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Press Releases الصفحة العربية Last Updated: Feb 13, 2011 - 7:24:29 AM

Ruweng County citizens call for a replacement of incumbent commissioner, Col. Miabek Lang Miading.

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To  H.E. First Lt. Gen. President (GOSS) Salva Kiir Mayardit
CC  Vice President (GOSS) Dr Riek Machar Teny
CC  Gov. Taban Deng Gai, Unity State
CC  Ruweng County Members of Regional and State Legislative Assemblies (Juba and Bentiu)

Subject: Ruweng County citizens call for a replacement of incumbent commissioner, Col. Miabek Lang Miading.
We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Ruweng County in Diaspora, would like to humbly take this rare opportunity to congratulate H.E. 1st Lt. Gen. President Salva Kiir Mayardit, H.E. Brig. Gen Taban Deng Gai, Governor, Western Upper Nile State, and the newly elected assemblies of Southern Sudan on their  historic electoral victory.
We would also like to pause for moment to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during the freedom struggle: our fallen heroes and heroines, as well as salute our living veterans who left their families to and opportunities for the sake of freedom for their people and homeland. Dead or alive, all these freedom fighters were united in spirit and goal for a better Sudan of a new political dispensation.
They bled together, died together and marched together to bring about the CPA. The liberties we enjoy today would never have been achieved but for their heroic sacrifices. We are thankful that our people have once again elected you. This is a sign of recognition, both of your records in the last five years and your contributions in the struggle during which leadership qualities were tested and you have been found to be leaders of great distinction.
 In this regards, we wish you the very best in taking our people to the finish line, by making sure the CPA  is implemented, as scheduled, both in paper and spirit, and more importantly, to fully ensure that referendum takes place as stipulated in the CPA. Doing so means honouring the rights of our citizens in accordance with the principles and objectives for which the SPLA/M took up arms against the repressive central government in Khartoum. Our people support you 100% at this critical period because we believe strongly in the Movement and what it can and has already achieved for our people. We can count on you and you can count on us at this and any other time of need.
Your Excellencies, it is needless to mention that from the onset of the People Struggle hitherto, Ruweng County has contributed a significant number of gallant freedom fighters and suffered loss of notable figure such as Capt. Luol Chol of Koryom battalion.  LT. Cmdr. Wilson Kur Chol, Bol Agany and Maj. Simon Ngor Choc just to name but a few. Even during the 1990s, when the entire Upper Nile was up in flames, the Ruweng people remained faithful to their beloved Moment. Besides Bhar-El-Gazel region, Ruweng County was the only community in Upper Nile region that continued to supply man-power to the SPLM/A. Despite our notable contributions, we believe that the SPLM/ GOSS have visibly ignored our grievances for far too long.
      The SPLM’s core objective for waging Struggle against the Khartoum for two decades was to steer Sudan towards a new direction, a new dispensation in which all citizens have equal stake in their government and decision making, a Sudan in which citizens have equal opportunities regardless of race, creed or colour. Principally, this implies the rights of citizens to elect the leaders of their choice. It also implies promotion of economic development, prosperity, and greater tolerance for religion, ethnicity or place of birth. A nation in which the citizens are not granted an opportunity to engage those who make decisions that are fundamental to their day to day life simply brood discontent and deprives its citizens their right to participate in the political process. It is no mere exaggeration to say that political exclusion more often than not expresses itself in a violent form as a means for obtaining redress.
Your Excellencies, we the Ruweng citizens understand that the appointment of commissioners across South Sudan is done through popular consultation with citizens of respective counties, normally, with the approval of the governors, and a final approval granted by the President of GoSS, H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Given that the choice for citizens to elect their county commissioners was not on the ballot, during the recent elections, we the Ruweng the citizens now call for the replacement of our current commissioner: Col. Miabek Lang with someone else, who would be responsive to Ruweng people’s needs and complaints above everything else. Mr. Lang has been the Commissioner for more than 12 years now. But to begin with, and in all fairness, we would be remiss not to acknowledge Col. Lang’s immense performance during his reign as commissioner. To his credit, with meagre resources, he has built roads in Parieng town; and there has been relative stability at the Panaruu-Murahalleen border, in spite of a few documented deadly skirmishes. Thankfully, He had tried his very best in making sure that our citizens enjoy and appreciate the respite brought by the CPA.
Your Excellencies, with the dawn of the birth of our potential south Sudan Nation in the horizon, we intend and are determined to celebrate the new era with a new commissioner at the helm of Ruweng County. We cannot afford, anymore, to move forward in building a new future without analyzing our past performance. In the light of challenges and difficulties Ruweng County has experienced over the last five years, we first need to highlight a few areas in which we think Col. Miabek Lang’s administration has wholly underachieved even where meagre resources were needed to deploy to realise those objectives. Thus to understand the level of frustration and disappointment with the current administration in Pariang, we call your attention to the following concerns, and recommendations which we think should be adopted as strategies for a new dawn in our County:
Problems and challenges facing Ruweng County
Food security and chronic food shortages:
based on the UN recent report and assessment, Southern Sudan is more likely to experience an acute shortage of food between now and years to come if no appropriate counter-response is taken to prevent any large-scale famine in southern Sudan, especially in the hinterlands and communities at the North-South border which have been at the bleeding edge of the Sudan Civil Sudan for two decades. What do we mean by counter-response and how could it help address the challenges of this food shortage? Mindful of inadequate resources at our disposal, we suggest that the Ruweng authority should adopt counter-response methods by placing greater emphasis and defining agriculture as central and indispensible means for feeding large populations which are likely to be stricken by the projected shortage of food across Southern Sudan. Ruweng territory is an arable and fertile land and therefore if the county authority could have launched a food drive initiative over the past years, then none of us would be talking about the danger and threat poses by food security and acute shortages of food now.
Of course, there are a few attempts by the government of the State to encourage agricultural schemes in a few areas such as Dulongo Area Scheme. Yet much of the produce there does not benefit the civil populations. Normally, the Commissioner and his supporters would take the best of the farms for personal consumption while the poor farms are reserved for government. Furthermore, instead of selling those produce to the civilians at a low price or helping the very needy such as the amputated veterans, no one knows where the farm produce goes. All the while, people continue to suffer in the midst of plenty. The Commissioner has not been able and does not in fact want to listen to the community’s grievances nor care about their needs.
Quite to the contrary, the tractors which were sent by the state ministry of agriculture for the government scheme in the County to support the community were distributed among the “Big Guys” of the County Administration for their own benefit, much to the chagrins of our own community. Our community did not take up arms only to replace one oppression with another oppression, and quite disappointingly, by their own sons among whom the current commissioner is at the centre of this saga.

