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Kerry affirms confirmations from the government on its commitment to the outcome of the referendum
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Oct 25, 2010 - 6:55:51 AM

Kerry affirms confirmations from the government on its commitment to the outcome of the referendum


Khartoum, Oct. 24 (SUNA) - Chairman of the US Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs, John Kerry affirmed at the end of his visit to Sudan that he had received confirmation and documents from the Sudanese government on its commitment to the entire outcome of the referendum in southern Sudan and to work to establish good relations with the South after the referendum. Kerry, said at a press conference in Khartoum International Air Port before his departure, that Sudan has suffered much from the scourges of war in the past and the Sudanese peoples has the right not to suffer anymore


He noted out that the meetings he held with senior officials in Khartoum and Juba confirmed that the referendum will take place in the fixed date despite the difficulties and challenges of establishment of voting locations ,preparations, and sending voting cards. He said that the meetings held with the officials in Khartoum and with the representatives of the United Nation and the African Union assured him of readiness of Sudan's government to overcome these difficulties. Kerry described his talks in Khartoum andJuba as important and productive, and that he found that Sudanese officials are ready to move forward to find points to meet for post referendum and they will not allow the issue of Abyei to hinder the progress of the relations between them. He stated that the talks of Addis Ababa planned to resume next week will be an opportunity not only to make progress on the issues but also it will be an opportunity to improve relations between Sudan and the United States of America. Kerry stressed that holding the referendum on the fixed date will assist the government of the of the United States of America and the Congress to work to improve and to open new page in relations



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