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Salva Kiir says the South is Open to Observers to Witness the Freedom to call for Unity or Separation
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Nov 24, 2010 - 7:38:26 AM

Salva Kiir says the South is Open to Observers to Witness the Freedom to call for Unity or Separation


Addis Ababa, Nov. 23 (SUNA) First Vice President of the Republic Chairman of the Government of Southern Sudan(GoSS) Salva kiir Mayrdit said that the Government of Southern Sudan has opened the door wide for anyone who wants to call to unity or secession. He told the special meeting of Heads of States and Governments of IGAD on Sudan, that the opportunity is available to any local or international observers to come and see that freedom is available for all to speak and advocate for those who want unity or separation. Gen. Salva Kiir pointed out that he confirm his commitment that all opinions on the referendum will find the chance to be expressed and that his government is seeking to conduct a referendum in smooth and peaceful manner to achief credible results representing the will of the people


He said that the support of IGAD and the international community is required for the conduction of this referendum and its results. He, also , confirmed that he was committed to cooperate with brothers in the north of Sudan "and that he is committed to the spirit of partnership to create good relations and sustainable development between North and South Sudan, regardless of the outcome of the referendum". He said it's of the interest of the South that the North be stable and secure as it is in favor of the North that the South to be stable and secure, adding that the safety and security of citizens from the North of Sudan will be his first priority and he hoped that the safety of the citizens of South Sudan in the North enjoy the same support


Salva kiir said that whatever the outcome of the referendum his government will be committed to sustainable peace and stability.We have achieved much since the signing of the Comperhensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and a lot is a waiting ahead to improve the lives of our citizens , Salva kiir said



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