Lacks of clean and safe drinking water: 
Though similar to the issue of food security described above, it can be tackled differently given that the cost of providing clean and safe drinking water is comparably inexpensive in comparison to the amount of money and resources it would require to produce food for a county of over 90,000 people. In Pariang town, which houses Ruweng County Administration, and is a home to nearly 40,000 individuals and families, the residents get their drinking water from only one water borehole located a few seconds away from the Commissioner’s residence.
With 40,000 people competing for water from one borehole, you would of course expect chaotic situation to take place every time that hundreds of people rush out to fetch water, which has been a typical scene in Parieng, right from sunrise to sunset. More shockingly and frustratingly, this lone water borehole is closed at 5:00PM because the current Ruweng Commissioner, Col. Miabek Lang has signed a secret deal which allows the northern Sudanese traders to collect water on donkey-cart to sell to Pariang local residents, which is terribly sapping away any little savings somebody might have made by selling his or her goat or cow so as to put food on the table for his or her family or take a sick child to Bentiu or Heglig clinic for treatment since there is no doctor at Parieng clinic.
 Even more troubling is the fact that there are three other inactive water boreholes in Pariang town for which the Commissioner could easily ask water engineers to activate them but he has so far been unwilling and reluctant to heed the call from local residents for an increase of access to clean and safe drinking water given that the water potholes within the area have been contaminated by tailings and sewage running off from the oil fields in Heglig, particularly during a rainy season where traveling over long distances in search for water is usually hindered by the inaccessible roads especially during the flood season.
In fact there is a monthly supply of ten drums of fuel provided for free by the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC). This fuel is intended to be sold to obtain income for the operations and maintenance of boreholes, but Mr. Miabek Lang sells them in the market for his personal benefits, leaving the community to suffer gravely. Furthermore, there are plenty of water networks in Parnieng Town which was constructed by the oil company (GNPOC) but it is neglected by the Administration.

