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KHARTOUM, 28 - 29 March 2006
Sudan News Agency (SUNA)
Arab SUMMIT Conference
Arab League
Eighteenth Ordinary Session
KHARTOUM, 28-29 March 2006

The Ministry of Information and Communications welcomes media men who want to cover the Summit Conference of the Arab League in its eighteenth ordinary session, which is to be held in Khartoum on March 28-29, 2006.
The Ministry would like to inform them with the efforts made to enable media delegations to cover the activities of the summit efficiently.


Meeting of Economic Experts and Permanent Representatives , Cairo,18-20 March,2006
Meeting of Ministers of Finance and Economy ,23 March,2006
Meeting of Foreign Ministers 25-26 March,2006
Arrival of Kings and Presidents,27 March,2006
The Arab Summit28-29March,2006
The Press Centre will enable all media men and journalists to obtain the executive programmes of these activities and the names of participants in them, immediately after their arrival at the Centre, which is located at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, where the summit conference and the accompanying activities are to be held.

An office will be assigned at Khartoum International Airport for assisting media men, including entry of audio-visual equipment and cameras with customs exemptions, transport to hotels and procedures of accreditation and currency.
Media men can also receive help at the Press Centre and the venues of the summit and the accompanying programmes.
Members of delegations and participants can obtain entry visa from the embassies and consular missions of Sudan in their respective countries after filling the required forms.
In case where there are no diplomatic missions, participants would be granted entry visas at Khartoum Airport, provided that the organizers are notified in advance on the time of arrival through the diplomatic means.
Media men who are to cover the summit are kindly requested to return the accompanying accreditation form after filling it accurately to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) to the following address:-
Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Gamhoria Street, Khartoum, P. O. B. 1506
Tel. No. : 249183774730
Fax No. : 249183774730
E-mail : SUNA [email protected] g mail .com
Conference website: WWW.ARABSUMMIT2006.ORG
Or, through the embassies of Sudan in their countries or the embassies of their countries in Khartoum. Please note that the deadline for returning the forms December 31, 2005.
Khartoum International Airport
Press Centre, the Friendship Hall, Khartoum
Each accredited journalist will be given a card enabling him to cover the summit and the opening and closing sittings of the conference.
Journalists shall display their cards during their movements at the conferences venue.
A special cards and badges system would be applied at the places of residence of heads of delegations and the venues of the activities of the conference. Holders of personal accreditation cards with certain colours are allowed to enter specific places. Holders of press cards are allowed to enter the press centre.
In case a journalist loses his card, he can notify the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) to receive the necessary assistance.

Media men can stay at Khartoum Blaza and Acropole hotels besides Nile steamers. They can also book at the following hotels:-
Hotel name Address Class Tel. No.
Hilton Khartoum West of Friendship Hall ***** 249183774100
Grad Holiday Villa Nile Avenue overlooking Toti island ***** 249183774049

Friendship Palace Khartoum North- overlooking Blue Nile ***** 249185336222

Meridien At central Khartoum **** 249183775971

Khartoum Blaza At central Khartoum **** 249183772275
Green Village At Buri area, north of Khartoum *** 249183263657
Al-Faisal At central Khartoum *** 249183789999
Enam At central Khartoum *** 249183794035

Hotel name Address Class Tel. No.
Shahrazad At central Khartoum *** 249183784577
Sahara Gamhoria Street- centre of Khartoum *** 249183776542
Acropol At central Khartoum ** 249183770898
Concerned persons shall bear the cost of residence. The media office at Khartoum Airport can extend help in booking.
Mini buses are available to ferry accredited journalists and media organization representatives from their residences to the Press Center and back again to their residences. Journalists shall personally bear the cost of any other means of transportation. They can rent cars form travel agencies.
Departure arrangements should be made during the period 11:00-13:00. Those who wish to extend their stay in the country following the end of the Summit, should contact the Press Center or the hotel reception. Journalists wishing to use transport facilities to Khartoum International Airport have to leave their luggage at the hotel manager four hours before flight departure.
Security Measures:-
Security measures include the following:-
Luggage scanning
Journalists and photographers pass through security check up before boarding the bus at the Press Centre in cases of going to press coverage in various locations such as i.e. airport.
For assistance kindly contact the following persons:-
English: Babiker Al-Tayeb 249912121156
French: Sharief Omer 249915177526
Arabic: Fatih Al- Sayed 249912393076
Secretariat of External Information Council :
Somaia Al- Hadi 2490123666630
The Press Center
The main international Press Centre is located at the Friendship Hall, phone 249183774730.
Interpretation services in three languages Arabic English-French would be available at the Press Center, the Conference Hall and the Press Conference Room.
The Press Center includes a room for journalist work and a room for press conferences .
The center is equipped with the following:-
 Phones.
 Faxes
 P.C. With Internet link
 Printers and photocopiers
 Scanners
 Courier services:
Sudatel Company services centre
Health units
Bank services
Rent a car services
The center working hours 08:00-22:00
Phone calls are against cost.
The center provides an office to undertake arrangements according the requests for satellite channel and various broadcasting stations.
Public relations office is available to coordinate interviews will delegation members.
Sudan TV and Radio stations would assist in:-
 Cameras hiring
 Production units
 TV mobile stations
TV and Radio Broadcasting International Center:

