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The Delegation of the Joint Mediation held meetings in West Darfur
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Dec 1, 2010 - 6:51:08 AM

The Delegation of the Joint Mediation held meetings in West Darfur


Al- Geneina, Nov. 30 (SUNA) The mediation delegation for Darfur issue headed by The Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdalla Al-Mahmoud and the Joint Mediator of the United Nations and the African Union Djibril Bassole visited today the state of West Darfur where they held a meeting with the state government and the Security Commission when the Qatari State Minister provided a detailed explanation for the process of the negotiations and what have been reached by the mediation mechanism for resolving the issue, he addressed the efforts exerted by the joint mediation with the movements that reject the Doha negotiations to join the negotiation


Al-Mahmoud said that the visit aimed to get acquainted the society of Darfur of the points of agreement and the controversial issues indicating that the basic objective of the mediation is that peace be comprehensive , inclusive, and to be backed by Darfur people, he pointed out to the efforts that have been made with the Justice and Equality movement and the Sudan Liberation to join the negotiation, he noted that there are good intentions and attitudes towards peace from both movements and he revealed the establishment of the Bank of Qatar for the development of Darfur, with a capital of two billion U.S. dollars


On his part, Djibril Bassole explained the solidarity of all joint efforts to resolve the Darfur issue, he affirmed the keenness to address the mistakes to achieve peace


he said that the movements of Justice and Equality and the Sudan Liberation are preparing themselves to get engaged in peace so as not to be excluded in case of achieving a comprehensive peace, we must all work with all the movements signatory to the Abuja and which is negotiating now and movements opposed to Doha to work for peace and stop the war in favor of Darfur and he called on the movements to end their differences so as not to delay the peace process and to work for development


Meanwhile, Alchertai Jaafar Abdel Hakam Isaac West Darfur Wali (governor) announced his Government acceptance to all the results reached by the mediation with the liberation and justice, indicating the rejection of the state government and the people of the issue of one region, he said we have to go to the voting boxes to approve the issue of the one region and he praised the efforts of sisterly Qatar to resolve Darfur issue


The delegation had held a number of meetings with the Legislative Council, civil society organizations and leaders of displaced people for viewing the results of the negotiations and to explore the views and ideas that work to support the negotiations



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