Lack of medical supplies and trained personnel or nurses at Parieng Kiiu-Ngeer Public Clinic
 Ruweng County is among the counties in Unity State which suffered greatly from kalaazar or visceral leishmaniasis (tropical and severe parasitic disease) outbreak in the late 1980s-1990s. It lost more than 50% of its original populations. One would think that somebody like the Commissioner who has lived, experienced, and seen his people die helplessly before him due to lack of medical care would have known better how essentially it is for the Ruweng County to have medical supplies and trained doctors so as to fight well the very tropical diseases which shockingly claimed thousands of lives of our fellow Ruweng citizens during the Civil War. Even in time of peace, this gross negligence of not equipping the only public clinic in town says it all about the conscience and inability of Col. Miabek Lang’s Administration in dealing and responding positively and appropriately to the problem which has crippled our county for decades.
 In the Past the Panaruu Community in Diaspora had donated an ambulance for use by the County citizens but due to lack of proper care and maintenance, it quickly broken down. The Commissioner has so far not shown any concern even as the sick are being carried by the blanket to the County’s only clinic. To further compound this tragedy, the Commissioner simply showed no concern when a mobile clinic programme was proposed and in fact provided for by the GNPOC. As a result of the Commissioner’s reluctance to show interest in it, the GNPOC simply stopped and the Commissioner simply ignores the ubiquity of diseases in the community. All this happened and continues to happen on his watch. Who would expect to give another five years to such a commissioner?
Lack of rule of law and abuse of power in Ruweng
 This is probably an area in which Col. Miabek Lang has demonstrated a significant level of incompetence and incapacity to be the chief administrator on our land. Illegally and helplessly, Many Ruweng citizens have been thrown into jails on bogus accusations without due process. Those who politically disagree with Col. Miabek Lang on principles and policies of how the County should be run are either languishing in jails now or have been forced to flee Parieng to save their own lives. Indeed such brutal administration is responsible for the reason why many Ruweng citizens, especially those who fled to the North during the war, have hitherto refused to come back home because the Commissioner has and continues to abuse  his office power and intimidates citizens, sometimes shamelessly by accusing them for acting for the NIF or like nyigat. All of this is concocted. Surely if the Ruweng people have stood firm with the Movement at the hour of its greatest need why they would defect at the time when the CPA is has been signed and more opportunities are supposed to be available.
Innocent people are surrounded at night, beaten and taken to prison without a reasonable legal cause of action.  For instance, Dr. Anyak M. Akok was imprisoned in 2006 because according to the Commissioner he (Anyak) had put up one borehole in Panyang Payam. This borehole was a donation by one NGO to the community of Panyang Area. But because the borehole was put up without the Commissioner’s knowledge, he was considered to have committed a crime. Consequently, he was sent to jail and beaten for doing something good to the community without the permission of the Commissioner, the Omega and Alpha in the community. Other glaring examples are those involving Santino kudpul Dau, Malou Miyen, Augutino Marial; the list goes among many others. These individuals were caught, arrested, beaten and sent to jail. The above gentlemen were arrested because of either constructive criticisms, put forth good proposals or were simply meeting their colleagues to solicit their opinions about the needs of the community; so that they could sit together and write some projects for submission to NGOs and oil companies.
Such lame accusations, intimidations, beatings, imprisonment, among others, are also important reasons as to why educated members of the community have taken a backseat with respect to getting involved in the community affairs. Mr. Mabek has surrounded himself with incapable individuals, who glorify intimidation and back door deals. Such mismanagement, terror and persecutions have engulfed the Ruweng County over the last five years. Therefore, reappointing Col. Mabek Lang as a commissioner for another five years means breeding more terror and problems, which could eventually spiral out of control as local populations, would be forced to quench their pent-up frustrations, both against the County authority and against South Sudan at large. This is a consequence that none of us would like to see. In fact the recent collision between the police and the so called “criminals” was a visible, perhaps an initial, consequence of mismanagement, power abuse, lack of justice and corruption. The Ruweng people are not known for fighting their own brothers and sisters. We are the most peaceful community in the South. This is a pride that maladministration must not take away from us.

