"The stronger the ties between Iran and Sudan will grow, the more disappointed Israel and its supporters will be," Sudan's Presidential Advisor said in an interview with FNA on Monday.

He stressed Israel's inability to harm Iran-Sudan ties, and noted, "Israel has reached the peak of disappointment in impairing Sudan-Iran friendship and relations and can leave no negative impact on the two countries' ties."

Ismail further said that Israelis are interfering in Sudan's affairs through assisting and supporting the militias in the Darfur region in western Sudan since the Israeli regime believes that Sudan's prosperity and development harms the Zionists' interests.

"Israel wants Sudan to remain in frequent and constant crises in order that it cannot find strength," the Sudanese envoy reiterated.

As regards the Tehran-Khartoum ties, Ismail said that his country is after better economic cooperation with Iran.

"We want to run a further assessment our economic ties with Iran. Although these relations are at an advanced level, they do not match the expectations of the Sudanese and Iranian nations yet," Ismail noted.

He also asked Iranian companies and capital holders to make further investments in Sudan, and stressed that Sudan wants to see more Iranian products in its markets.

Ismail also underscored the necessity for the establishment of direct flights from Khartoum to Tehran.

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Nov 8, 2010 - 8:05:44 AM

Sudanese Envoy Terms Tehran-Khartoum Close Ties "Blow to Israel"

TEHRAN (FNA)- Sudanese President's Special Envoy to Tehran Mostafa Ismail said that the Zionist Regime of Israel has hatched plots to sow discord among Muslim nations, and added that close ties between Tehran and Khartoum will disappoint Tel Aviv.