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The Federation of the Sudanese American Associations (FSAA):FSAA Logo Design Contest
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Jun 25, 2010 - 9:24:41 AM

The Federation of the Sudanese American Associations (FSAA)


FSAA Logo Design Contest


The Federation of the Sudanese American Associations (FSAA) Board of Directors is seeking help from the community members to design a logo that will reflect its vision (FSAA seeks to promote the well-being of Sudanese people both as they continue to grow within their Sudanese identities and flourish within their respective new-found communities in the United States).  FSAA will adopt the winning design as an official representation and will use it wherever applicable.


 Guidelines for the Logo design:

  • Use simplicity and direct approach.
  • The design should reflect the message of the FSAA that focuses in coordination, representation, inclusion and empowerment. Please use the FSAA vision as a guideline.


  • The design should reflect our rich Sudanese heritage and culture and should present an inspiration to the community of where we want to be in the future.


  • The design should convey the fact we are becoming an integral and functioning  part of the United States of America


  • The logo text should be integrated within the design. Arabic text in the logo will be an advantage in the design.


  • It is a quest for the best representation of our unique characteristics and an inspirational guidance for our community.


Rules of contest:


  • The contest for the logo design is open to all the Sudanese artists (including those who are not necessarily professional artists).
  • It is preferable to submit the design in an electronic format but any other format is still acceptable.
  • All competing designs should be turned to the FSAA Board of Directors by email to [email protected]  or mail it to the following address:


60 98th Ave Ste 100 | Oakland CA  94603 USA

( Office: (510)382-0200

Fax Line: (510)382-0298


  • Design should be submitted to the Board no later than July 15, 2010.
  • It is preferred to provide a brief description of the design (in Arabic or English) to help in the decision-making.


  • A selected committee will review all the designs and recommend the winning entry to the FSAA Board of Directors.
  • All participating artists and designs will be recognized and published to the community in the FSAA website and other means of communications and media designated by the FSAA Board of Directors.


  • No financial compensation will be awarded to the winning or participating designs. It is purely voluntary work in support of the community progress. 


  • While the FSAA will appreciate, recognize the winning applicant and design wherever possible, the FSAA will reserve the ownership and rights to the use of the logo.


For more information contact Hassan Ahmed Abdelnabi at (240)460-0730 or email us at [email protected] 

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