Corruption and Economic Plunder
Ruweng County is the bread basket of the State of Western Upper Nile. More than 60% of the oil wells located in the state are found in the County. Yet the community continues to be one of the poorest in the South. The oil companies that operate in the area have always shown willingness to sponsor numerous projects, and indeed such projects have always been designed and handed over to the companies. Quite shockingly, the Commissioner instead, has always asked the companies that the value of those projects be given him in cash. The companies have always agreed to do so. It is Col. Mabek who receives the money. He sometimes (an example being more recently in the just past elections) misrepresents, that the state government has borrowed the project money which happened been heard by the community through eavesdropping. When people ask as to why the state has not paid back the money, he bogusly claims that the Governor is responsible. The truth is that, you would be shocked to learn that the money goes for personal use and for bribing his supporters. The Commissioner has also signed a contract with the Misseriya so that they can come and graze their cows in the Toich area during the dry season. Of course, with a fee levied on every cow, that money, collected as taxes from Baggara for their use of the toiches, also goes into Col. Mabek’s own pocket.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner has conceded so much of our Father land to the North. Our people cannot graze their animals even at Jaw area, and needless to mention that they cannot set foot on Karasana (Rorlou also known as Mijang e Yith) and Bamboo (Gong e Yak) anymore because it has been conceded. While we still believe that the issue of the northern boundary is the responsibility of the SPLM and the GOSS, we strongly believe that the Commissioner has the power to maintain security in that part of our County. Instead, the Baggara have time and again killed our people in that area but the Commissioner has failed to bring those responsible to justice and our fallen brothers and sisters have not been compensated for such a loss.
Furthermore, when our people buy cows from the Baggara, the commissioner has always taken those cows from their rightful owners claiming that the cows were stolen. Those cows are normally returned to the Baggara. The point in fact is that those cows are not taken back to Baggara for free. Instead the Baggara (previous owners and sellers) must pay something to get those cows back. That money too goes into the Commissioner’s pocket. Furthermore, the compensation that is supposed to be given to a home owner when an individual’s homestead is demolished by the oil companies goes into the commissioner’s pocket.
 Recently, two policemen who were sent to collect such cows were killed by some young people whose cows were being confiscated in such a manner. This is a tragic incident that has never happened in Pariang because our civilians have never fought against the SPLM authorities. This is historic yet it is a consequence of built up frustrations due to poor administration by the current Commissioner. While we have already mentioned that the Commissioner uses the project money for his personal use, it is important to cite this particular example involving a shameful act of the Commissioner’s endemic act of corruption.  In past five years, Ruweng County has received 8 billion Sudanese pounds, yet there is no single project that has been accomplished by this huge sum of money.
People see only big houses and shops built by bricks in the county by Mr. Miabek, and his co-perpetrators, notably Them Machar (the SPLM County Secretary) and William Mach Juach. These individuals act are members of the Compensation Committee for oil companies that are involved demolition of homes to pave way for oil exploitation.  And because of his personal interests; the Commissioner fails to let the oil company hire County citizens, not even one person from the County which possesses the biggest and most numerous oil fields in South Sudan and in the Sudan as a whole. The examples being Heglig, Bamboo, Toma south, Nar, Alhar, Toor and Manga, while small companies like white Nile Petroleum Company (WNPOC) which produces only 40,000 barrel a day in Koch county have hired its vice president, field base manager, community development section head and more in that area 
Environmental Degradation 
 Many official reports have revealed time and again that there is so much environmental abuse in the area. Much of that abuse comes from the oil industry. Poor disposal of oil wastes has always resulted in so much contamination of water, both from the taps and from the rivers. The Commissioner has failed to encourage oil companies to design proper environmental and health measures to protect the people. Instead, a little pay to the Commissioner goes a long way to suppress his ability to speak out against such environmental abuse. Secondly, Parieng has been a war zone since the beginning of the war. The enemy had always used scorched earth policy to clear the area for oil exploitation. Over a period of time, they have cut down trees to make sure that the area remained significantly open both for their military and oil operations.
