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The Transitional Executive Authority in North Darfur affirms its commitment to Abuja Agreement
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Feb 11, 2011 - 7:01:37 AM

The Transitional Executive Authority in North Darfur affirms its commitment to Abuja Agreement


Al Fasher, Feb. 10 (SUNA) - A number of the leaders of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority for Darfur (TDRA) have affirmed their full adherence to the Abuja Agreement as basis to achieve peace and stability in Darfur and reviewed the achievements and the significant gains accomplished by the agreement for the citizens of Darfur in various fields


This came in the meeting held by these leaders Thrusday at the headquarters of the authority in Al Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state, to discuss recent developments that TDRA witnessed after the mandate given to Jaafar Abdul-Hakam, Wali (governor) of West Darfur State, to chair the Authority and to start implementation of the security arrangements


These leaders noted that the principle of achieving security, peace and stability and to provide necessary services to the citizens of Darfur is above the wishes of the individuals, expressing their thanks to the President of the Republic and to the Wali (governor) of West Darfur for their stances towards the Transitional Authority


The Executive Director of the Security Arrangements in the Transitional Authority, Abdul Karim Al Sheikh, announced that the number of troops targeted by the security arrangements of the Sudan Liberation Army, which split from Menawi and stood in favour of peace has reached (9) thousand men deployed on three states of Darfur, indicating that the technical committee is still counting and registering troops in Darfur states wide


He said that the process of the security arrangements is not only the collection of weapons, but it goes beyond that to secure the tracks, the integration, training ,rehabilitation and to take part in maintaining security and stability


Al-Sheikh revealed that there are forces have gone with Meni and the other joined other movements


Meanwhile, deputy commissioner of the security arrangements, Hassan Saleh Nahar, explained that the Commission has formed three committees for the coordination with the governments of Darfur to implement the provision of the security arrangements


The Secretary General of the Transitional Authority in North d Darfur, Ishaq Ahmed Abdul-Rahman, said that there militants who live in Britain, America, the Netherlands and India who are receiving salaries from the Transitional Authority on ground that they are part of the staff of the Transitional Authority during Menawi occupation to the post of the Senior Assistant of the President of the Republic and chairman of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority


He said Menawi had (63) of bodyguards (22) deployed in Al Baladia street, including (23) at his home in addition to (18) of advisors, with (135) posts scattered in the three states of Darfur, adding that those jobs were all paid salaries according to the authority's structure, which is financed by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy


The meeting the progress of work in the past period and the problems that hinder the progress of work, where participants affirmed the need to provide support in order to achieve the desired goals



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