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Sudan's ambassador in Saudi Arabia: the two countries agreed on the establishment of joint cooperation mechanism
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Jan 12, 2011 - 5:00:16 AM

Sudan's ambassador in Saudi Arabia: the two countries agreed on the establishment of joint cooperation mechanism


Mecca, Jan. 11 (SUNA) Sudan's ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim, said the visit of the Vice President of the Republic to the kingdom comes within the framework of the close progressive relations between Khartoum and Riyadh, referring to the Saudi stance in support of the Sudan in all regional and international forums


In an interview with (SUNA) at the end of the visit, he explained that the kingdom is one of the strategic supporters of Sudan, and that the political situation that the Sudan is undergoing , especially the referendum requires to collect the efforts of all the brotherly and friendly countries headed by Saudi Arabia to support the Sudan during this historic moments


He called for the need to direct the Arab capitals for investment in Sudan in the huge agricultural, animal, mineral and water resources, referring to the successful investments of Saudi Arabia in Sudan, especially in the agricultural field. He added that since the establishment of the Joint Ministerial Committee between the two countries in 2004 it has successful achievements in supporting the bilateral relations, pointing to the agreements signed between the two countries in the fields of agriculture, livestock justice, higher education , promotion , protection of investment and specifications and standards


The Sudan's ambassador in Riyadh indicated that the establishment of a Higher Council for Investment under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic guarantees an end to the administrative difficulties and will remove all obstacles facing the foreign investors


In an answer to a question from SUNA regarding the role of the embassy in the referendum process, Ambassador Abdul Hafiz said,the number of southerners in the Kingdom is small , noting that the embassy has formed a body to support Sudan's unity and has organized many sports and cultural tornaments among the Sudanese community in the Kingdom which aimed at making the unity option attractive. Ambassador Abdel-Hafez expected a bright future for the Sudanese - Saudi relations due to the keenness of the leaderships of the two countries in strengthening and developing these relations to serve the common interests of the peoples of the two countries. He added that the two countries agreed on the need to establish a joint mechanism fo cooperation and mutual benefits between Khartoum and Riyadh



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