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The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM):New GoS Soldiers Captured by JEM
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Jun 25, 2010 - 9:22:28 AM



The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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New GoS Soldiers Captured by JEM

A Military Statement

The following is list of names of new POWs captured by JEM in the last battle of Umkatkout, yesterday Tuesday 22nd of June 2010:



No    Name    Military Division (MD)

1    Lieut. Nuraldin Anderson    MD No 12, Card No 18772

2    Lieut. Ashraf Osman A/Alla    MD 61, Central Reserve

3    Soldier Ahmed Mhd Elsuni    Central Reserve

4    Corporal Abutalib T. El Zein    MD314, Card No 1105401

5    Corporal Ibrahim Muhanna    MD 3, Shendi, No 1113116

6    Musa A/Rahman Fadul    Border Guards Militia

7    Sergeant Zaki Nimir Daw    MD 236, Card 559629

8    Corporal Mhd Jama Hamid    MD 12, Sinkat; Card 103765

9    Marino Lieno Dario    MD 12, Sinkat, 1036363

10    Private Mhd Amin Yousif    MD 12, Card 617571

11    Ali Sidiq Adam Lail    Border Guards Militia

12    Mhd A/Hakeem Dawi    Border Guards Militia

13    Rashid Ibrahim Jibir    Border Guards Militia

14    Muslim MamoonWadi    Border Guards Militia

15    Hamid Mhd Mahmoud    Border Guards Militia

16    Ahmed A/Karim Maali    Border Guards Militia

17    Yousif Ahmed Musheen    Border Guards Militia

18    Nani Yagoub Jadeed    Border Guards Militia

19    Soldier Ahmad Elhadi Mhd    MD 12, Card 35200987


Long live our struggle for justice


Lt. General Ali Alwafi

Military Spokesperson


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