake of the dam that is their cultural rights .

2/ The government insisted on the emigration areas which lack good living condition ((Multaga ,and Mogadm valley )) according to geological studies they are deserts invalid for human even animals and plants surviving .The government insistence isn't accompanied by guarantees that given the right of administrating these poor sources areas wisely ,or guarantees the state responsibility of citizens lives ,farms ,and udders in the long term .

3/the difference between confiscated land (land lord ) and the new lands (lease hold land ) is not considered ,and not even registered to those deserves until now ,this is illegal situation .

4/ It didn't happen to consider the citizen's interest through representation when the executive administration of the dam formed ,furthermore the dam officers were not even a part of the technical ,administrative ,and legal personal .They are merely security cadres who execute the instructions and orders issued for them and now surprise represent the governing party view point only .

5/ The criteria adopted to estate to whom compensation should go and it's amount are unfair and incompatible with the international standards required in such cases ,and even incompatible to sounding logic .That the compensation committee adopted a security behavior (detectives )through which many citizens were ignored and not only deprived them their immaterial rights but the overt material rights on the plea that they settle outside the area ,where as a big quota of compensation went to those coming from outside the area and who don't have historical nor prospective links to it.

More over the committee also followed inducation policies through purchasing the consciences of those who were speak on behalve of citizens and grand them more compensation to guarantee their silence ,it was a duty that the government should offer convincing compensation which is accepted for the affected .The subject matter is at last concerned rights that are legally approved and it's illegal to confiscate one's land without fairly compensation him/her.

Hamdab dam is a great project whose advantages are hope to reach all over Sudan ,and this will not be achieve since the very close fellows don't enjoy it's good ,so development should begin with the affected then head into its ultimate goals .

Hamadab and Manasir areas have suffered all long the previous decades an accumulated negligence to an extent that the citizens went despair of government services and no longer think about them and depend on entirely upon themselves ,moreover these area which is a narrow band along the Nile suffered of a rigid nature the inhabits of these area couldn't get the better of such a nature easily ,victimization the father did for his son ,grandfather to nepher ,and brother to his brother ,the climax of which ended at vast in-and-out emigration in search of other better means for better life .

The reason is that the compensation criteria have to make use of such fact and the government should provide a comprehensive developmental program including social and economical factors establishing a new land that bring together the inhabitants of area and those who emigrated or went aboard ,a new –land ,been as a compensation and acknowledgment to those who sacrifice their land and home in order to achieve national comprehensive development but this is exactly what the government didn't understand then support the policy of threating citizens adopted by Marwe dam excution unit .

According to all fact stated above and according to our experience in deal with the dam unit and the government ,we have declare our decision to go head to achieve our – and- our fellows right using all legal and political means to protect our rights ,and our aims is:-

· Stop constructing operation until reach to a fair settlement.

· Revision the emigration law and all arrangements done by a dam unit.

· Revision the criteria of compensation and adopt a new compensation policy.

· Reform dam excution unit in consistence with a new political position according to the constitution and CPA and represent affected citizen in it.

· Change the name of the project to (HAMDAB DAM).

· Form a representation committee from and among affected citizens which must have authority to decide all affected matters in future.

· A priority in recruitment in project must be to the area citizens according to the qualification conditions.

· A priority over the land near dam lake should be for the area citizens.

2 oct 2005

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اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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