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National Civil Defense Council affirms the need for preparations for the rainy season
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Apr 7, 2011 - 7:16:54 AM

National Civil Defense Council affirms the need for preparations for the rainy season

Khartoum, April 6 (SUNA) - The 28th Session of the National Civil Defence Council, chaired by Minister of Interior Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Wednesday stressed the need for preparations to get ready for the fall season, commending the experience of the previous years in warding off the impacts of torrential rains and floods in 2010 compared to the previous years The Members of the Council called in their interventions to speed up funding of projects put forward to address the impacts of the floods and rains in 2011, about 59 million SDG, including channeling rainwater for harvest, purchase of machinery and drawing of detailed contour maps of all the States The Council further stressed the role of the citizens through mass media as well as encouraging quick response in the time of disasters as well as establishing teams from the concerned Ministries to be trained in management of disasters The National Civil Defence Council further called on the States to allocate budgets for warding off the impacts of floods by providing accommodation materials and water pumps and recommended dispatching of teams to the States to verify the preparations and the requirements It is to be noted that the Council heard to a report by the Director of the Civil Defence Department, Eng. Hamadnallah Adam about the rainy season of the last year, highlighting the loss in all the States, as well as the plan for the year 2011. The report proposed a budget of 122, 2 million Sudanese pounds to ward off the impacts of flood MF/MA

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