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Sudanese nurse held for illegal 'virginity stitching' in Saudi Arabia

Two cases of women in trouble with the law for illegal abortions and 'restoring' lost virginity. -AsiaOne

Sun, Dec 26, 2010

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi authorities arrested a Sudanese nurse on charges of performing illegal abortions and virginity-stitching for girls, reported online news website

The nurse worked at a hospital in Riyadh and was able to elude authorities at first, as she did not have any known location for her operations.

However, the authorities received a tip-off and the vice squad got her mobile phone number from female clients in the city.

The nurse has reportedly confessed and will stand trial.

'Virginity healer' seized

In an earlier case, authorities arrested an Arab woman who had claimed she could restore lost virginity for girls by asking them to inhale burning incense, Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz reported.

The woman was not identified. She operated from her house in Makkah. Her secretary was a female relative who arranged appointments for her by contacting patients using the mobile phone.

During treatment, her victims were given burning acacia wood to breathe in its fumes, the paper reported.

She charged SR200 (S$69.64) for each session of treatment, but those who sought her help were told they had to have many sessions before they could be fully cured.

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Sudanese nurse held for illegal 'virginity stitching' in Saudi Arabia
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