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Sudanese forces and Janjawid militia burning villages in Jabal Moun after evacuation of Humanitarian organization

3/20 10:00am

Justice and Equality Movement
Press release

Two days after Sudanese government and its Janjawid militias threatened the humanitarian relief organization to move to El-Geneina combined with the negative position of AU in ignoring the violation of security and humanitarian agreements by Sudanese government, the government of Sudan resumed the sequel of its atrocities towards the people of Darfur. The government of Sudan started disintegration the camps of the IDPs and forcefully evacuating the villages from the inhabitants.
On March 17th, 2005, the government forces and Janjawid militia launched a widespread attacks and raids on the villages in the area of Jabal Moun, enforcing thousands of civilians to be displaced. Another team of government force and Janjawid militia armed with 22 armory vehicles invaded several villages in the area of Attash and Goz, burning villages under which Armo was entirely brought to ground.
In Salia, the government forces and Janjawid militia attached the civilians, disintegrated them and finally forced them to empty the area. This occurred after clash between innocent IDPs and government forces which were armed to teeth. The confrontation resulted several casualties among unarmed civilians, to name a few Abdel Rahman Ahmed Mahdi, local Omda, after his refusal to cooperate with the government forces to evacute the area from the civilians.
Despite repetitive calls from the innocent civilians and the both movements, AU role remains passive and inefficient. Due to AU’s inability to protect the innocent people, AU failed even in sending its commission to the troubled area deliberated instigated and fuelled up by the government of Sudan against the innocent people of Darfur.

It is high time UN and the rest of the international community should step in and take the lead to end the ongoing ethnic cleansing, genocide and deliberate policy of starvation imposed of Darfuri by the evil government of Sudan

Idriss Ibrahim Azrag

Spokesman of Justice and Equality Movement
March 18the, 2005
Tel: +31 655941185
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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