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Minister of Justice affirms government determination to press ahead with enhancing human rights situation
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Mar 2, 2011 - 6:48:07 AM

Minister of Justice affirms government determination to press ahead with enhancing human rights situation


Geneva, March 1 (SUNA) - The Minister of Justice, Mohamed Bushara Dosa, Tuesday affirmed that the government will press ahead with its endeavours to enhance the situation of human rights in all aspects


While delivering Sudan statement at the High Level Segment of the Sixteenths Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva Tuesday, the Minister of Justice that the government has been working seriously to realize peace all over the Sudan through negotiations and peaceful dialogue and protocols and agreements that address the root causes of Sudan problems based on its confidence that peace, democracy, human rights are among the factors of stability, development and welfare


The minister said that the government has signed number of peace Agreements, top of them was the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that was fully implemented including the clause of referendum on self-determination of southern Sudan, saying that the government has recognized the outcome of the referendum


Dosa has touched on the current efforts to conduct the popular consultations in South Kordufan and Blue Nile, calling on the International Community to effectively contribute to the sustainability of peace through initiatives to write off Sudan debts and urged the international institutions and donors to normalize their relations with Sudan


The statement referred to the current efforts to realize peace in Darfur as well as the negotiations of Doha besides the progress of Darfur peace strategy and the voluntary repatriation of IDPs and Refugees besides completion of tribal reconciliation


The minister reviewed the efforts to realize justice and rule of Law in Darfur based on the appointment of a new persecutor for the crimes in Darfur, referring to the trials of number of accused persons in Darfur through this mechanism


Meanwhile, the minister affirmed that the humanitarian situation of Darfur on the ground witnessed tangible improvement as a result of the efforts of the government and its partners, highlighting on a number of projects implemented by initiative of Arab and friendly countries for normalization of the life of returnees in their home villages


On eastern Sudan, the minister explained that the region witnessed comprehensive stability and security since the signing of East Sudan Peace Agreement in 2006. He said that the State of Kuwait hosted the Donors Conference for Development of Eastern Sudan in last December forimplementation of 149 projects in east Sudan


The Minister said that the Government is currently engaged in extensive consultations with all the political spectrum and civil society organizations to formulate a permanent Constitution to meet the aspirations of the people of Sudan and absorb the new developments in the historical era of Sudan


Sudan's statement further touched on the cooperation with the mechanisms of human rights, the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and the United Nations - African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)


The statementwelcomed a visit by the Independent Expert on Human Rights in Sudan next week and renewed the keenness of Sudan to cooperate with the Human Rights Council through its various mechanisms


The minister explained that Sudan has lodged its Human Right Report which will be discussed in early next May


Several delegations commended the peaceful referendum in Southern Sudan and praised the government recognition of its results and urged the two parties to continue their cooperation in this spirit


It is to be noted that the 16th of the Human Rights Council - the High-level Segment - began its session Monday in Geneva with a statement by the Chairman of the Human Rights High Commission



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