The Centre includes spaces for TV
and radio production upon request: -
Video signal and international voice without emblem
220 volt electricity current
Long distance call lines
Signal of transmission of arrival and departure of head of states along with inauguration and closing sessions of the Summit
Sites for transmission and production of radio messages.
Sites for feeding TV messages and transmission through Digital Beta Cam
DVCAM system with Hybrid telephone equipped with ear pieces for each site
ISDN lines for broadcasting connected with VSAT
Off tube station equipped with commentary sets and visual show.
ISDN lines
DSNG station for binary and group coverage on C. Band and KU- Band ranges
The center would inject all messages for all satellite channels.
12 Stand up positions linked with video, voice and call lines for coordination and transmission on air
Press Center arrangements:-
Arrangements for access of unaccredited political and press men to the Press Center:-
In case of interviewing or recording a meeting with economic, information or political interviewee in the Press Centre studio the following steps are to be taken:-
a. Any interested body has to inform the Director of the Press Centre with the name of the person, date and time of the interview.
b. The Director would contact the coordination office at the residence of the intended interviewee to give the name of the interviewer.
c. The Coordination Office has to provide the names of the interviewee and the name of the said media representatives to the Press Center Security Officer. The interviewee shall be given a lift back to his residence.
The same arrangements shall be taken in the case of interviewing several persons.
The intended interviewee may reach the Press Center using his private car without a need for accredited card.
The Organizing Committee Editing Mechanisms:-
The committee put free of charge editing team at the disposal of the Press Center to carry out editing and copying services for the TV teams.
The coordinator is authorized to send and receive the tapes for the afore-mentioned accredited editing teams and copy and distribute them to whoever wishes.
The editing teams would be given tapes with titles and different dimensions to complete the editing and copying process, and they have to register the following:-
The edited material, its time, place of transmission, names of the engineering team members who made the transmission and the party who has received the edited tape.
The time of tape receiving. (Completion of editing and the transmission time).
The coordinator is assigned to supervise the required job and send it to whoever wants free.
The conference organizing committee puts at the disposal of the press center five editing teams, which consist of a person for each team, and they will act according to their shifts at the press center.

The Recorded Transmission:-
1. Provides daily brief of events, which were not transmitted on air.
2. News material to be included in the daily exchange of news.
3. The binary coverage of messages of the corporations, members and non-members of African Radio Union, and provide necessary facilities for the binary messages and the correspondents reports.
Mechanisms of the organizing committee with the official media teams:
For the work of the organizing committee with the official media teams the following strategy is adopted:-
1. The organizing committee appoints a media representative called information attach as an escort to the official media teams. (Most of them are volunteers).
2. The information attach is to receive the official media teams at Khartoum Airport, and take them to the hotel and extends to them the necessary help and show them Press Center.
3. Information attaches are to meet at the Press Centre the next day with the official media teams and to extend to them the necessary help to facilitate their mission.
4. The information attachs at the Press Center are to provide media services for the official media teams and the representatives of the media organs at the media center
5. The information attachs would accompany members of the official media teams to Khartoum Airport at their departure if they wish so.
Mechanism for transmitting addresses and communiqus form the Conference Hall:-
The addresses and the communiqus are to be send to the link point with media organs, prior to make copies of them via:
1. The Arab League General Secretariat.
2. Participating delegations.
Addresses and communiqus are to be send to the link point with the media organs at the Friendship Hall, as they are to be send directly to the director of the Press Center, where they are translated into Arabic, English and French languages. (Printed copies will be available for the media representatives).
When there is a need to send certain items from the Press Center to the Conference Hall, the same method is to be used after contacting the Director of the Press Center, the information coordinator and the Conference Secretariat.
Mechanism for requesting live transmission or retransmission of binary interviews with delegations:-
 Media representatives who wish to conduct interviews with delegation members at their residences shall make a request to this effect to the Director of the Press Center, who in turn would transfer them to the information coordinator via Fax or mail, who in turn would send the to the Protocol Department at their residences, to be send to the intended countries. After the consent of the concerned country, the request is to be send to the Protocol of the concerned country to the information coordinator at the Protocol at the residence with determining the date and venue. Then the coordinator would transfer the approved request to the information coordinator and then to the Director of the Press Center.
 The Director of the Press Center is to receive names of he media team who are to make the interview, then the request would be delivered to the coordination center to transport the media team members to where they will meet the personality they want to interview.
 If a journalist wishes to make an interview with President of any state, the same mechanism would be followed.
 If the press interview necessitates presence of a delegation member at the Press Center (studios), the media coordinator is to be notified of the date of the interview to enable him to contact the Director of the Press Center and the coordination center so as to provide transportation and protection necessary for the guest while he is coming and during presence at the Press Center.
Press Coverage at Khartoum International Airport-
Representatives of the media wishing to cover arrival of ministers at Khartoum Airport are to notify the Press Center.
Journalists are to be present at the Hall of the Press Center to transport them by buses to the Airport.
Press coverage of arrival of heads of delegations:-
The official national TV, the TV team accompanying the head of the delegation and a certain number of cameramen are allowed to cover the arrival of the heads of delegations.
Coverage of the inaugural and closing sessions of the Summit:-
A. Radio, television, and photography media:
The accredited audio-visual media will be received in two groups:-
Accredited photographers will be called upon to enter the Conference Hall in separate groups as each group will be allowed five minutes to carry out its photography work. They will also be allocated places near meeting halls and will be called upon by the media official.
2-Television teams:-
B/ The press:-
Due to the limited room allocated for the Press inside the Conference Hall, the priority of being present there will be given to cameramen, photographers, and media delegations of countries participating in the summit. Each participating country will be assigned room inside the Conference Hall, whereas the remainder of the press are to follow the activities of the conference through screens at the Press Centre adjacent to the main Conference Hall. The Friendship Hall translators will provide services of a three-language simultaneous translation.
Closed sessions coverage: -
A cameraman and a photographer, accompanying heads of state, are entitled to attend these sessions. They will both be appointed by the head of the press delegation of each country, and will be awarded special admission cards and badges of accreditation.
Press interviews:-
Covering joint activities of heads of delegations:
a. If any head of delegation asks for covering some of his joint activities, the spokesman of the delegation must inform the media official at the place of residence of the head of delegation who will then render the necessary help, and accompany the coverage team to where the head of delegation is.
b. In case of any pressman interested in interviewing a head of delegation or a minister, the media delegate at the main centre shall be informed. He will, on his part, inform the media official at the head of delegations residence, who will then contact the director of the Protocol to convey the request to the head of delegation. In case of approval, the journalist will be transported to the head of delegation accompanied by media and security representatives.
Press conferences:-
Media representatives and photographers will be invited to the Press Conference Hall to cover press conferences and the press conference of the Secretary General of the Arab League at the stated time.
The Hall has been arranged so that photographers would be positioned behind seats set for pressmen, at the place where cameras operate. The Hall has also been equipped with headphones for three-language simultaneous translation, along with the provision of international sound signal service.

