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Major headlines of daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 6th of December 2010
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Dec 6, 2010 - 7:52:06 AM

Major headlines of daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 6th of December 2010


AKHBAR ALYOUM :A coordinative meeting to secure the oil corporations in falag headed by Ali Osman and Mashar today-----Ministry of mining: the meeting aimed at sending an assuring message from the security and political leaders to the oil companies and workers in the oil fields ----- two sessions for the security council today and on Thursday about Sudan ------Albashir recieves an invitation from Zambia to participate in the great kakes summit in the midst of December


ALRAI ALA'AM : talks in Khartoum between the two partners by the attendance of th Austerian foreign minister ------ solution proposals by the Messairyia for Abei problem before the president ------- talks between the national congress and an American delegation on thr referendum complications ------- continuation of foreign currency flow to the banks and banks reformation policy after the referendum ------- national congress : new squares of oil production ------ computer Knowledge and usage a precondition for appointment in the public sector


ALINTIBAHA : the government : the entirim authority of Darfur ends in April 2011----- Uganda locates four military sites in the south to support the Darfurians movements


ALWIFAG : the parliament receives the fact findings committee report on 2010 Hajj ( pilgrims ) ----- 357.36 million USD the oil revenues for October ---- Abdul Alhakam president of the entirim authority ---- Kibir calls the presidency to begin the procedures of Darfur referendum


AKHIR LAHZA : a comprehensve revision for the situations of the news papers in Sudan


ALRAID: Taha affirms the government's adherence to secure the Chinese investments in Sudan ----- Dr. mustafa in his report to the east secretariat :80 million USD from Kuwait for the Sitait dam project---- an urgent issue on sugar price increase----- National Congress: the government is able to protect its people in the adjacent area


AJRAS ALHURIYA: theatre shows combating violence against women ----- an emergency meeting to the parties council in Juba next Thursday ----- ministry of oil pledges to adhere to transparency


ALAKHBAR : A security services meeting by the participation of the ministers of defense, intrior and security ------ financial experts : guarantees must be provided for the micro finance project to avoid insolvency ----- the Russian envoy holds talks with the officials ------ a consultative meeting for the mediation in Doha today ---- the Egyptian delegation meets Taha and Bagan and heads for Juba today


ALWATAN : a total lunar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse at the end of the year



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