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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman: the Ministry is the first line of defense of the National Security
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Feb 20, 2011 - 6:58:18 AM

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman: the Ministry is the first line of defense of the National Security


Khartoum, Feb. 19 (SUNA) -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday called at all levels of government to coordinate and cooperate for the realization of the country's supreme national interests at the foreign arenas


The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khalid Musa, has pointed out in response to statements on the local media attributed to the Governor of South Darfur State, Abul Hameed Musa Kasha, that the national security is a joint responsibility carried out by all government apparatus in the different domains, each in their area of specialization, reaffirming that in matters related to the foreign relations, the Ministry shoulders some sensitive dossiers that need controlled and coordinated, coherent and orchestred vision and polices among all levels of government so as to achieve the supreme interests of the country


The spokesman was critical of the decisions taken by some states' officials with regards to foreign matters without coordinating with the ministry on matters that could cause serious harms to the country's interests, blowing up all positive actions gained in the international arenas


He said individual decisions at the level of the state that lack completion of the circle of consultation with the competent federal quarters, and at the same time ignoring the repercussions resulting from such decisions at the international level and without taking into considerations the efforts exerted by the ministry in such areas, contradict with effort to better the country's foreign relations


The spokesman denied any contractions between the evaluation of the state and federal authorities with regards to the threats to internal security and the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on safeguard of the national supremacy and safeguard of the national security


He stressed the need for tightening coordination between the various bodies and considering the national interests, through coordination and following the prescribed mechanisms of implementation so that the country would avoid any negative impact and serious repercussions that those who take such a decision are not aware of


The spokesman has stressed that the Ministry of Foreign affairs remains the first line of defense and that it would not cease enlightening the different quarters on the need to cooperate and coordinate in their decision-taking so as to avert the country any negative impacts brought by decisions that contradict the efforts exerted by the government to improve Sudan's foreign relations



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