Radio and TV circuit requests shall be send to Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Fax 249183774730.
TV teams are requested to have the necessary montage equipment.
Requests for entry of communication equipment needed for satellite transmission must be send to SUNA a week before the holding of the summit.
The same procedures mentioned above will be taken if the guest stays at any of the hotels lying within he security area. The co-ordination for this must be undertaken by the media official at the same hotel.
The same procedures set before will be followed if any country is interested in undertaking any activity meant for providing coverage by media men who are not members of the media team accompanying the guest.
In case of failure by media representatives to attend for reasons related to lack of time, coverage can be undertaken by the media team staying at any of the specific hotels, and the press material can be sent to the Press Center for distribution. SUNA, Sudan TV, Sudan satellite channels and radio will assume full coverage of all activities of the conference.
Control Room:-
 All the information about the Summit Agenda and any new arrangements will be transmitted through the Press Center screens.
 All activities of the summit are directory transmitted to all operating halls for recording, and transmission through satellites.
 The Press Centre will provide the mass media with additional services such as technical assistance, transmission, editing and so on.
- Restaurants are available at the Press Center where snacks can be served.
Medical Services:-
- There are fully equipped ambulance cars.
- Field clinics are also available at residence places of delegations, and at the Friendship Hall.
- The following hospitals have been specified for receiving cases requiring further medical care.
Sahiroon Hospital Khartoum
The Medical Corps Hospital-Omdurman.
Time: Greenwich Mean Time+ 3 hours.
220 VAC-50/60 Hz

Local Currency:-
The Sudanese dinar (SD)
Banking Sevices:
U.S. dollar = 232 SD
Euro = 271.3 SD
Sterling Pound = 408.65 SD
Swiss Franc = 176.32 SD
Saudi Riyal = 61.83 SD
U.A.E Dirham = 62.83 SD
Japanese Yen = 1.96 SD

1- List of accredited diplomatic corps in Khartoum:
No. Embassy Location Phone
Jordanian Embassy Eastern of junction of King Abdal-Aziz Street with Street No. 33
Embassy of United Arab Emirates Amarat, Western of junction of King Abdal-Aziz Street with Street No. 3
Algerian Embassy Manshia, northern of Mashtal Street, eastern of Safir Dimension
04 Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Amarat, Street No. 33 +249-183-472583
05 Somalia Embassy Amarat Street No.23 +249-183-471151
Iraqi Embassy Buri, Garden City, Northern of Khartoum International Fair
07 Kuwaiti Embassy Khartoum centre, Airport Street, near Tennis Club +249-183-773184

No. Embassy Location Phone
Moroccan Embassy Amarat, Street No.7, Northern of Arab Organization for Development

Yemeni Embassy Amarat, Northern of junction of Street No.11 with King Abdal-Aziz Street
10 Tunisian Embassy Amarat, Northern of Street No.15, House No.35 +249-183-487947
11 Syrian Embassy Amarat, Street No.3 +249-183-471153
12 Sultanate of Oman Embassy Amarat, Western of Street No.1 junction +249-183-471017
13 Palestinian Embassy Manshia, Western of European Union +249-183-225476
14 Embassy of Qatar Manshia, Street No. 92 +249-183-261113
15 Lebanese Embassy Amarat, Street No. 5 +249-183-461320
16 Libyan Embassy Riyadh, Mushtal Street +249-183-222457
17 Egyptian Embassy Khartoum centre (east), next to Friendship Hall +249-183-772836
18 Ethiopian Embassy Khartoum 3, Northern of Farouq Cemetery +249-183-471379

