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Sudan peace holding, but fears continue

1/11/2006 9:28pm


KHARTOUM, Sudan -- The people of Sudan, faced with the Darfur conflict, feel little to cheer about in their 1-year-old peace deal that ended their north-south civil war.

Millions of Sudanese still live in fear of violence despite the end of the brutal 21-year-old civil war, reports the BBC.

Besides the savagery in the western Darfur province, the people face insecurity in the south and east, where they also lack food and water.

About $4.5 billion in donations have been pledged but much of them have not been fulfilled.

A U.N. special representative says the peace agreement is holding but the issue of dividing Sudan's oil revenue is yet to be resolved. The agreement calls for the revenues to be shared equally among the Arabic, Muslim north and the mainly Christian and animist south. But an analyst told the BBC the government in the south is getting far less than it had expected a year ago.

The peace process suffered a blow by the death of long-time southern rebel leader John Garang three weeks after he became Sudan's vice president.

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