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Minister of Industry affirms keenness to develop the textile sector
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Apr 7, 2011 - 7:20:57 AM

Minister of Industry affirms keenness to develop the textile sector

Khartoum, April 6 (SUNA) - Minister of Industry, Awad Ahmed Al-Jazz, affirmed the keenness of his Ministry to develop the textile Industry, pointing out to the huge capabilities of Sudan a matter which makes it a pioneer country in domains of Textile Industry The Minister met Wednesday with the workers of Kosti and El-Duwaim textile factories, saying that activation of the textile Sector comes as part of the plan to achieve self-sufficiency as well as a value added value The Minister further stressed the importance of caring for the Cotton Sector as a key factor of the Textile industry in Sudan, setting certain dates for rehabilitation and operation of the textile factories of Kosti, El-Duwaim, al-Haj Abdullah and Shendi according to certain economic and social plan Dr. al-Jazz further called on the Textile Committee at the Ministry of Industry as well as the Managers of the above factories to care for training and establishing chambers of operations within the factories to guarantee the continuity of these factories. He further stressed the importance of boosting coordination among the administrations of the factories and the Governments of the States The Minister also set December 2011 as a date for the beginning of the revival of the Textile Industry in Sudan Meanwhile, the Governor of White Nile State affirmed that renovation and rehabilitation of the textile factory would contribute in the socio-economic development as well as increasing the national income, pledging to establish a duty-free market in his State which has borders with number of countries The Managers and Workers of the Textile Factories, on their side, commended the Minister's visit and keenness to develop the textile industry and affirmed their commitment to the dates set for the inauguration of their factories MF /MA

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