This has left much of central Parieng region a semi arid area. One would assume that after the peace, a good leader would initiate important agro-forestry projects to plant trees and reclaim the environment to reduce both the effects of climate change and to restore the land surface as well as to improve it. The Commissioner has also failed the community in this regard. Even in the town itself, one does not see any land reclamation projects, something that the oil companies can easily cater for financially.
 A bioremediation project for contaminated water treatment was constructed last year in the middle of the only big agricultural scheme (Dulongo), an area in which very few people live instead of constructing at a place where there is a big population. In fact it was possible construct a 30KL for each of three oil fields (Toma south, Nar and Toor) to accommodate the population there. Instead, it has been the policy of the oil companies to chase the community away from the spot where they are exploiting the oil, a prelude to their erstwhile scorched earth policy under the NIF government. In the oil companies do normally deform the land escape and destroy very productive agricultural area, much to the detriment of our own citizens. Despite this problem the commissioner is ready to compromise people’s interests, and caves in to the demand of oil companies as long as he is given something to keep quiet. Is the man we want to lead the community again? I bet not.
Border Issues: 
The Northern Boundary
 There is no doubt that the Ruweng County is facing an uphill battle respecting the northern border issue. We realise that the northern boundary is the responsibility of the SPLM and the Government of the South Sudan but we also know that the Commissioner is the community spokesperson and has a significant leverage in mobilising both the community and the GOSS on this issue. It is not difficult.  In fact all that the Commissioner has to do is to show his seriousness and willingness to protect the community’s borders with the north by cooperating with the GOSS and the SPLM. He has to draw to hire experts, seek advice from the community and engage the Border Commission intimately. Yet the Commissioner, Mr. Mabek Lang, seems to have no knowledge about where the boundary lies and does not even seek help from the community for fear that he would have shown ignorance and would be looked down upon as lacking insight into such an important area.
This is not an isolated issue. Col. Mabek has the tendency of fearing to take advice on anything. His rules with an iron fist and brutalises his own people, much as did those against whom our people took up arms. We feel the border issue is a burning one and as expected he has deliberately or naively chosen to ignore the border issue. This has saddened our community and we feel that this commissioner is there for the sake of the position rather than serving the community. 
We would like to see someone else given this position. Indeed, Col. Mabek has demonstrated no conviction to responding appropriately to the issue of the border when pressed by the Ruweng community. He sometimes appears to appease even the Baggara, Misseriya and Fallata, a group formerly collectively known as Murahaleen. With the help of the northern government, these are ruthless communities who had always destroyed and ransacked the Ruweng County, burning homes, killing women and children and abducted many and sold them into slavery. Yet as we speak they continue to cross into Ruweng land to commit heinous crimes and plunder the civilian property and cattle.
 In fact the Commissioner has signed an agreement with Kailek Commissioner Brig. Salah Bander to allow Misseriya to come and graze their cows in our Toich provided, as mentioned before, they pay some fee for each cow. This Salah was the one behind the Karsana massacre of the Ruweng citizens and was present with Ahmed Harorun in that agreement in which Karsana was surrendered to Kailek and led to the SPLA withdrawal from the area. This move is rejected by the community but the Commissioner insisted to implement it, that is what led to the recent incidence, in fact a week ago, in Parieng, and the youth are still intimidating to attack Misseriya and Fallata till Mabek is relieved of his duties
These are not the only grievances for which we need a new person as the commissioner of the Ruweng County. There are many issues to be cover but since the time is running against us, we would like to see that these issues are addressed by your respective administrations both in Juba and Bentiu. As we have described and outlined the grievances and issues affecting Ruweng County above, the second part of this letter consists of recommendations, suggestions, proposals, and necessary measures or steps the next incoming administration should take to ensure that things are done in accordance with the rule of law and in the interest and demand of Ruweng citizens.

