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The National Legislature endorses Referendum Results
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Feb 22, 2011 - 7:18:37 AM

The National Legislature endorses Referendum Results


Khartoum, Feb 21 (SUNA) - The National Legislature, chaired by its Chairman and Speaker of the National Assembly, Ahmed Ibrahim El-Tahir, Monday endorsed the final results of the referendum of South Sudan


The Presidency of the Republic affirmed in a Statement read over by the Minister of Presidency, Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, its respect to the choice of the people of the South and reiterated its acceptance to the result that was handed over by the National Legislature


The Minister of Presidency said that the Presidency in its second meeting on February 7, 2011 announced its respect to the choice of the people of south Sudan and renewed its determination to go ahead in the way for sustainable peace and development


The Presidency explained that the rate for voters for separation in North Sudan reached 85% in North Sudan and 99% outside Sudan, while it reached 99,5% in the South, explaining that that the South has opted for separation to meet its aspirations


The minister said that self-determination has been demanded in each dialogue between the North and South Sudan since the Conference of Juba in 1937 and that the national governments in Sudan had been reluctant to adopt that option under various pretexts


The minister explained that the referendum was a decisive historical development and that the Presidency confirms its full acceptance and recognition to the result of the free voting process


The Presidency statement affirmed that the government has worked sincerely and honestly to make the unity option a choice for future


It is to be noted that the National Legislature has agreed on a proposal by the Chairman of the National Congress Parliamentary Caucus, Dr. Ghazi Sallahuddin on the ground that the National Legislature took note from the Statement of the President of the Republic that the result of the Referendum is separation based on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the articles 219,220 and 222 of the interim constitution


Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National Legislature, Ahmed El-Tahir, affirmed that with the Referendum on self-determination of Southern Sudan, the Sudan has fulfilled all its commitments


He explained that the coming phase necessitates establishment of cooperation relations between the two States and forgetting the bitterness of the past



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