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Message to Omer Hassan Ahmed Elbashir & Salfaker Miardit

12/29/2005 2:04am

President of Sudan republic (Moshir) / Omer Hassan Ahmed Elbashir
First deputy of Sudan republic president / Farik / Salfaker Miardit
Deputy of Sudan republic president Ostaz/ Ali Osman Mohamed Taha
Peace , mercy and blessings of Almighty God be upon you,
Subject: Abyei Protocol
We address you while you are standing proudly raising you heads when you accomplished peace . What is accomplished was not a magic stick for one of the two delegations but it was the effort of a nation for which you was the expressing tongue and existence. Thus Mashakosh was a precious deposit because it created for all Sudan people a unique opportunity to establish their political, economical and social relations on the basis of respect to diversity , freedom , equality and justice.
Without any suspect, we believe that our country is starting a new stage and we look forward to secure building of fair & inclusive peace and real democratic conversion. But we are wondering about what is going on now regarding Abyei area from precautions , clouds and suspects surrounding some aspects of the fifth protocol for termination of Abyei conflict, and after the borders commission presented its report. From here we say frankly that:
Abyei is among the ethnic formation for Dinka tribe , one of the greatest African tribes the number of which is estimated to be three million persons. Thus its belonging to South does not need to confirmation , but is inevitable issue including the factors of history and geography. So it was defined in the protocol as a bridge between North and South.
It is well known that when Koshian state fell in Marwi, the Dinka people fled towards South in two groups , the first directed towards Red sea then Kassala and lastly to Khartoum where they met the second group who took their way alongside the Nile to Shendi . During the fleeing of Dinka people to South they resided at many places including Shan Deit which is Shendi town currently and at Ker Tom location (Khartoum ) i.e. the meeting of both Nile branches in Dinka language. Also Ngok Abyei tribe resided many places including Dinka Kerigi which is known currently as Mogled . There was no worth mentioning existence to Bagara (Masiria) tribes who settled at Denka area which was inhabited by Dinka Ngok previously and named Mogled which is far from Abyei by about 150 Kilometers North . Also its name support our right to possess it as it was not known by any other name all through history.
Thus we write a thanks voice for the border committee report , and in the same time we demand to merge Mogled and Babanusa to Abyei borders.
Based on Abyei protocol principles we establish our situation upon the following :
First: We support what is included from positive issues in the fifth protocol to terminate Abyei conflict pointed out by the following clauses :
On signing the peace agreement , Abyei is granted a special administrative position.
Abyei area is run by a local executive council elected by Abyei residents and till the elections the presidency institution assign its members as a start.
Petroleum incomes was distributed on six parts during the transitional period :
50 % for the national government
42 % for Southern government
2% for North Bahr El Ghazal
2% for West Kurdofan
2% for Abyei people
2% for Masiria
But in spite of the positive issue we mentioned previously , but failure of fulfilling the agreement till now will swallow all the positive issues.
Second : Noticed drawbacks
Non attention of the presidency institution to Abyei issue.
Absence of Abyei sons representation according to what is mentioned in the protocol.
Representing them in Southern government
Representing them in North Bahr El Ghazal state government
Representing them in West Kurdofan state government
Lastly delay in assigning the executive council.
Thus we sons of Abyei area in Cairo feel and accelerate the presidency institution to reach an agreement to fulfill Abyei protocol so that there will be no widening of the gaps from failure to fulfill the protocol with which we stick . We invite all Abyei sons inside and outside Sudan to support Abyei protocol and unify its political speech and open the door in front of securing peace and enforcing unity , accomplishing development and stability. With watching eyes, and attentive hearings, they are eager to follow what is going on regarding the area.
Lastly , we the pioneers of struggle who sacrificed all precious souls from Abyei area sons. In the same time we seriously convict and condemn the situations of some political forces from Abyei chart on top Umma party
- Their situation : makes us remember the support of Mr. Elsadiq Almahdi and his government defense minister at this time Fadulallah Borma Naser to Arab Bagara and Masiria tribes (Marahil forces) with weapons.
Regarding the situations of Masiria sons from here and there, we remember the painful accident which depressed the whole area when they attacked the convoy in the way between Mogled and Abyei and killed all who were there including professor Majak Abem and a large number of intellectuals particularly teachers in Abyei schools.
We also remember when the government in 1965 burnt Dinka villages along Ngol Kaw area
Suspending Abyei problem pointed out in the agreement of 1972 in article 3 , third item which was not fulfilled due to the national conciliation between Elsadiq Elmahdi with Numeri government .
We want that peace will not be on the expenses of Abyei area people . It is the right of All Sudan people to enjoy peace fruits particularly South and specially Abyei area.
We the undersigning are representatives to the social classes of Abyei area existing in Arab Republic of Egypt.
Elders :
Nywat Bar Kat
Madob Manguer Deng
Malwal Daw Fiok
Alor Fiang Kual
Nyok Ajing Anyang
Jefur Makui Dhoelbait
Johana Agwang Manil
Alor Mathiang Jefur
Mayol Deng Daw
Aguek Mow Aguek
Nyok Alor Deng Jok
Chol Deng Majok
Mawen Akiel Amor
Deng Mayol Luar
Chol Mabior
Kiir Agol Chol
Akor Deng Bar
Nyadeng Maniel Daw
Nyatog Alor
Akuet Majak
Copy to :
Sudanese embassy in Cairo
National conference , Cairo office
SPLA/SPLM , Cairo office
General secretariat of United Nations .
Voluntary (Non governmental ) organizations
Sudanese political organizations .
International news agencies.
African union
Egad participants countries.

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