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To: Special Representative of The General Secretary of UN in Sudan

1/14/2006 7:31am

Mr. Yan Ponk

Sir; it is wellknown that you and your staff, are very close to the very sad events that are taking place in Darfur every day, and you need not any person to explain for you. The mass killing ,the systematic rape of young girls and women, the burning of villages and the looting of properties are the major news that come up from Darfur .Yes we trusted AU mission in Darfur, however the lack of experience, and lack of equipment, might be the main factors for their failure, to bring in the order in the torned region .
We people of Darfur are very concerned and worried about the deterorating situations in the region , our families have almost nearly three years in the IDP camps vulnerable to every dangerious cicumistances.our children, women and our elders are weaning every day and no body knows what will happen tomorrow.
Sir we people of Darfur in our culture, never happen that we depended on other peoples, and the history of the Sudan shows that, we always depend on our farms and herding cattles, and these only activities are now humpered by the Janjaweed and other militias that are supported by the central government. Now the question is : how long our people will stay in IDP camps in such miserable conditions? However we have addressed and sent so many messages to the international community, through NOGS or governments explaining the horrible situation in the region, so it seems now that our cries are listened.
Hence after the declaration of UN Sercretary Gereral Coffi Anann, that the involvement of US and European commnity, is one of the musts to save lives in that, the majority of the people of Darfur supported the idea, and they urgded the SLM/A office in Khartoum to send you this message to confirm that, they welcome the international forces which will work better to save lives, reinforce orders and bring peace in the region.

Sudan liberation Movement/Army
Office of Khartoum
14 Jan 2006

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