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Sudanese men learn from information day
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Nov 23, 2010 - 7:12:38 AM

Sudanese men learn from information day

23 Nov, 2010 07:43 AM
A LACK of employment opportunities is the number one concern for Sudanese men living in Orange.

A four-month consultation process, conducted by Charles Sturt University student Sally Taylor, identified difficulties finding work as the prevailing concern among Sudanese men, ahead of issues such as affordable housing, cultural orientation and English language training.

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In response to the research, Orange City Council’s migrant support service held an employment information day yesterday, which it hopes will assist Sudanese men seeking work.

Migrant support worker Anni Gallagher said of the 35 Sudanese men living in Orange, over 50 per cent were looking for jobs.

Ms Gallagher said a lack of industry contacts and problems getting skills accredited were the most commonly cited impediments to finding work.

Yesterday’s information session featured presentations from local employers, including Electrolux and representatives from the wine industry, to allow the participants to network and learn the expectations of employers in different industries.

“We’re always looking [for staff], it’s a constant battle” Chris Derrez, the owner of Madrez Wine Services,” said.

“What I need, like any person, is respect for yourself and respect for your employer.

“At the end of the day we employ people to help us do the jobs we cannot do.”

Marco Majok, who has lived in Orange for 12 months, said he was a qualified forklift driver and wanted a full-time position.

To date, he has only been able to find casual work.

He said not receiving a response to job applications he sent to employers was the most frustrating part of looking for work.

“Communication is really important and it would make things easier,” he said.

“Today’s been good because we’ve met a lot of employers and we’re making contacts.”

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