No. Embassy Location Phone
19 South African Embassy Amarat, Street No. 13 +249-183-240816

20 Embassy of Afghanistan Riyadh, Block10 +249-83-221852
+249-183- 221827
21 Chinese Embassy Manshia, Block25, Street of embassies +249-183-272730
Vatican Embassy Kafori, Southern of Samah Complex for Foodstuff, Block31 +249-185-330037
23 Congolese Embassy Al-Taif, Block22 +249-183-471125

German Embassy Northern of Baladia Street, against Aanab International Company, Block8
Indian Embassy Khartoum East, Africa Street, House No.61 +249-183-471202

Japanese Embassy Eastern of Sudanese French Bank, Khartoum2 Branch, House No. 67
Embassy of Greece Junction of Jamhoria Street with Mak Nimir Street

28 American Embassy Eastern of Ali Abdal-Latif +249-183-774701

No. Embassy Location Phone
29 Indonesian Embassy
Street 60 +249-183-225722
Italian Embassy Southern of Street 39, South-western of UNICEF +249-183-471614
Embassy of Pakistan Riyadh, Eastern of Maamon Humaidah Academy +249-183-223445
British Embassy Baladia Street, Northern of German Embassy +249-183-770796
Turkish Embassy Southern of Baladia Street, eastern of Aanab International Company
34 Embassy of Chad Southern of Street 57 +249-183-471084
35 Romanian Embassy Kafori, Northern of Kassala Street +249-185-341497
36 Zairian Embassy Amarat, Street 13 +249-183-467906
Embassy of Switzerland Junction of Africa Street with Street 51 and Eastern of King Abdal-Aziz junction with Street15
French Embassy Junction of Street 11 with King Abdal-Aziz +249-183-471893

No. Embassy Location Phone

South Korean Embassy 2nd right-hand street of Tamara for Sweets and Flowers, House No. 30
Kenyan Embassy Southern of Street 3, eastern of Hikma Hospital +249-183-466386
41 Malaysian Embassy Southern of Street 3 +249-183-482763
Nigerian Embassy Northern of Higher Council for Daawa and, Haj and Umra
43 Embassy of the Netherlands Northern of Street 47 and eastern of UNICEF +249-183-471198
Russian Embassy Junction of King Abdal-Aziz Street with Street 5, west
Ugandan Embassy Southern of Jamaa Street and eastern of Nasr Company for Construction


46 Office of Canadian Embassy Khartoum, Baladia Street +249-183-463672

No. Embassy Location Phone
47 Brazilian Consulate Eastern of Al-Gasr Street. Northern of Farmers Bank. Blue Nile Building, fifth floor.

48 Niger Consulate Northern of Street 3, eastern of King Abdal-Aziz Street +249-183-471196
49 Swedish Consulate Khartoum East, Nefaidi Building +249-183-780500

Czech Consulate Parliament Street, eastern of Al-Gasr Street, Parliament Tower, third floor, apartment No.2
51 Peruvian Consulate Western of Sportsmen Club +249-183-471196
Norwegian Consulate Eastern of Al-Gasr Street and Southern of Al-Zubair pasha Street
Austrian Consulate Baladia Street, Abu Aila Old Building, ground floor
54 Slovakia Consulate Khartoum, Barlaman Street, Building No.10 +249-183-774514

No. Embassy Location Phone

Finland consulate Junction of Barlaman Street with Al-Gasr Street and eastern of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, fourth floor.

56 Belgium Consulate Amarat, Street No. 15 +249-183-489231
57 Bangladeshi Consulate Amarat, Street No. 15 +249-183-470447
Bulgarian Consulate Junction of Jamhoria Street with Tayar Murad Street
59 Poland Consulate Amarat, Street No. 41 +249-183-780400
60 Consulate of Thailand Khartoum, Nefaidi Building +249-183-780400
61 Consulate of Sri Lanka Khartoum, Jamaa Street +249-183-784105
62 Liberian Consulate Khartoum North, Industrial Area +249-185-311301
63 Mali Consulate Amarat, Street No. 31 +249-183-494478
64 Consulate of Burkina Faso Omdurman, southern of Blue Nile Hospital

2- Services and Media Sector:
1- National Television

The Director +249-187-572952
Political Section +249-187-555684
International Relations Section +249-187-557605
Coverage +249-187-557388
Ground Station +249-91306595

2- Sudanese Radio
The Director +249-187-555684
Political Section +249-187-556819
The News +249-187-555287

Coverage +249-187-557501

3- Sudan News Agency
The Director +249-183-774730
Home News +249-183-776013
International News +249-183-775907
The News +249-183-776326
The Switchboard +249-183-771229

4- Television and Radio of Khartoum State
The Director +249-187-558400
The News +249-187-579027
The TV Studio +249-187-558404
The Radio Studio +249-187-558403
The Switchboard +249-187-558404
5- Blue Nile TV Channel
The Director +249-187-463050
The News +249-187-450391
The Switchboard +249-187-4503930
6- National Telecommunication Corporation
The Director +249-183-483203
Technical Administration +249-183-484489
The Switchboard +249-183-484494

