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Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 5th of January 2011
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Jan 5, 2011 - 7:22:16 AM

Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 5th of January 2011


ALHURA : Juba expells Darfur rebels and Minawi says he is not meant by this decistion ----- Albashir : we will celebrate with the southerners if they chose the seperation ----- the presidency directs for financing the distribution of 600 specialists in the states ----- the parliament calls for revision of the companies laws ------ Bejing wich a quite and transparent referendum


ALWAN: National Congress makes preconditions to accept the suggestions of the national alliance


ALAHRAM ALYOUM: the peoples congress leaders visited the Egyptian Embassy and call for the Nile Basin unity


ALSAHAFA: Albashir : the suspended issues including Abei will be solved before the 9th of July ----- the south government intends the return of 1.5 million persons from the north ----- the parliament is sorry for the repetition of the General Auditors recommendations without amendments ------- Council of Ministers approves new economic measures


AJRAS ALHURIYA : Silva Kirr: we will go with the president to implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement -------- an extra ordinary meeting today for the joint defense council before the referendum


ALWATAN: a partial solar eclipse seen over all the states of Sudan except the south ---- in a historical visit to the south Albashir says we believe unity is best and we will respect the southerners choice ----- Ashanbaly pledges to take a package of measures for reformation of the political and executive institutions ------ minister Sanaa pledges to remove all obstacles facing the press industry


ALAYAM: Khartoum and Juba agreed not to host the opposers ---- a southern official : we have relations with the Arab countries more than with the African countries ------- John Kerry arrives at Sudan


ALRAID : Minister of finance : sugar production will increase to one million tons


ALINTIBAHA: measures taken against the doctors refusing to work in the states


ALSUDANI : Albashir welcomes the south as a neighboring country and silvakirr expells the Darfur movements


ALAKHBAR: Ministry of oil : no change in the oil companies work after the referendum


ALKHARTOUM: Albashir : the referendum wont be a cause for conflict


ALRAIALA'AM: the demarkation is expected to end next July ----- SilvaKirr welcomes Albashir's address


ALAHDATH : Obama prepares for an African tour and focuses on Sudan in his phone calls


AKHIR LAHZA: president of the republic assures the states adherence by the conventions and agreements















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