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The major daily newspapers headlines, Monday, March 28
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Mar 28, 2011 - 7:28:13 AM

The major daily newspapers headlines, Monday, March 28


Khartoum, March 28-2011 (SUNA) - the major daily newspapers run the following headlines : Al-Ayam : The government announces legal action against corrupt people, according to reports from the Auditor General


Taha confirms government's commitment to the four freedoms: an agreement to turn a new page in the relations between Sudan and Egypt


Egypt plans to recognize the state of South Sudan


Mineral Resources Ministry confirms abiding by global standards in the mining areas


Al –Ray AL-Am: (8) cooperation agreements between Sudan and Egypt and Cairo calling for a new page


Thousand students go to centers of exams today (400)


Al-Bashir meets Sharaf and Taha confirms relations are not affected by the change in regimes: upgrading of the joint committees between Sudan and Egypt to the rank of Ministerial committee and an agreement to achieve food security for both peoples and the establishment of projects for fuel


Al-Basir assured about the situation in Syria


Communications tend to adopt the separate networks in the North and South


NCP: Arman option for the Confederacy (late)


Khalil received big quantities of arms and fuel to carry out aggressions


A criminal network working on forging land documents captured


The discovery of rare minerals in Galaa Alnahl in Gadara state


Al-Ahram Alyoum : Signing of (8) documents of joint cooperation in several areas: al-Bashir tells Ali Osman there should be no ceiling for joint Egyptian-Sudanese interests


(450)Thousand students sit for exams in old and new curriculum


Al-Ahdath : Egyptian Prime Minister : We will not fail the people of the Nile Valley


Essam Sharaf commends the lukewarm welcome reception


Sheila: No Bargain in Islamic Sharia


America and the Netherlands and Qatar in the(Al-Buqaa festival)


Salva Kiir receives a copy of the constitution next week


Suwar : NCP is not related to the liquidated companies


Khartoum Workers Bank offers (2) billion pounds shares


Al-Hurra : Central Bank freezes assets of (22) state-owned companies


Arrest of persons involved in the sale of land (housing schemes) in Khartoum


Taha: Khartoum welcomed the change in Egypt


Sharaf: My visit to Sudan was to confirm the special relations. Start of Sudan Certificate exams today with Islamic religion subject Demands to investigate the organizations funds paid to Darfur


Attayar : Sudan and Egypt sign agreements in various domains


Today the thirty-fourth meeting of shareholders Kenana Sugar Company


Shararf urges partners to renounce tensions


. Taha confirms the creation of serious Sudanese Egyptian partnerships


Government of Southern Sudan approves Sudan school Certificate


Al-Sahafa : New page between Egypt and Sudan and no return to escalation


Parliament threatens to withdraw licenses of companies involved in the gas crisis


Akhir Lahza: Libyan rebels control (Ben Jawad) following (Ras Lanoaf)


(Taha) announces the delivery of the administrative headquarters of, Cairo University today to Egypt : Essam Sharaf: Nile water remains our biggest challenge and we are working to develop a common vision


NCP reveals trials for a number of institutions on corruption charges


Ajras Al-Hurreya : Sudan and Egypt vow to build strategic relationships resistant to events and emergency situations


More than (893) children targeted in the immunization against measles in North and South Kordufan


Competing to qualify for the African Nations 2012 : Sugour Aljidyan hit the Swaziland team three goals and the takes the second state in group of nine


Alwan : More than (400) thousand students in Sudan Certificate examination centers


Among them the return of Cairo University Mission: Egypt and Sudan sign nine agreements


Khartoum workers demanding the application of Al-Bashir grant


Akhbar Alyoum : Al -Bashir met with Essam : Sudan and Egypt sign agreement on cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture and social development


Ali Osman: No ceiling or problem preventing the conclusion of deals in various fields with Egypt D. Essam Sharaf announces Egypt's contribution to resolving the outstanding issues between Naivasha partners and calls for dialogue to resolve Darfur issue


Al-Khartoum : Taha: We are ready to build the appropriate climate to build a strong relationship with Egypt


A senior Unionist Party source deplores the attempts to breakaway from the party ranks


Correction in May and the result in June: (415) thousand students sit for Sudanese school Certificate exams


NCP rejects confederation proposals put forward by Arman


Al Sudani : Parliament receives complaints against state-owned companies and (NCP) reveals the trials of officials


NCP renews desire for dialogue and Popular Congress sticks to the pre-conditions


Alintibaha: Sudan and Egypt vow to resolve the confusion and escalation in the Halaib dossier


Investigation with a company that did not furnish their account records for audition in Khartoum


NCP: It is late to propose the idea of ??confederation with the South


Khartoum and Cairo surpass the security concerns Al-Akhbar : Gosh: partners waiting for a new proposal from Mbeki


Health Ministry starts a follow-up campaign to eliminate measles


Start of the fifth General Conference of Khartoum workers today


Promised to expel any company that does not comply with its terms Mining Ministry reviews (182) company engaged in mining


Al- Wattan : Ghandour: personal agendas of the opposition seeking to torpedo the dialogue between Ummah and the NCP parties


Cairo and Khartoum discuss the crisis of Halaib


Arryed : (NCP) refuses the call for a confederation with the South


Sudan and Egypt pledge a new era


(Justice and Equality) receives military support from the(SPLM)


Bashir meets the Egyptian Prime Minister


. Taha and Sharaf vow for a new partnership


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