7- Sudanese Telecommunication Company Limited (SUDATEL)

Director General +249-183-797400
Deputy Director General +249-183-781834
International Telecommunication Department +249-183-775669
Information Technology Department +249-183-798505

8- External Information Council
International Relations +249-183-788817

List of Political dailies issued in Khartoum
No. Name of the newspaper Editor- In- Chief Phone Number Website
01 Akhbar Al-Youm Ahmed Al-Balal Al-Taib +249-91300710

02 Alwan Hussein Khogali +249-91302540
03 Al-Ray Al-Aam Kamal Hassan Bakheet +249-91309590
04 Al-Sharie Al-Siyasi Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Karrar +249-91301929
05 Al-Wifag Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed +249-183-783840
06 Al-Ayaam Mahgoub Mohamed Salih +249-91309749
07 Al-Sahafa Adil Al-Baz +249-183-798203

08 Sudan Vision Seifel-Din Al-Bashir +249-912163036

09 Khartoum Monitor William Ezekial +249-912150956

No. Name of the newspaper Editor- In- Chief Phone Number Website
10 Al-Khartoum Fadl-Allah Mohamed +249-912141861
11 Al-Addwaa Faisal Mohamed Salih +249-912275296
+249-183-767605 [email protected]

12 Al-Hayat Mohamed Al-Tayeb Abdallah +249-912390060
13 Elaff Khalid Al-Tiggani +249-912354788

14 Al-Gowat Al-Mosalaha Ahmed Siddig Sulieman +249-183-793650
15 Al-Watan Sid Ahmed Khalifa +249-912161116

Sports and Social Dailies
No. Name of newspaper Editor- In- Chief Phone Number Website
1 Goan

Ramdan Ahmed Al-Sayid +249-912309910
2 Al-Mushahid Abdal-Moniem Shagarabi +249-912395307
3 Al-Captin Mohamed Ahmed Dosogi +249-183-766830
4 Alam Al-Nigoom Ismail Hassan +249-91260770
5 Al-Nukhba Babiker Mukhtar +249-912365138
6 Al-Merrikh Hassan Mohamed Hamad +249-912251981
7 Al-Dar (social) Salah Omer Al-Sheikh +249-912358886
8 Galb Al-Sharie (social) Magzoub Aidrus +249-183-783846
9 Al-Awail (social) Osman Siddig +249-183-784929
10 Nabdh Al-Carctair (social) Izz-Eddin Osman +249-183-783846
11 Al-Hayat Wan Al-Nas Abdal-Rahman Ahmadon

List of Some Media circles

No. Name of the Circle Phone Number
01 National Council for Press and Publications +249-912258542
02 Al-Fidaa Company for Information Production +249-183-779848
03 Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences +249-183-225205
04 National Council for Promotion of Culture and Arts +249-183-774442
05 Al-Masar Company for Information Production +249-183-485586
06 Amwag Company for Information Production +249-183-475456
07 Future Studies Centre +249-911295624
08 Middle East and African Studies Centre +249-912472273
09 Future Trend Studies Centre +249-183-224899
10 Rawan Company for Information Production +249-183-571575
11 Strategic Studies Centre +249-183-770606
12 Sudanese Media Centre (SMC) +249-183-787602

No. Name of the Circle Phone Number
13 Sudanese Mobile Phone Company (MOBITEL) +249-912398043
14 Bashair Mobile Phone Company (Areeba) +249-922911010
15 Telecommunication Company (Canartel) +249-183-401960
16 Sudanese Internet Services Company (SUDANET) +249-183-795251
17 Zina Internet Services Company (Zinanet) +249-183-794309
Car rent
No Company Address Telephone
1 Tasabieh Limousine North the junction of Africa St. with 37 St. north Doctors Clinic, west Africa St. 83-478119
2 Sabehat limousine Junction of 17 St,. With Africa St. 83-484212
3 Shurgou
limousine North of Africa St. Al-Amarat, near Tariq Ltd. Co. 83-465179
4 Ghadir
limousine Khartoum west Catarina St. South Sharwani roundabout traffic 83-490721

No Company Address Telephone
5 5 M
limousine Khartoum Catarina St. South of Democratic Unionist Party House 83-460438
6 Abu Saifin Limousine Khartoum 2 Mak Nimr St. extension facing SABCO Trade, Engineering Investment Company 0912391163
7 Assadan Limousine South the junction of Catarina with 41 ST. 83-479435
8 Afras Limouzine South of Amwaj Restaurants, South of Sabihat limousine Company. 83-560092
9 Al Ragi Limousine West Catarina St. West Ittihad (unity) Basic school for Girls, South Graduates Medical Co. 83-476652
10 Alrowad Limousine Khartoum, Junction of 35 St. with Africa St 83-464883

