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Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Monday 8th of November 2010
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Nov 8, 2010 - 7:28:57 AM

Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Monday 8th of November 2010


ALHURA: UN refuses deployment of forces on the borders ------ transference of Addis talks on Abei to Khartoum --------- Albashir concludes his visit to Doha yesterday ------- Kerry suggests the postponement of the referendum


ALAYAM : the government of the south launches a call to provide aid for the returnees ------- Algazafi invites Albashir to visit Liybia ------ the Mamoon Awad Abuzaid passed away -------- headed by Albashir the approval of 11 committee to support unity choice -------- Iranian president Ahmadi Najad accepts an invitation to visit Sudan --------- Kerry reveals the submission of a new solution map to the two partners


ALAHDATH : Obama presents to Silva , Taha , and Goash a proposal to solve Abei issue ------ a government committee to review the privatization of Sudan Air -------- a meeting to review security and humanitarian efforts in Darfur


ALWAN: affirming his state as free from any rebelious forces the wali of northern Kurdufan says justice and equality movement aimed at treating the wounded in southern Sudan ------- Najad calls for facing the plans aimed at striking Sudan's unity -------- Khartoum state approves the free education system in 2011 balance


AJRAS ALHURIYA : Dr. Altayeb Haj Attiya warns from the return to war and calls for accepting each other ------Mbeki : solving the conflicting issues between the two partners within five days ---------- launching of the referendum media campaign ------ Almahdi and Gazafi review the latest Sudanese development


ALSAHAFA : Kerry : Obama presented new issues and a road map to solve Abei problem -----------Mbeki : we will present new proposals in case of failure to reach an agreement ------the two partners started to discuss the issues of Abei and demarkation of borders ------ministry of mining signs 10 agreements to explore gold in four states


ALRAI ALA'AM : the armed forces captured 21 of the justice and equality cars. E.M

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