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Sudan participates on the rights of the Child conference in Marakish
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Dec 28, 2010 - 6:50:38 AM

Sudan participates on the rights of the Child conference in Marakish


Khartoum 28/12/SUNA/ Sudan has recently participated in 4th Arab Conference for the rights of the child held at Marakish in Morocco state


A high level delegation participated in the conference chaired by Uz Gamar Habbani the secretary General of the national council for child welfare and the membership of Uz Asma Alfadil the Secretary General of the Childhood council of Khartoum state and Uz Tahani Mohamed Alhaj media secretary at the council


Uz Gamar said in a statement to Suna the conference was convened under the motto ( the enhancement of Arab partnership to develop the child situation ) with the participation of 19 Arab states


She explained that the conference aimed at making a phase evaluation for the Arab 2nd childhood plan for the years 2004-2015 and to review and develop the Arab plan for the coming five years, besides renewing the the Arab pledges towards the rights of the child works in addition to enhancing the mechanisms of implementing the Arab development works in cooperation with the civil community , the media and the children themselves. She pointed that the conference has issued the Marakish declaration which stipulates many recommendations including making legislations and Acts in the Arab world which bans any violations of the rights of the child and secure a protection against every type of abuse and violence against children, and encourages the national, regional and international cooperation and exchange of experiences in the sphere of the rights of the child , besides, intensifying the efforts to establish a joint social Arab work in the childhood sphere and activate parliaments and institutions of children participation and form a mechanism to monitor the media effect on children in cooperation with the concerned bodies



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