No Country Code
1- Oman sultanate 00968
2- Syria 00936
3- Jordan 00962
4- Lebanon 00961
5- Iraq 00964
6- Yemen 00964
7- Algeria 00213
8- Kuwait 00965
9- Qatar 00974
10- Egypt 00202
11- U.A.E 00971
12- Saudi Arabia 00966
13- Morocco 00121
14- Libya 00182
15- Bahrain 00873
16- Britain 00044
17- Switzerland 00412
18- Austria 00431
19- France 00331
20- Romania 00040
21- Belgium 00322
22- Sweden 00046
23- Nether land 00417
34- Italy 00039
35- Norway 00039
36- Turkey 00090
37- USA (New York) 001212
38- USA(Washington) 001202
39- Nigeria 002349
40- Ethiopia 002411
41- Kenya 002542
43- South Africa 002721
No Country Code
44- Zambia 002601
45- Central Africa Republic 00236
46- Zimbabwe 002634
47- Djibouti 00253
48- Tanzania 0025551
49- Senegal 00221
50- Congo 000234
51- Chad 00253
52- Iran 009821
53- Malaysia 00603
54- Indonesia 009251
55- Pakistan 008251
56- India 009111
57- South Korea 00822
58- Japan 00813
59- China 008610
60- Russia 007095
61- Canada 00613
62- Bulgaria 003592
63- Greece 0030661

Federal Ministries
No Ministry Location Ph.
1- Presidency of the Republic South Nile St. Gasr St., inside building of Republican palace 83-776189
2- Council of Ministers Former building of Khartoum state, Jama St. north Gezira company
3- Ministry of Foreign Affairs West junction of Al-Gama St. with Mak Nimir St.
4- Ministry of Interior Affairs South Nile St. west of Ministry of Finance 83-777186
5- Ministry of National Defense Junction of Sayed Ali St. with Baladia St. 83-775114
6- Ministry of Information and Communication Jama St. south of Ministry of Agriculture former building of Bank of Sudan
7- Ministry Of External Commerce Gasr Park west north Gasr museum -south Parliament St. 83-780208
8- Ministry of Investment West Hilton hotel, Gama St. 83-760847

No Ministry Location Ph.
9- Ministry of Tourism and National Heritage West Masalamia Bridge, west Civil Defense building
10- Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources South Nile St. east Kuwaiti building

11- Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Gama St. Junction with Abdal-Moniem St. north side
12- Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform South Gama St. east Mak Nimr St. Junction
13- Ministry of Animal Resources and Fishery South Animal Resources St. Junction Nile culture, sport club-north east tannery

14 Ministry of Welfare and Social Development South Nile St. and west Dar-al-Hatif 83-779008
15 Ministry of Guidance and Endowment West Ministry of Interior, near Dar-Al-Hatif, south Nile St. 83-770382
16- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research East former Council of Ministers
No Ministry Location Ph.
17- Ministry of Sciences and Technology Hospital St. behind Ministry of Higher Education, former building of Council of Ministers
18- Ministry of Roads and Bridges Jama St. North to the Post and Telegraph Corporation 83-773832
19- Ministry of Justice South of Nile St. west Junction of Nile St with Abdel-Moniem St and west Auditor Chamber and east of Sudan Hotel

20- Ministry of Energy and Mining Nile St. east of Kuwaiti building 83-777016
21- Ministry of Industry Jama St. south Gasr St. 83-793130
22- Ministry of Finance and National Economy East of Ministry of Interior and west of Republican Palace
23- Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Nile St. south west Ministry of Endowment and Guidance 83-780403

No Ministry Location Ph.
24- Ministry of International Cooperation
Hospital St near National Water Corporation Ex. premises of Council of Ministers

25- Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs Hospital St. near National Water Corporation 83-779744

26- Ministry of Federal Relations Nile St. east of Qasr St. 83-83771309

27 Ministry of Education Nile St. east of Khartoum University 83-777016

28- Ministry of Transport Gaba St. west of Railway Headquarters 83-775419
29- Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Jamhuria St. east of Women Union 83-780675
30- Ministry of Health Jama St. west of UN building 83-774381
31 Ministry of Environment and Urban Development Hospital St. near Ministry of Higher Education 83-773832

Banks in Khartoum
Name Location Phone
1- Bank of Sudan Mogran Quarter 83-780123
2- Bank of Khartoum West of Qasr St. near Umdurman National Bank 83-779924
3- Baraka Bank Baraka Tower North maidan Abu Jenzir .first floor 83-265316

4- Umdurman National Bank Qasr St. near to Bank of Khartoum 83-784911

5- African Byblos Bank Amarat St. South east building of Development. 83-566441
6- Sudanese-French Bank East Qasr St. west Maidan Abu Janzir 83-776542
7- Sudanese Saudi Bank East of Junction of Baladia St. with Abusin St. 83-776700
8- Sudanes-French Bank Abdel-RahmanSt. East of merdian manar. 83- 783890
9- Bank of Peace Jama St. behind Al-Nafedi Companies group
10- U.A.E Exchange North Jamhuria St. before Junction of San George 83-784646
11- African Exchange Limited Junction of Al-Mak Nimr St. with Baladia St.


