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Omani Delegation Appreciates Technological and Editing at SUNA
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Dec 27, 2010 - 6:28:36 AM

Omani Delegation Appreciates Technological and Editing at SUNA


Khartoum, Dec. 26 (SUNA)- A delegation of Omani learners at the Higher Security Academy Sunday morning visited Sudan News Agency (SUNA) and got informed on the progress taking place at the agency in the editing and engineering fields


The Assistant General Manager of SUNA, Ustaza Neimat Abdul-Muniem, has informed the Omani delegation on the working programmes of SUNA and the ongoing efforts for enhancement of its services


She also acquainted the delegation on the new programmes and technologies that will be implemented by SUNA in its news services in the upcoming new year


Ustaza Neimat referred to the introduction of MENOS system which is expected to contribute to the enhancement of SUNA services and enabling it to diversify its services to include the audio-visual and the text services


Meanwhile, members of the Omani delegation appreciated the efforts being exerted by SUNA and its cadres to push ahead the information, cope with the technological progress and providing distinguished media services



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