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Sudan Welcomes Arab League Final Communiqué
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Nov 29, 2010 - 7:05:16 AM

Sudan Welcomes Arab League Final Communiqué
Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 00:15:00 UTC by admin

 Khartoum – Staff Writer
Sudan's Permanent Representative to Arab League, Ambassador Abdul Rahman Sir El-Khatim affirmed that the Sudanese delegation is satisfied with the final communiqué of the AL on the level of permanent representatives which was dedicated to discuss Sudan's file.

He said in press statements on the sidelines of the meeting that the gathering witnessed Arab spirit consolidating with Sudan and its unity as expressed by AL Secretary General Amru Musa and the heads of delegations.
He considered the meeting as representing the Arab concern towards Sudan and their readiness to support its issues.
Sir El-Khatim pointed out that they presented a report to the meeting reflecting the whole situation on the developments in Sudan, affirming the Sudanese government keenness to implement the Naivasha Agreement despite the obstacles.
On his part, ALSG, Amru Musa urged the Arab states to support all peaceful trends between the partners of the CPA according to what is stipulated in Naivasha Agreement.
He added that the situation in Sudan is very sensitive and that the Arab states exerted efforts to make unity attractive expressing hope that the referendum be conducted on time in full transparency.
The Final Communiqué affirmed keenness in Sudan's peace and safety which is linked to the Arab world security.
The communiqué also expressed commitment to support Sudan and its sovereignty besides achieving peace and stability in all its parts.

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