Headquarters IL-Mashtal St. across Ebaid Khatime St. 83-243759
General manager 83-243759
Public relations 83-243737

Booking 83-779208

No. Company Address Tel
1- British Airways Al-Baldiya St. 83-774577

Gulf Air Al-Baraka Building-six floor Al-Zubair Basha St. 83-775334


Emirates Al-Jamhoria St. 83-799473
4- Syrian Airlines Al-Baladiya St. 83-671353

No. Company Address Tel
Egypt Air Al-Qasr St. eastern Khartoum Bank 83-780064
6 Yemania Babiker Badri St. 83-780247
7- African Airways North Al Barlaman St. south Ministry of Information 83-777347
8- Arabia South Al-Barlaman St. 83-772977
Jordanian Air lines South, Al Barlaman St. 83-792846
Saudia Al Sayed Abdel-rahman St. across Ali Abdel-latif St. 83-773092
11- Ethiopian Airways Al-Jamoharya St.
Kenyan Airwayses Ali Abdel-Latif St. 83-7813220
German (Lufthansa) Al-Barlaman St.
Air France Al-Tayar St. Mardian Hotel, ground floor 83772430

No. Company Address Tel
KLM South wst US Embassy Al-Fayha building ground floor. 83-781662

16- Qatari Airwayss Al-Gumhoria St. 83-799490
17- Sudanese states airways Amarat, block 9 St. No. 35 83-775807
18 Spirit of Africa airways 83-793875
19- Saria airways comp 83-477042
20- Dahla airways Development Building- eight floor 83-793518
21- Midairlines Baladia St. 83768901
22 - Marslard Aiways Khartoum north 83581701

Sudanese Diplomatic missions in African countries
No Mission Code Phone Fax e-mail
1- Ethiopia 2511 516477 019989 [email protected]
2- Eritrea 291(1) 189547
189495 186819 [email protected]
3- Uganda 256(41) 23001
31263082 41346573
4- Congo 243 9937396 20444 [email protected]
5- Chad 135 525010
523988 523430 [email protected]
6- Tunisia 216(1) 71236627
71231312 71751756 [email protected]
7- Algeria 213(2) 608048
21694534 21693019 [email protected]
8 Libya 218(21) 4774791
4775387 4774781 [email protected]
9- Central Africa Republic 236 613821 617959
10 Tanzania 25523 211741 2115811 [email protected]
11- Congo 234(12) 9937396 20444 [email protected]
12- South Africa 27(12) 4327905
3425628 3424539 [email protected]
13- Djibouti 253 356404 351816 [email protected]
14- Zambia 260(1) 252116
252117 252440 [email protected]
15- Zimbabwe 263(4) 700111
703406 703450 [email protected]

No Mission Code Phone Fax e-mail
16- Senegal 221 8249853 6117782 [email protected]
17- Kenya 254(20) 575118
565759 577187 [email protected]
18 Egypt 00202
00212 7947093 [email protected]

19 Nigeria 234(9) 4131016
2346266 [email protected]
20 Morocco 212(7)
37752865 [email protected]

No. Mission Code Phone Fax E. Mail
1 Jordan 9626 5854506
5854500 585401 [email protected]

2 UAE 971 24446699
24492080 26654231 [email protected]

3 Indonesia 62(21) 5212075 5212077 [email protected]

4 Iran 98(21) 8781184
8781183 8792331
879016 [email protected]

5 Pakistan 92(51) 2263975
2263926 2264404 [email protected]
6 Bahrain 973 177177959 177166456 [email protected] batelcom.
7 Syria 963(11) 6130115 6112904 [email protected]

8 Korea 82(2) 7491090
7938692 7938693 [email protected]

9 Iraq 964(1) 6532180 6532180 [email protected]

10 Sultanate of Oman 968 246990695 246990695 [email protected]

11 Qatar 974 4833031 4833031 [email protected]

12 Kuwait 965 5347819 5347819 [email protected]
13 Lebanon 961(1) 353271 353271 [email protected]

14 Saudi Arabia 966(1) 4887729 4887729 [email protected]

15 India 9111 26883758 26883758 [email protected]

16 Yemen 967(1) 420478 420478 [email protected]

17 China 86(10) 65321280 65321280 [email protected] Com
18 Malaysia 60(3) 42568107 42568107 [email protected]


No Mission Code Phone Fax E. Mail
1 Spain 34(91) 5972516 4174903 [email protected]

2 Germany 49308 8906980 9406963 [email protected]

3 Italy 39(6) 064463606
4403609 64402358 [email protected]

4 Belgium 322 18781184 6483499 [email protected]

5 Russia 7095 2995425 2993242 [email protected] Com
6 Romania 40(21) 2114967 2111217 [email protected] Com

7 Sweden 46(8) 6117781
6117780 6117782 [email protected]

8 France 321 42255573 456366733 [email protected]

9 Britain 44 2078398080 2078397560 [email protected]

10 Norway 47(22) 4722693355
4722699290 4722698344 [email protected]

11 Austeria 43(1) 7102343 7102347 [email protected]

12 Netherlands 3170 3605300 703617975 [email protected]

13 Japan. 81(3) 53067801 35067804 [email protected] com


No Mission Code Phone Fax E. Mail
1 The United States 1202 3288565 6672406 [email protected]

2 Brazil 55 24844835
2484834 248433 [email protected]
Permanent Missions

No. Mission Code Phone Fax E. Mail
1 United Nation (NewYork ) 00212 5736033 (246)
5148053 [email protected]

