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Press release by SLM Series of new raids

5/23/2005 8:47 am

Press release by SLM
Series of new raids

Supported by the Sudanese government force located in the area of Fono and Argi, about 40 kms west of the town of Kuttum, the Janjaweed militias launched new series of attacks in the area of Ain Seero. On Friday, they raided the area of Ain Seero where the resistance of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army force was quite strong. The government’s proxy militias attacked the village of Bornjo on the following day May 21, 2005, killing a civilian, Abdella Abbaker Khamis, and stealing the livestock in the area.

AU monitoring mission was informed about these series of attacks by the government force and it’s aligned Janjaweed militia.

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
Ain Seero command post
May 23, 2005

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