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Pakistani farming families to be facilitated to farm in Sudan
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Dec 2, 2010 - 7:25:12 AM

Pakistani farming families to be facilitated to farm in Sudan      
ISLAMABAD, Dec 2 (APP): Pakistani Farming families will be facilitated and supported to farm in Sudan. Governments of both countries are working on visa and land allotment policy. Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar M. Gondal was talking to Muhammad Omar Musa, Sudanese Ambassador to Pakistan here on Thursday.
He said that his ministry was negotiating with Sudanese government for the provision of land and family visas to Pakistani farming families so that they are enabled to farm in Sudan.
“Our farmers are the most hardworking people on the globe. If they are provided with chunks of land and duly supported, they could prove to be extremely beneficial for both countries. The farmers will transfer their valuable farming experiences and help to promote best agricultural practices in Sudan”, added Mr. Gondal.
The Sudanese ambassador said that Sudan would cordially welcome to have Pakistani farming families and will ensure to facilitate and support them in all the possible ways. “We really desire to benefit from your rich experience in agriculture sector. We already have Egyptian and Palestinian farming communities in Sudan and would be pleased to have skilled Pakistani farmers”, said the ambassador.
In response to the ambassador’s request, the minister said that his ministry will ensure the representation of Pakistan in the Food and Agriculture Organization’s 30th session of the Regional Conference for Near East to be held at the Friendship Hall in Khartourm, Sudan from Dec 4 to 8.
Gondal said that the proposed plan to transfer farming families to Sudan will be included in the MoU, already under process, between Governments of Sudan and Pakistan for cooperation in the field of Agriculture.
The meeting was also attended by additional secretaries  Baber Yaqoob, Fateh Muhammad, Shafqat Hussain Naghmi and  other senior officials of the ministry.

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