Suggestions, proposals, and recommendations:

The following people boast exceptional leadership skills, qualifications, and competence that Ruweng County desperately needs at this critical moment:
Mayol Kur
Mr. Tiop monyluak
Mr. Ador miabek
Mr. Miakuach miabek
Thon Miabek
Immediately replace Col. Mabek Lang Mading with anyone among the aforementioned names who have the appropriate set of skills and qualification necessary to effect positive changes in Ruweng County;

Immediately set clear objectives for civil authority engagement so that Ruweng County can establish a more coordinated strategy ushers towards bringing about economic development and prosperity;

Increasing the number of boreholes in Pariang Town and throughout the Ruweng County and immediately equip and provide medical supplies and find medically trained nurses or doctors for the Kiiu-Ngeer clinic in Parieng; install more water boreholes for safe and clean drinking water;

Launch a large scale sustained agriculture projects to avert an acute shortage of food, and build a highway or a road linking the two main fishing areas in Ruweng: Lake Jou and Miach  Port at the point where River Bhar el Ghazel branches from the Nile  River, and to make it easy for fishing industry to flourish;

Initiate agro forestry projects so that plenty of trees and reclaim the environment to make the area a more livable place

Ensure that officials communicate a culture of mutual respect when engaging with citizens to foster and facilitate collaboration among citizens with technical knowledge and know-how in various fields such as—medicines, business, education, and other basic infrastructures; employ more competent teachers and school inspectors to speed up literacy in the community.

