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2/18/2006 7:32am

Inter-sudanese Talks on Darfur 7th Round, Abuja February 17th power-sharing Commission SLM/A and JEM
Power sharing Agenda Items 4, 5 and 6 Bearing in mind our previous proposals, presented to you, we hereinafter present a number of new proposals as given below.
New proposals:
The Region.
1. A government of Darfur Region shall be established in accordance with January 1956 borders this government shall have its Executive legislative and judicial organs.
A referendum shall be organized for the people Darfur following end of the Interim period. Referendum shall determine either a) continuation of the region together with its expansion to include five states or b) to revert to the current three states system.
2. the government of Darfur Region shall operate in accordance with Darfur interim constitutional arrangements. Darfur interim constitution shall be established by a specialized committee with representation of all Darfur a people The constitution Shall be ratified by two thirds of the interim legislative council and shall in harmony with the National constitution
1- The presidency of the Republic shall consist of the president of the Republic. First vice president and two vice presidents. One of the Two vice presidents shall be nominated by the movements (SLM/A- JEM) and their allies and be appointed for the entire interim period specified in the agreement.
2- The parties shall agree on the competences of the Vice president.
Council of Ministers:
1. council of ministers shall consist of 30 ministers and 36 state Ministers.
2. The two movements (JEM-SLM/A) and their allies shall maintain a representation of 23% at the federal ministerial level and 23% at the level of Federal state ministers. That amounts to 7 ministers and state ministers.
3. ministers and sate minister shall be categorized in order to determine their division among the parties.
Presidential assistants and advisors:
Representation of the Movements and their allies ahall be represented at 26% (20% population weight plus 6% affirmative Action)
1. Parties shall agree regarding nature of competences of the presidential assistants and advisors to ensure fair spread of specialisations and to avoid unnecessary creation extra posts
2. Division of positions among the parties shall conform to catsgorisation of post occupants
3. Division of posts shall be made with consideration of categoristion of personnel and in relation to allocation of ministers and state ministers. The rate of 26% shall apply.

National Capital: (Khartoum state)
1. all parties shall be effectively represented in the administration of the national Capital.
2. SLM/A and JEM and their allies shall be represented in the government of the state Khartoum. The Movements and their allies shall have two minister, one of whom is a deputy governor. In addition, the Movement shall make nomination for postions of three commissioners (mutamads) in Khartoum state.
3. in the legislative Council of Khartoum state the Movements and their allies shall be represented with 20% of the seats of the council.
4. Darfur shall be represented at a rate of 26% in upper, middle and lower administrative positions, ministers, institutions, corporations and commissions and in the temporal and permanent committees of the Khartoum state.

Same rate of Darfur representation above (26%) shall to the following unless otherwise specified:
ƒو Administration in national Universities.
ƒو National Civil service
ƒو Specified funds (sanadeeq)
ƒو Commissions
ƒو Permanent and Teporal committees
ƒو Security Organs
ƒو Intelligence Organs
ƒو Aemed Forces and other regular forces high and medium ranks.

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