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The National Congress Leadership Office Affirms Keenness to Implement Its Electoral Program
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Mar 10, 2011 - 6:38:12 AM

The National Congress Leadership Office Affirms Keenness to Implement Its Electoral Program


Khartoum, March 10 (SUNA) - The National Congress Leadership Office affirmed, in its yesterday meeting presided over by the President of the Republic Omer Al-Bashir, keenness to implement its electoral program through which it has won confidence of the Sudanese people in the last elections particularly in concern with mitigation of the living burden by overcoming the economic crisis impacts on the citizens


The office hailed, after listening to a report presented by the Wali of Khartoum Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khidir , the economic reforms and efforts taken by the State of Khartoum to control the prices of the main commodities , overcome unemployment , improve the services and pay heed to development


In statement to SUNA, the Information Secretary cum spokesman of the National Congress Fatehi Shila explained that the Leadership Office expressed hope that the other states would follow suit Khartoum State in paying heed to the citizens issues and encouraging the production spirit


He said the report which was presented by the Wali of Khartoum highlighted the reasons behind the rising of some basic commodities and the measures taken by the state to stabilize the prices without violating the policy of Economic liberalization. The report also explained that the state program for alleviation of the living burden depends on securing the people needs of bread, meat, vegetables and sugar through activation of the role of cooperatives and providing outlets for selling commodities at suitable prices


The report also tackled the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture to secure the vegetables in both the summer and winter seasons, promotion of health services and overcoming unemployment through provision of job opportunities for the graduates


Shaila indicated that the meeting has approved the regulation list of the Leadership Office which was prepared in a manner that would enable the office to shoulder its responsibilities in implementation of the National Congress program



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