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Press release:Sudan Liberation Movement/Army

3/19 7:39am

SLM remains constantly reaffirming to the international community the atrocities being carried out by the insolent Khartoum regime and its barbaric allied Janjawid militia in killings, raping and displacing our innocent population of Darfur. Yesterday, the Khartoum regime forces together with Janjawid militia threatened and attached the convoys of UN humanitarian aid workers nearby the towns of El-Fasher and El-Geneina. These malevolent threats and evil acts against humanitarian organizations left Mr Jan Pronk with no other choice than relocating his personnel, for security reasons, and bringing them to safer places in El-Fasher and El-Geneina.

The violation of security and humanitarian agreements by the government of Sudan implies that the government of Sudan is adamant in continuing with its earth scorched policy against the people of Darfur. The Khartoum regime is trying to erase the traces of its atrocities committed against the people of Darfur: burning villages, raping women, rampaging and killing innocent people.

Sudan Liberation Movement strongly condemns the atrocious acts of Khartoum regime which depicts that the Khartoum regime is not serious in adhering to its commitments. The atrocious acts are further fuelled up by the government of Sudan to exacerbate the already volatile humanitarian situation which leads to the increase of deceases, starvation and ultimate death. With the retreat of UN personnel and other humanitarian organizations for security reasons to safe areas, the notorious Khartoum regime is determined to carry on with its loathsome and apartheid-like project against the population of Darfur. This time the regime uses most lethal means: starvation and deceases.

Once more, Sudan Liberation Movement deeply deplores those vicious undertakings of Khartoum regime. SLM calls the international community to exercise pressure on Khartoum regime to cease its evil atrocities against the people of Darfur and give opportunity to the humanitarian organizations to rescue almost five million displaced Darfuri who are currently under constant threat of extinction.

Abdel Wahid Mohamed Ahmed Nour
The chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
March 19th, 2005

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