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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sudan possess solid proof of Israeli involvement in the aggression on the country
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Apr 10, 2011 - 7:36:34 AM

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sudan possess solid proof of Israeli involvement in the aggression on the country

Khartoum, April 9, 2011 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday said Sudan now has solid proof showing that the flagrant Israel attack that targeted a Sudanese car used by two Sudanese civilians in Prot Sudan was carried out by two Israeli fighter plane of the type American -made Abatche A64-AH, killing the two Sudanese subjects The Ministry has pointed out in a statement it issued here on Saturday that the two fighter planes have unleashed a hail of fire and bullets, fire rockets and machinegun fire in an excessive use of force reflecting the Israeli ardent desire to kill and physically liquidate those in the car The statement said the two planes entered the country via the Red Sea following the civilian airspace course parallels to Port Sudan airport, using in this maneuver advance technology causing interference in the Sudanese radars in the region The Ministry said Sudan would use all the necessary measures to preserve its rights and to safeguard its sovereignty and protect its citizens and territorial integrity It said Sudan has already started taking action in this effect, with the intentional and regional organizations It said the Minister for Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Karti has made phone calls with the Secretary General of the Arab League Amru Musa explaining the nature and the scope of the Israeli aggression on the Sudan and that the state Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kamal Hassan Ali will address the Arab League Council at the level of the permanent representatives on Sunday to explain to them the nature of the Israeli aggression The statement said the ministry of foreign affairs has also briefed the African Union on the issue, with t he view that a joint stands of condemnation and denunciation of the Israeli aggression be taken. It said Sudan is also taking measure to submit an official complaint to the United Nations Security Council and that similar steps will be taken Geneva The Statement said as of tomorrow Sunday the ministry will launch a series of meetings with the representatives of the diplomatic missions in the Sudan and that they would be provided with the proofs and evidences about the Israeli aggression MA/MA

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