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MEDIA ADVISORY:Thousands of southern Sudanese to gather at Des Moines IA
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Oct 28, 2010 - 8:19:00 AM


Thousands of southern Sudanese to gather at

Liberian Community Hall

1111 2004 A E. Army Post rd.

Des Moines IA 50315


The Concert is Part of a Nationwide Series of Concerts to raise awareness about the upcoming Southern Sudan Referendum in January 9, 2011


WHAT: United Voices of Southern Sudanese Artists is organizing this concert to rally the international Community to pressure Sudan Government to conduct the referenda in Abyei and Southern Sudan must be allowed to take place on-time as outlined in the CPA. The UN, US and other actors in the international community should aggressively commit to that timetable and provide the requisite political, monitoring and logistical support that the stakeholders need. Community advocates, Leaders, political leaders, and concerned individuals will speak about the importance of voting.  


Kicking off the Referendum Voices Concert H. Ezekiel Lol will be the Keynote speaker. Other speakers include

Mangok Mangok: SPLM chapter Secretariat Chairman

A community representative


WHY: For its part, having thoroughly contemplated the profound weight of this occasion, UVSS has accordingly defined its immediate mandate: First, to see to it that the Diaspora voters avoid such disenfranchisement through sufficient education on the referendum, one that inspires individuals enough to join the awareness campaign so that they in turn become active educators in their respective communities; and second, to raise awareness within the international community so that key facilitators of the CPA like the U.S. remain engaged in the process to ensure that the will of the people is in the end respected and honored. 


WHEN   : November 6, 2010 @ 3:00-6:00 PM

WHERE: Liberian Community Hall

                1111 2004 A E. Army Post rd.

                 Des Moines IA 50315


PRESS CONTACT: To arrange pre-or post-event interviews with speakers, please contact: Erjok M. Mayor (202) 739-1900 [email protected]


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