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Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today, Tuesday the 5th of April 2011
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Apr 5, 2011 - 7:49:51 AM

Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today, Tuesday the 5th of April 2011

Following are the headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Khartoum / 5/4/2011/SUNA/ ALKARTOUM : President of the Republic: the separation measures won't stop the Darfur problem solution ------ Albashir : we are keen to strengthen the army and complete the peace process ----- 2000 death cases due to road accidents during the year ALHURRA: Albashir meets AL-Mirgahni ---- An African alliance to oust Okambo ---- solving the doctors' crisis ------ the army : there are no preparations for an American military base in the east Al AHRAM ALYOUM : Albashir directs for preparing a project for the state building ----- National Congress group approves dropping the southern parliamentarians membership ------ Bakri Hassan Salih : a presidential corporation meeting to be held in Juba to solve the two partners disputes ----- the parliament speaker says the separation has imposed a new situations and Dr. Ghazi affirms the dialogue continuation with the SPLM and refuses the escalation ALTAYAR: the electricity company promises to continue the supply during summer and autumn ALSAHAFA: the president affirmed the formation of a mechanism to conduct the dialogue and preconditioned the implemention of the opposition demands by its participation in the government ------ National Congress : an eminent meeting between Albashir and Al-Mirghani and we will reach an agreement with the Umma party -------- ALbashir and Silva Kiir to meet in Juba for solving the southern parliamentarians problem AlWIFAG : the establishment of a financial purse for the expatriates ------- solving the railway pensioners problem by paying the 50% finally ALAYAM : Khartoum refinery to resume its work today ----- Albashir reveals a mechanism for bilateral dialogue with the opposition ----- Britain supports the Libyan revolutionist by providing them with communication equipments ------ Turky seeks a road map for cease fire in Libya ALAHDATH : Africa compete in the ICC elelctions ----- Ghazi : the movements have no right to oppose the referendum AKHIR LAHZA: the private sector exempted the 2000 wages employers and approve the 100 SDG grant for the workers ----- the inauguration of the greatest Sudanese investment project in Ethiopia by the attendance of the Ethiopian ministers of agriculture , industry and Bahr Dar governor ALAKHBAR : in the inauguration of the legislative corporation working sessions Albashir reveals a package of measures for post the 9th of July ALRAID : Ambeki suggests a solution for Abei ----- the two partners resume talks ------ National Congress : two committees to review the internal reformation in the party and the government institutions ALSUDANI: south Africa refuses a request to host Khalil Ibrahim ----- the African Union calls its members for security cooperation in combating terrorism ALRAI ALA'AM : Ambeki arrives at Khartoum today on board a UN plane E.M

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