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Collo Global Action: Time for the Pending Issues
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Jan 28, 2011 - 9:46:46 PM


Collo Global Action: Time for the Pending Issues

For Immediate Release
January, 28, 2011

Collo Global Action would like to seize this opportunity to congratulate the southern Sudanese masses for the huge turn out during the referendum and for the marvelous landslide vote for the separation of the South. At this historical juncture, Collo Global Action would want to thank the Collo citizens for their big contribution in making the referendum a success and for the big turn out that put to shame the enemies of the Collo community who were spreading lies that Collo are going to vote for unity.

We admire the courage and the sacrifices of the Collo to vote in the referendum in spite of the insecurity and the danger in the land.
Collo Kingdom with its northern region (Gaar) as the fortress of defense has always been the safeguard of the South and the shield of defense of the Sudan's African heritage of the black people who indeed compose the clans of the Shilluk kingdom.

As we move into a new era in our history, Collo Global Action will want to retreat some of the old demands of the Shilluk kingdom citizens:

  • Kaka payam is in the heart of the Shilluk kingdom and a pure Collo territory. Therefore, Collo Global Action condemns the baseless allegations of the North that the area was annexed to Kordofan in the 1920s and that it is considered to be part of the North. Collo Global Action will not forgive anyone who will compromise an inch of the Nyikango's land. This is a royal land that was protected by the precious blood of Collo people.
  • The Shilluk kingdom borders with its northern neighbors should stand at what it was in 1956 and is not subject to any political maneuver or bargains
  • Collo Global Action calls upon the Government of South Sudan and the government of Upper Nile State to answer the petitions submitted by various Shilluk entities in regard to the land dispute between Collo and some of it neighbors.
  • The Collo Padang conflict resolution committee under Dr. Riek Machar seems to be handcuffed by some conflict of personal interest or a lack of political will to solve the dispute, therefore, Collo Global Action calls upon Dr. Riek Machar to resign or be removed from the chairmanship of the committee.
  • Collo Global Action calls upon the government of Upper Nile to repatriate the IDPs who occupy Collo land and to end the illegal incursion of Canal and Akoka counties into the Shilluk Kingdom in order to allow Collo to come back and rebuild their homes.

To break the Sudanese cycles of war and marginalization the Leadership of South Sudan must be inclusive and must adopt a fair allocation and equal representation of regions and communities. The South must be for all southern and any tribal hegemony should not be tolerated as all were promised to be first class citizen during the vote for separation.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact:
Peter Karlo [email protected]
Gino Kak [email protected]
Olanyi Amum [email protected]
Victor Awang [email protected]

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