Appropriately establish and enforce the rule of law as everybody must abide by the laws instead of allowing the rule of men to dominate and make everyone feels that they are all free and equal citizens. In so doing, citizens would develop confidence and trust in the abilities of their leaders to act responsibly in accordance within the confines of the law and to ensure that every citizen’s rights are protected and respected; and make everyone feels equal before and in the eye of the law.
Encourage concerted efforts to decrease the atmosphere of tension that exists within different groups of interests within Ruweng County and unite our people and encourage co-existence between the Ruweng people and their neighboring communities;
Immediately and appropriately find solution to intermittent conflicts between Ruweng, Baggarra and Fallata who have been killing our people and raiding our cattle with impunity for over several decades now.
Encourage development of more schools and hiring of expert teachers. We have emphasize the need to educate a girl child is important. This issue was raised when President Salva visited the area. The President promised a number of things including increasing the number of boreholes and more importantly, the construction of girls’ boarding school. Yet the Commissioner did not form a committee to follow up this promise. We believe that the President is not the Finance Minister nor is he the Minister for education. Instead, it was the duty of the Commissioner to follow up this promise. The failure to make this promises come pass lies squarely on the Commissioner.
Our mission and purpose for writing this letter is to share with you the level of frustrations our people have felt over the last five years under Col. Miabek Lang.  H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued presidential decrees in the past to relieve and appoint some new commissioners cross South Sudan, especially when citizens from those respective counties provided evidence as proof that an incumbent commissioner was incompetent and incapable in delivering basic  human wants, so direly needed by our fellow citizens.
It is exactly in the light of the grievances presented above that we wholly ask both H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Brig. Gov. Taban Deng Gai to relieve Col. Mabek Lang and to appoint a new competent commissioner for the Ruweng County.  As the old adage goes, Rome was not built in a day. So we too, are not naïve to think that the challenges facing us today can be addressed or tackled at once; however, it is said that where there is will, there is a way and, hence, it is somebody with will and conscience to spearhead a march towards a better future of the Ruweng County that we would like to see appointed. Col. Mabek Lang has proven not to be the right person for this portfolio of commissionership. This letter exactly outlines a conceptual framework for understanding and confronting these challenges, as well as rejects the very notion that these problems and challenges are too huge and insurmountable to tackle in five years.
That said, we have proposed or offered a few recommendations for the would-be appointed commissioner to adopt some of these suggestions, if not all, as some of the ways through which these problems can be gradually addressed.  They are the blueprint for improving the quality of life in Ruweng County. Such challenges often have been treated as transient, requiring only short-term intervention from the county administration; however, their frequency has been rising, suggesting that what is required is a full force and long-term response. After thoughtful and thorough consultations, we conclude that these recommendations and proposals are the blueprint for improving the quality of life in Ruweng County.
Finally, our motivation for writing this letter is rooted in what a French novelist and essayist, Albert Camus, once said, “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better”. We hope to create better opportunities and future for our people to help find ways to create tangible solutions to the complex issues we face today, both at the county and state levels. Our call for the removal of Col. mabek Lang is from a uniquely pragmatic perspective.
 It is not a sign of hatred against the Col. Mabek but a call for the collective good, and our common desire to see to it that our people are better than they were in the hands of those against whom our people took up arms or as they were during the struggle. We have indeed assessed and analyzed thoroughly the fallacies and abysmal failures of Col. Mabek’s leadership, and we are saying enough is enough. It is even painful to speculate that he could be reappointed as the next Ruweng County Commissioner.

Thank you,

Signed by:
Lwal Baguoot Kiir, USA
James Monyluak Mijok, Canada
Santino Miabek Dau, Canada
John Kuol Miakuach, USA
Charles Chol Tiop, Canada
Santino Nyok Miabil, Australia
Peter Arop Bany, Canada
James Arop Deng, Canada
Sarah Aluel Thon, Canada
Gabriel Monyluak Miakol, Canada
Adol Ngor Kur, Canada
Simon Chol Mialith Kiir, South Sudan
 Abraham Achier Arop, USA
William Chiok Choch, USA
Dau Dengyom, USA
Miarial Miabek, USA
Philip Tulwut, USA








