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HAQ FRANCE – Let us call for a universal Sudanese peoples' action against this shameful act: Both inside Sudan and worldwide

12/30/2005 11:30am



Paris, 30/12/2005

We are saddened beyond words by the loss of so many lives, particularly young ones. Our hearts and our condolences go out to the Sudanese left grieving and especially those who wait for confirmation of news about their loved ones

The Egyptian Forces slaughtered today Friday 30/12/2006 Sudanese men, women and children as if human beings don't matter. Egyptians should answer this simple question: Why did you commit this massacre against unarmed civilians claiming peacefully one of their fundamental rights guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights and all conventions?

This barbarian act will shape Egyptian-Sudanese relations forever.

The Sudan government’s reaction is supporting this horrible act. This shows beyond any doubt that Sudanese people can only be defended by the Sudanese people themselves.

Let us call for a Sudanese peoples' action against this shameful act: Both inside Sudan and worldwide:

We invite all Sudanese to:

· Write letters of protest to the Sudanese president, the Egyptian president, the United Nations Secretary.

· Mobilise Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Federation of Human Rights

To observe :

· A National Day of Mourning on Wednesday 4th of January 2006 coupled with a National General Strike in the Sudan that same day.

· An Annual National Day of Mourning on the 30th of December every year

· An international call for an independent international investigation on this appalling tragedy that has claimed so many lives.


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