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National Congress rejects preconditions on dialogue with opposition
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Jan 27, 2011 - 5:56:40 AM

National Congress rejects preconditions on dialogue with opposition


Khartoum, Jan.26(SUNA)-The National Congress announced rejection to preconditions on dialogue with the opposition


Member of the National Congress' Leadership Office and Deputy Chairman of the Party in Khartoum State, Dr Mandour Al-Mahdi in press statements at the National Congress Head Office in Khartoum Wednesday reaffirmed the Party's firm position that it would not hold dialogue with any party under preconditions


He added the dialogue which the National Congress held with Umma National Party would be followed by a meeting with Democratic Unionist Party


Dr. Al-Mahdi, meanwhile , described the recent threat made by Sudan People Liberation Movement( SPLM) that it would abolish the wealth sharing agreement between the North and the South as illogical


He underscored that the remaining of SPLM leaders in the executive organ at level of federal government and Northern States in cases of separation or unity is a political issue to be considered by the President of the Republic


Dr Al;-Mahdi pointed out that the memberships of South Sudan in the National Legislature, including the SPLM representatives in case of secession will be dropped automatically, because , he explained, it is a constitutional matter that has nothing to do with political decision. AS/AS/

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