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SPLM Political Bureau Meeting:Final Communiqué
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SPLM Political Bureau Meeting

No 1/2011


Juba, 12th – 16th August 2010



Final Communiqué


SPLM Political Bureau (PB) convened its first regular meeting between 12th – 15th February 2011 in the wake of the historic 2011 referendum under the Chairmanship of Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit SPLM Chairman. The meeting received reports from Southern Sudan Referendum Taskforce (SSRT), Transitional Leadership for SPLM re-organization in Northern Sudan, progress reports about Popular Consultation and Elections in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states and security situation in Southern Sudan:


The PB resolves as follows:


First: Referendum Results and SPLM Roadmap for Southern Sudan:


1.      Endorses the Referendum Results and congratulates the people and Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) on their exemplary attitude in the lead-up to and conduct of Referenda.

2.      Adopts the report given by the Chairperson (SSRT) on the activities undertaken by the taskforce with a view of ensuring the conduct of free and credible Referendum, and the preparing for Southern Sudan’s transition to statehood. In this connection the PB adopted the recommendations contained therein notably:

(i)           The New state shall be named Republic of Southern Sudan;

(ii)          The Currency shall be named the South Sudan Pound;

(iii)        The current GoSS flag which originally was SPLM flag be flag of the New State

3.      Commends the SPLM’s initiative to hold the All-Southern Sudan Political Parties’ Conference in Juba last October as an event that contributed significantly towards the creation of secure environment for the conduct of the Referendum. In this regard the PB:

(i)           Rejects insinuations by certain quarters which call into question the legitimacy of GoSS institutions after 09 July 2011;

(ii)         Notes that it is entirely within the discretionary powers of the elected President of GoSS to determine the composition of the government in the New State. Notwithstanding the desirability of forming a board-based government.

(iii)       Commend the formation of the GoSS constitutional Review committee to review the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan 2005 (ICSS), in accordance with Article 208 (7), ICSS 2005.


Second: The Future of the SPLM


4.      Appreciated the report given by “Transitional Leadership for SPLM re-organization in Northern Sudan” and endorses all its recommendations contained therein. In this regard the PB:

(i)           Underscores the importance of maintaining viable and functional SPLM in the Two States guided by the vision of New Sudan in the interest of peace, stability, good neighbourliness and prosperity for the Sudanese people;

(ii)         Endorses the leadership structures proposed by for SPLM in Northern Sudan and calls for inclusion of women in all levels of decision-making, in line with SPLM policy of empowering women and enhancing their participation in public life.


Third: CPA outstanding issues and Post Referendum arrangements


5.      Deplores the NCP’s recalcitrance to implement key CPA issues, notably Abyei Protocol and demarcation of North/South borders, and to resolve psot-referendum issues

6.      Calls on the NCP to demarcate the agreed upon segments of North/South borders, pending agreement on status of disputed areas.

7.      Welcomes the SPLM Chairman’s imitative to set up an SPLM Elections Campaign Committee under his chairmanship and membership of senior SPLM leaders charged with the following tasks:

(i)        Mobilize resources to support SPLM elections campaign in Southern Kordofan state and to ensure that SPLM wins gubernatorial as well as State Assembly elections come 02 may 2011; and

(ii)      Undertake a proactive role in the mobilization campaign in April 2011


Fourth: Security Situation in Southern Sudan


8.      Condemn the criminal acts committed by insurgency groups against innocent civilians in Malakal, outskirts of Bentiu and recently in Fangak and wish to express its condolences to immediate family members and relatives of the victims of unnecessary acts of aggression.

9.      Salute and pay tribute to family members and relatives of the fallen martyrs of SPLA and other organized forces who perished in line of duty defending civilian’s populations in the affected areas amidst attacked by the insurgency groups.  

10.  Call on the NCP and SAF to immediately disengage from sponsoring and reinforcing insurgency groups in South as this is not in the interest of peace and good neighbourly relations between the people of North and South and overall security in the region.

11.  Urge GoSS to take all necessary measures to curb activities of these rouge elements and enemies of peace who are aiming at causing insecurity in South Sudan with the intention of destabilizing the newly emerging state. The PB believes security of the citizen is a corner stone for good governance for any popular government.   



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