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Statement from the Association of Darfur IDPs and Refugees
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Sep 30, 2010 - 1:26:24 PM

Statement from the Association of Darfur IDPs and Refugees


The Association of Darfur IDPs and Refugees (ADIR) has confirmed information on a deal between UNAMID Chief Gambari to hand over six IDPs took refuge at UNAMID premises looking for protection from brutal genocide regime in Khartoum after the incidents in Kalma IDPs camp. The Government of Sudan targeted Kalma IDPs camp using its security apparatus in South Darfur State. The step taken by UNAMID Chief Ibrahim Gambari to hand over the innocent civilians to their killers is clear violation of human rights laws.

The day Khartoum genocide regime of Khartoum drove us from our villages to the slow –motion death camps, we continued appealing to the International Community to provide us with urgent needed protection. However; despite the fulsome rhetoric to our blight, the world’s real concern for our protection is minimal. Since UNAMID took up its mission in Darfur, we cheered that they came for our protection. Therefore; we had shown the mission our uttermost co-operation and commitment to remain calm, especially during the tensions in the camps, but at last we discovered that the UNAMID is condoning our attacks in order to push us accept the compromised deal of Khartoum through the ongoing Doha talks against our will. Today we become to believe that the mess we are in now could have been avoided, if the AU biased leaders were not involved in the mission of our protection. Thus we call upon the International Community especially the General Secretary of the United Nation Ban- Ki Moon to immediately intervene to stop UNAMID and its chairman Ibrahim Gambari from handing over our people or the IDPs and refugees will immediately take the following measures if those people are handed to the regime:-


1.     The IDPs and refugees in their entire camps will stop dealing with the UNAMID for their implicit siding with the regime to legalize our killing.

2.       UNAMID Ibrahim Gambari who invited host of problems on us will bear personal responsibility of the drift of the situation in our camps.


3.     The IDPs and refugees will mobilize its ranks to defend themselves not only against the regime but also against the UNAMID that eventually became a tool of genocide.


We believe that it’s very naïve and an irony for the UNAMID to entrust the government of Sudan who committed the genocide on us, to give fair trial for innocent civilians. If there is a real sovereign state and rule of law in Sudan, genocide would not have been committed on us. Furthermore; if there is a law and accountability in Sudan, the Government of Sudan would have kept the perpetrators accountable for the most worst inhuman atrocities committed on us.

The Spokesperson of Darfur IDPs and Refugees

Hussein Abu Sharatei.

Tel: +249128027910.

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