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  • محلل اقتصادي: تعاون جنوب السودان في مكافحة الإرهاب وراء إعفائه من العقوبات الأمريكية
  • العدل والمساواة ترفض الدعوة الإفريقية لحسم منبر الدوحة نهاية الشهر
  • المحــبوب عبد الســـلام: الأمثل للسودان أن نوحد البرامج ونقربها
  • النائب العام المصري يقرر حبس مبارك ونجليه في اتهامات بالفساد المالي وقتل الثوار
  • جاتكوث يشن هجوما عنيفا على هارون.. ويصفه بالمجرم الهارب من وجه العدالة
  • المحبوب عبد السلام: السودان في خطر والحزب الحاكم فوضوي
  • الحكومة الأميركية تعلن عن أن دولة السودان الجنوبي لن تخضع للعقوبات الإقتصادية الأميركية بعد التاسع من يوليو القادم
  • وصال المهدي: استجوبوه مرة واحدة، سألوه عن اسمه، فقال لهم نسيته!!
  • د.جبريل: رأس النظام إنفصالي من الدرجة الأولى و لن نكتفي بالتنديد حيال إستفتاء دارفور.
  • أكثر من 150 طالب جنوبي يعتصمون أمام مكتب حكومة جوبا بالقاهرة للمطالبة بمستحقات مالية متأخرة
  • تباين في الآراء حول صحة الإبقاء على قوات مشتركة مدمجة في أبيي ومناطق البترول
  • ممثل حكومة الجنوب في واشنطن يلتقي وزير الخدمات الطبية والأمين العام للحزب الحاكم في كينيا
  • السفارة السودانية في واشنطن: تقرير الخارجية الأميركية عن السودان غير مهني.. ولا يحتوي على قدر من المصداقية
  • السفير عبدالرحمن سرالختم فى لقاء تنويرى مع الصحفيين السودانيين بالقاهرة
  • وزير الاتصالات وتقانة المعلومات : مشروع الصحة الالكترونية ستتم تبعيته بالكامل لوزارة الصحة الاتحادية
  • تغطية ندوة منتدى التوثيق الشامل للمؤرخ الكبير ضرار صالح ضرار
  • مؤتمر أبناء دينكا تويج ميارديت العالمى الاول ـ ملبورن ـ أستراليا
  • الناطق الرسمي للعدل والمساواة :الحركة ملتزمة بعدم الحركة خارج مناطق سيطرتها.
  • حاكما ولايتي البحيرات وغرب الاستوائية يتوصلان لاتفاق سلام بشأن مايورديت
  • البرنامج الانتخابى للحزب الشيوعى السودانى منظقة جنوب كردفان
  • نيويورك:ندوة عن مستقبل السودان علي خلفية انفصال الجنوب - مطالب الجماهير ونداءات التغيير
  • تنبية هام إلي اللاجئين السودانيين بالقاهرة.
  • زيارة خاصة جداً لأسرة اللواء المعتقل تلفون كوكو
  • استكمالاً للانفصال القوات المسلحة تحزم حقائبها في رحلة العودة شمالاً
  • تقرير الخارجية الأميركية عن أوضاع حقوق الإنسان في العالم يكشف عن إنتهاكات خطيرة للحكومة السودانية
  • وفد من إئتلاف ثورة 25 يناير المصرية يصل الخرطوم اليوم
  • تقرير حول اللقاء الثاني لرابطة أبناء دار فور و المحكمة الجنائية الدولية بباريس
  • د. جبريل: ماذا سيفعل النظام إن عجز الغرب عن إزاحة القذاقي؟ و للنظام أصابع تنخر في عظام الجبهة الوطنية العريضة
  • نشرة جهاز المغتربين (1) لشهر ابريل 2011م
  • نائب رئيس حكومة جنوب السودان يغادر الى اديس ابابا غدا الاحد
  • لقاء للوطني مع الاقتصاديين يتحول إلى نقد عارم للسياسات الاقتصادية للحكومة
  • صحيفتي (اجراس الحرية) و (الميدان) تعلقان صدورهما احتجاجاً علي المصادرة
  • لضبط الحدود الحزام الأمني...تقليل تكلفة المراقبة بحفظ المنافع
  • محمد ابراهيم نقد:السودان (عضمه قوي) ولن (يتفرتق) إذا قامت ثورة شعبية
  • في عقد قران السيد المحجوب الميرغني : كتب صلاح الباشا من داخل مسجد السيد علي ببحري
  • تعيين اتحاد مؤقت لإدارة شئون كرة القدم في جنوب السودان
  • Press Releases
  • Sudan Condemns Israel's Flagrant Aggression
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  • Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM):JEM Strongly Condemns the Abduction of INGO Staff in Darfur