2 United Nation (Geneva) 0022 7312663 7312656 [email protected]

General Consulates

No. Mission Code Phone Fax E. Mail
1 Chad 235 698183 698116
2 Bulgaria 359(2) 9807485
9712991 9717038 [email protected]

3 Saudi Arabia 6922 6471273
6476003 6485640 [email protected]

4 UAE 971(4) 2637555 2637080 [email protected]
5 Greece 30661 3313262 3313989
6 Egypt 20(972) 307231 [email protected]

7 Libya (Kafra) 8821624480
886522342 886522342 [email protected]

8 Libya (Benegazi) 218(61) 2238791
2228200 [email protected]

Khartoum Resturants

No. Resturant Place Telephone
1 Al-Amiri Garden city 832670
2 Al-Fuluk Al-Neil Street 8377196
3 Al-Askila Al- Neil street 8377169
4 Al-Shalal Al- Neil street 83775062
5 Ishraqa Khartoum 3495105
6 Liyali Omdurman Omdurman 87554634
7 Amwaj Africa street- Amarat 83499292
8 Rivira park Murada street Omdurman 87562745
9 Golden Gate Murada street 87550463

Republic of Sudan
Ministry of Information and Communication
Eighteenth Session of the Arab League Summit
Form for Accrediting Journalist
Attach two photographs
Title:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name:- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Date of birth:- --------------------------------------------------------------
Address:- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Main place of Residence:- ---------------------------------------------------
Telephone:- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Mobile:- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Fax:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
E. Mail:- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Media Institution:- ------------------------------------------------------------
Address of media institution:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Country:- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Telephone:- ---------------------------------------
Fax:- -----------------------------------------------
E. Mail:- -----------------------------------------------

Type of media institution:- daily newspaper, weekly magazine, other periodical, news agency, radio, television, photography agency, Internet site.
Status of journalist:- Director, Editor in chief, journalist, TV journalist, technician, TV photographer, freelance journalist, other status.
Passport No. :- ---------------------------------------------------
Passport validity:- ------------------------------------------
Country and No. of Press Card:- ---------------------------------------------------
Hotel in Khartoum:- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Expected time of arrival in Khartoum:- ------------------------------------------
Number of flight:- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Coming from:- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Time of arrival:- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Signature:- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Date:- ---------------------------------------------------------
Name of the Director of the Press Institution:- ----------------------------------
Date:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


The form shall be signed and stamped by the concerned official at the media institution.
A list of the media sets and equipment ( TV, Radio, Photographing) shall be attached to the form.
The TV institution which intend to bring transmission equipment, mobile satellite stations, shall provide Sudan News Agency with application within a period of one week, at least, before arrival of these equipment.

Ministry of Information and Communication
Form for Radio and TV Teams
Institution:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Activity:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Radio and TV
City:- ------------------------------------------------------------
Country:- -------------------------------------------------------------
Name of official:- ------------------------------------------------------------------
Telephone:- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fax:- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
E. Mail:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
TV Service:-
All the equipment that you intend to used during the Arab League Summit shall be defined:-
Editing transmission equipment
Mobile satellite transmission station

Satellite Service:-
The Sudanese Broadcast and Television Corporation provides working satellites (VANDA) At the International Broadcast and TV Centre (IBC) in Khartoum city.
Do you want to get VANDAL transmission space at the International Broadcast and TV Centre (IBC)?.
Do you want to conduct independent transmission work from the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Khartoum?
Yes: - ---------------------------- NO:- ------------------------------------
Radio Service:- quality of the equipment that you intend to use:- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Do you want to get telephone lines with the possibility of using international telephone?
Yes:- --------------------------------- No:- -----------------------------------------
Do you want to send correspondence from the Radio Studio at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Khartoum?

Eighteenth Session of the Arab League Summit

Khartoum, March. 2006
Application for Entry Visa
Name of the Country:- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Information about the coming person: to be filled as included in the passport:-
Full Name:- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gender:- male: ------------------------- female: ----------------------------
Nationality:- ----------------------------------
No. of passport:- -------------------------------------------
Type of passport:- -----------------------------------------
Place of Birth:- -----------------------------------------------
Date of Birth:- ---------------------------------------------------------
Religion:- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Marital Status:- --------------------------------------------------------------
Full Address:- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Telephone:- --------------------------------------------
Fax:- --------------------------------------------------------
Mail address:- -----------------------------------------------------------
Place for getting Visa:- Embassy ------------------- Consulate --------------------- Republic ----------------------Sudan in -----------------------------------------
Khartoum Airport
Date of Arrival:- -------------------------------------
Date of Departure:------------------------------------------
Date:- ------------------------------------------------------
Signature:- -------------------------------------------------

Eighteenth Session of the Arab League Summit
Khartoum, March. 2006
Application for booking at Hotels
No. Name No. Name
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10

Date of Reception

Date :.. 2005 - date of payment: 2006
Booking Application
Country: .. Organization:

Name:- Country:-
Telephone:- Fax:- E. Mail
Room for one person ( ) Room for two persons ( )
Date of arrival / / /2006 Date of Departure/ / 2006
No. of flight/ airways company/ date of arrival/
Name of hotel (first choice)
Name of hotel (second choice)
Name of hotel (third choice) For more Sudan News

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