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The Alliance of Sudanese Opposition Forces (UK & Ireland):Statement in Resentment of the Visit to London by Lieutenant General Mohamed Atta Head of the Sudan Security Forces
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Jun 18, 2010 - 6:38:50 AM


The Alliance of Sudanese Opposition Forces (UK & Ireland)

Statement in Resentment of the Visit to London by Lieutenant General

Mohamed Atta Head of the Sudan Security Forces

At a time when the Sudanese Security Forces (SSF) embarked on a frenzied and most vicious attack against civilians in the war-torn Darfur, shedding blood and killing innocent people, detaining and torturing trade unionists in ghost houses, launching a deliberate campaign of humiliation through heavy-handed tactics of beatings and detention of Sudanese physicians who were engaged in a simple and justified trade union dispute with an employer, and along with a crackdown on the freedoms of the press and journalists of whom at least five are currently under trial after being detained, tortured and denied basic rights, and prisoners of conscience being kept for prolonged periods without trial - at such times of repression and escalating violence to silence any opposing voices to the regime, and tens of thousands of Sudanese people forced by the fascist SSF to migrate to the UK and other parts of the world, find it absolutely inappropriate, provocative and unacceptable to have Lieutenant General Mohamed Atta- head of the SSF being granted entry to the UK the cradle of democracy and respect of human rights.

The Alliance of Sudanese Opposition Forces in the UK and Ireland cordially call upon the British authorities to deport this unwelcomed visitor as his position as head of the SSF is on a par with heinous atrocities against innocent civilians in Darfur, Port Sudan and Kajbar. The Alliance finds this visit provocative and hurtful to the feelings of all those who were forced to leave Sudan as a result of the SSF persecution and repression. We equally call upon all civic societies and legal bodies to voice their concern and take all measures that could bring this visitor to justice as being a perpetrator and executioner of genocide, persecution and repression.

1-   Ntional Umma Party

2-      Sudanese Communist Party

3-      Democratic Unionist Party

4-      The Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM)

5-      The New Forces Movement (Hag)

6-      Baath Arab Socialist Party

7-      Justice & Equity Movement

8-      The Sudanese National Alliance Party

9-      Sudan Liberation Movement

10-   El Bejja Congress

11-    Solidarity of the people of the Nuba Mountains

12-   Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance

13-   Justice and Equality Movement Democracy

14-   The Popular Congress

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