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The AU is good for nothing, it didnt prevent neither the Rwandan Genocide nor the current Genocide in Darfur

1/20/2006 7:00pm

The AU is good for nothing, it didnt prevent neither the Rwandan Genocide nor the current Genocide in Darfur
By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur's Friends Association (DFA), January, 15, 2006

Darfurs Friends Association (DFA), definitly supports the UN forces to take control over Darfurs region, since the AU isnt able to protect our people. Moreover, it needs protection for its own soldiers there. Three years of suffering is quite enough and its time to react so as to save our people from the Janjaweed militia and its Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir. This dictator has encouraged the bastard Janjaweed militia to committ genocide against the indigenous darfurian tribes like Zaghawa, Fur, Massalit, etc.

Therefore, the main obstacle to peace in Sudan is the dictator Omar Al-Bashir and his fascist, criminal and corrupted regime. His followers believe that hes brought peace to the country, because theyve been anesthetized by the regimes propaganda and its false information propagated by its mass media and by some private media and some jornalists who get economic benefits from it. In reality, the dictator has signed the CPA in Kenya so as to stay in power the longest time possible. Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was designed to do so.

A year past since the signing of the previous agreement with the southern rebel group, SPLM/A, but the real situation in the country indicates that therere many difficulties and mistrust amongst the regime and the SPLM/A. Specially in Abei, among other issues; that could lead to confrontation. For all these reasons Darfur and the rest of the regions will not enjoy peace unless the dictator Omar Al-Bashirs regime is toppled.

The AU, for now, is more worried about the next summit scheduled to be hold in Khartoum within a week, so as to crown the genocider Omar Al-Bashir as the king of Africa. This attitude of the AU is very shamefull, because it did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide and now its doing very little to stop the current genocide in Darfur, even thought, theyve clear evidences that the AL-INTIKAS regime uses the Janjaweed militia to kill almost 400.000 innocent people and made more than 2.500.000 darfurian indigenous people homeless, but the African leaders are keeping silent because theyre senseless. Last thursday, AU Commission Chairman Alpha Oumar Konare said the Sudanese troops were painting their vehicles white, the color of AU peacekeepers vehicles "to disguise their identities and launch surprise attacks on their opponents."

Why Darfurs Friends Association (DFA) supports the UN forces to take control over Darfur region? The main reason is to protect the indigenous Darfurian people who live like refugees in their homeland and some of them almost 300.000 have been pushed by the Janjaweed militia to cross the border and take refuge in Chad.

Now, the situation in Darfur is very complicated, since the the genocider Omar Al-Bashir is using the Chadian oposition groups to attak Chad and put in danger our people who live as refugees inside Chad, near the border with Darfur.

Secondly, the AU is useless, since it has to beg money from the USA and Europe to feed its own soldiers. Therefore, the 10,000 troops expected in southern Sudan to monitor the peace agreement should be moved to Darfur and East Sudan, because the situation in these two regions is more dangerous for the CPA than the situation in other parts of the country, including South.Sudan.

Thirdly, if the UN takes control of Darfur region, therell not be any confrontation between Chad and Sudan, this means that our people in Chad will be save. Moreover, the regime will not dare to attack the Estern people and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) will not face big challenges. For all these reasons the presence of the UN forces in Darfur is essential and necessary, independently of the opinon of the genocider Omar Al-Bashirs regime. For more Sudan News

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